Love Ka Hai Intezaar 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu asking Kamini why did she slap Suyyash, he is a media baron. Kamini asks her to think as a woman, apart from PRO. She goes. Suyyash thinks of Kamini’s slap and gets angry. Kamini’s mum asks her why did she not find some middle way to deal with Suyyash. She does her hair massage and asks her to sleep. Kamini lies to sleep. Her mum asks whom she talks so much on phone. Kamini says I will tell later. Her mum goes. Kamini calls Madhav and says sorry, I was stuck in high profile party. She asks when are we meeting. He does shayari and says tomorrow, I just want you to come as my Kamini, not an actress.

Mili tells Anu that celebrity manager got to know this. She sees the tweets. Anu says any news in Bollywood spreads soon, they will say Kamini had an affair with

Suyyash. Mili asks Anu to think as woman, not PRO, come we will talk to Kamini. Kamini comes. Anu says the newspaper lady wants Kamini to apologize to Suyyash. Kamini asks why shall I apologize to him, so that he does this again, its about power, such people have fun to make world bend, this is not done. Her mum says I explained you, you should have not slapped him. Mili says we are with you, but we can’t stop him, he is threatening to ruin your career. Kamini says I will not bend in front of him, shall I permit people to touch me, what if I m a star, I m a girl also, think if this can happen with me, what would happen with ordinary girls who go for the job. She cries. Her mum says my daughter is very brave, don’t react. Mili asks Kamini to smile. Kamini hugs them and says love you. She gets Madhav’s call and says I have to take a flight. She goes. Anu says this is her strength, she does not care her enemy is so powerful.

Kamini says I m leaving now, will meet you soon, love you too. Her mum looks on. Kamini says I m going for weekend. Her mum asks why are you explaining, did I ask, you have grown up and can decide own. Kamini says you know I tell you everything, trust me you will be glad, he loves me, not my image, do you think I will do something that bends your head, I m keeping promise given to someone, am I doing wrong, I will not go if you feel bad, but you know I feel lonely in this bright world, fake relations, fake emotions, I was waiting for him who fills happiness in my loneliness, don’t I have right to spend time with him. Her mum asks her will she just talk or catch flight. Kamini smiles and says I will come soon.

Her mum makes Kamini wear her locket. Kamini says you never remove this. Her mum says this will protect you. Kamini kisses the Lord idol locket and hugs her mum. She goes. Suyyash asks the assistant how did Kamini come on front page, when she has insulted him, Kamini is famous by our publicity, she will come to us to apologize. He says call all producers and tell them if they cast Kamini, we will not publicize her, think how you can ruin her life, make her mad. The lady goes. CEO comes to meet. Suyyash says cancel star of the year award, do as I say.

Madhav does arrangements for Kamini and thanks the servants. Kamini calls him. He asks her when will she come. She says I m always with you, turn and see. They run to each other and hug. He says what will people think, actress and her ordinary lover. She says they see me on screen, you have won my heart, how can you be ordinary lover. He does shayari.

They both dance. Mahi rang…..plays…. They spend time. Kamini says wear black glasses, if I can see your love for me in your eyes, can’t others see. She laughs. Madhav says you were sleeping, so I did not wake up, I went for horse riding alone, come for breakfast. She says no, we will go to market today. He asks driver to take Kamini to market, she is special guest. Kamini says I won’t go alone, I will go with you. He asks can we go together, news will spread.

She asks will you send me alone, I came here to meet you. He asks her to come inside and talk. She says I will leave for airport. He asks her to listen. He says I want to tell everything to mum, I don’t want anyone to tell her. She asks how long shall I accept this excuse. He says mum is in London, she will be coming. She says if she does not agree, I don’t belong to any royal family, I m a film actress. She goes. He runs after her. She gets worried. He says mum never said no to me, she can do anything for my happiness, everyone can see love for you in my eyes, since I met you, I think how did I spend the time when you were not there, I won’t stop you if you want to go, as you are right in your place, but I know my decision is right, we both are right, the people see me as my dad, I have a duty towards them, I can’t run from my responsibilities, if you don’t agree, I won’t stop you, hearts maybe close, but the distance between our worlds maybe much bigger. He kisses her hands and gets away. She cries.

Suyyash says find out Kamini’s secret lover. Madhav and Kamini get stuck in a sand storm. Her mum’s locket gets stuck in his shirt and falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb serial. Loved kamini and madhav chemistry and waiting for next episode

  2. Lizaa

    Awesome episode…???
    Keith and sanjuu both looking nice
    Both character r awesome..
    Sanjuu always looks beautiful
    Sanjeeda is one of my fav actress

  3. Riana

    Lovely Episode…Kamini and Madhav has an Awsome chemistry… ❤❤(Kamini+Madhav=Kadhav)…???

    1. kamini+madhav = avini
      better ri8

      1. Riana

        Yah…sounds goood…???

      2. Madhini also sounds good right

  4. Sandali Ranasinghe

    nice drama ?????

  5. Dia

    I missed the show today also because there was some problem with cable……..i like the show really….

    Hii all of you how are you all….so literally we are LKHI family…..i’ve got names for kamini and madhav….nd plz u all also suggest

    Devu dii….names??…exam ksa hua aapka?….

    1. Devga

      Hmm ab baari pair names choose Karne ka … Hmm let me think …

      Oops I am bad at names …. Plz some one from LKHI family suggest a captive name na ….

      I am gonna break open Hotstar bcz due to my exams u knw na I missed episode … 🙁 …… Tht too today was hero’s entry …. I wil see and come back here with a bang

      1. Dia

        Reply me on whatsapp……

        Exam ksa hua…???

        Names achhe h….LKHI family…plzz suggest names na

  6. What a episode loved. I love there chimistry.

  7. Madhini is best…..

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