Love Ka Hai Intezaar 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with media questioning Kamini. Kamini asks officer how did media know this, who has told them. He says I m surprised too. Arun comes and asks who are you all. Kamini tells the matter. Arun says what rubbish, I handle her accounts, she has no overseas accounts. Officer asks him to come along. They leave. Vijaylaxmi acts sweet to Rajmata. She says I want to repent by taking care of Madhav, Lord will see my future. Rajmata goes. Vijaylaxmi says my future is politics, once I win, I will throw Madhav out of my life. Se smiles.

Kamini and Arun are on the way. Kamini asks Arun about Rana. Arun says yes, he was troubling a lot. She says I did not know anything. He says I did not wish to trouble you. She asks why did you not face Rana, he has blamed us for 100 crores. Arun says

he can’t do anything, my hands are not tied, he will not win, why is he after us. She says Madhav, he has decided to break marriage, so he did this along with Rana.Arun says I don’t know Madhav can do this. She says he can do anything, he has seen my love, he will now see how strict I can become. She thinks what price I m paying for my love, I will see how much your love will humiliate me.

Madhav talks to the villagers and requests them to keep Rajgarh clean, I told contractor to make toilets. The man tells about his problem to get separated from his wife. Madhav recalls Kamini. A sweet moment is seen in FB. Madhav says husband and wife’s fights happen, just say a small sorry and melt her heart. The villagers praise him. The man asks Madhav did he give divorce to his wife, is this true. Pratap asks what are you asking, maha sabha ends here, we will meet later. The people leave.

Shekhar pays the auto driver. Karanveer calls him out. He asks Shekhar not to leak any info about Kamini, Meena has brainwashed him. He says I will pay you to stop that news. Shekhar says sorry, I will just do what’s right for my career. Kamini gets interrogated. Madhav recalls Kamini. He says don’t know how people got to know about divorce, what will people think. Pratap asks did you lock yourself in room. Madhav says I got a dream that Kamini is in problem and calling me. Pratap says you are still connected to her, Kamini is caught in a big problem.

Madhav asks what happened to Kamini. Pratap says CBI arrested Kamini. Arun says all this is a blame, its Rana’s plan. Officer blames Kamini. Pratap says everyone thinks she is a culprit, she is sinking in defamation. Madhav says who can trap Kamini. Shekhar meets Suyyash. Suyyash asks for Kamini’s pics. He says I can give you any salary, would you like to become Meena’s boss. Shekhar checks pics. They see breaking news about Kamini arrested by CBI. Suyyash says I had this news, but my sources did late to confirm this, it will be double hit, CBI scam and broken marriage, Kamini Mathur is finished, Shekhar can we see the pictures, come on give me the proofs. Shekhar says wait a sec. He deletes the pictures. Meena asks Shekhar to show temple pictures. Shekhar says sorry, none can see Kamini’s bitter truth, I deleted the pics. Suyyash says how dare you…. and holds his collar. Shekhar says I was wrong before coming here, now I m sure someone is trapping her, I will not become of this game, I m sure she is innocent, I don’t want money and job. Suyyash asks him to get out.

Arun and Kamini defend. Mehta says this matter has reached finance minister, take this matter serious, culprit should be punished, none will believe, Kamini can get lifetime sentence for this crime.

Madhav says don’t know how they got proof against Kamini. Vijaylaxmi mocks suicide. Kamini gets more troubled by CBI.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think madhav will find rana is behind Kamini’s problem and will get remarried to vj to free kamini.. too bad if this happens

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