Love Ka Hai Intezaar 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini saying Madhav did not answer the call. Arun says I will try again. Pratap asks Madhav to talk to Arun. Madhav thinks to tell Arun about Kamini releasing. The call disconnects. Ragini says I will call him from my phone. Madhav gets Ragini’s call. Pratap asks him to please answer. Madhav answers the call. Ragini cries. Arun says I m trying to talk to you. Madhav says I was busy. Arun says you know what’s happening with Kamini, she got arrested, its because of Rana, I don’t know why you did that, but she is innocent, just you can save her, are you listening, for the sake of your memories with Kamini, save her, get her out, say something. Madhav cries. Pratap signs Madhav to say.

Madhav says I can’t help you. Arun says you know Rana hates me and Kamini,

he can talk to any state. Madhav says I have no time for this talk, I m busy in my election campaign, if my name joins with any scam activity, I will lose election. Ragini scolds him. She says thanks for breaking Arun’s trust on humanity, none will trouble you from this house today. She ends call and goes. Madhav cries.

Pratap asks what did you do, they will hate you. Madhav says yes, I want them to hate me, sorry, maybe Lord won’t forget me. Arun and Ragini get sad. Arun says we got to know Madhav’s truth, I understood he is with Rana, I will delete his number. Ragini asks him to remove his memories too, what will Kamini do.

Lady officer scolds Kamini. Kamini cries and says I will not accept any blame. She defends her case. Lady keeps asking the same. Rana goes to make a call to stop CBI. Vijaylaxmi calls him. He says I have to do some imp work, I will give you good news by coming Rajgarh. He ends call. She smiles and says what would be good news, maybe Kamini gets a life sentence. Rana calls someone and says you always do my work, situation changed, plan also changed a lot, its time to free Kamini. The man asks him to give big price for this. Rana agrees to pay him money. The man says Kamini’s matter went ahead, I will see what I can do, this will take time.

Lady officer scares Kamini to make her accept the blame. Madhav recalls Kamini and cries. Madhav says I lost my identity, what I m going through, none knows this, I m breaking again and again, and then managing myself. Lady scolds Kamini. Kamini says maybe you don’t know the pain, this pain is nothing in front of it, do anything. The man asks her to accept she did this deal and its your money. Madhav says this marriage is a price to free Kamini, who has to bear a lot because of me, now I will do this deal for your respect, I will remarry Vijaylaxmi. Servant comes and says Rajmata called you. Madhav says you are new servant, where is Kaka. Madhav talks to Rajmata and says I can’t believe Ali and Kaka can leak secrets. Rajmata says we can’t say whom we can trust. He says you are right, if a person can me can cheat, how can I blame others, even if I speak to them once… Rajmata says you look so worried, whats the problem. He says I went to Delhi. She asks why. He says I had some business meeting, leave it, have some water. She asks what happened, tell me. He thinks how to tell her about my deal.

Madhav talks to Rana. Madhav sees the breaking news about Kamini.

Update Credit to: Amena

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