Love Ka Hai Intezaar 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini saying Karanveer is coming to meet us. Karanveer comes and says sorry I got late. He asks Kamini how is she. She says I m fine now. He asks why, were you not fine before. She says stop kidding, anything new about you. She gets a call and goes. Arun thanks Karanveer for making their house fine and supporting them in bad time. Karanveer says I will set the temple as well. Arun gives the credit card back. Mili asks Kamini to reach dubbing studio tomorrow. Kamini asks her to inform producers that she wants to work on new projects. Karanveer says I have to warn Kamini. Arun says why, anything serious. Karanveer says no, its my duty to warn her as a friend. He goes to Kamini.

Ragini says he always worries for Kamini, he is such a nice guy, I wish Kamini liked

him. Suyyash talks to someone on call. Sudha comes there. She says sorry, I had to talk something urgent. He asks her to say. Kamini asks what happened. Karanveer asks did you meet Shekhar. She says no, why are you asking. Sudha says Shekhar has big info about Kamini. Suyyash asks her to come to the point. Karanveer says Shekhar got big info about you, if there is anything, please tell me. Kamini tells everything to Karanveer. He gets shocked.

Suyyash says its damn good news, Kamini Mathur is gone, we were finding secret lover, we got someone who left her in mandap, I will tell her fans she is just an ordinary girl, someone used her and threw, call Shekhar here, pay him money, I want those pics, Kamini’s game is over.

Kamini says I hope Shekhar did not know this, will he expose this. Karanveer thinks it was my mistake that I gave lead to Shekhar, now its my responsibility to stop him from harming her. Kamini says I m coping up with this marriage breaking, if media knows, I can’t handle myself. Karanveer says don’t worry, I will not let Shekhar play any game, I will not let you and your family get affected, I will meet you tomorrow, you know you look beautiful. She says you can’t lie ever, thanks for being my friend. He says thanks for finding me suitable to be your friend. He goes.

Rana asks Mehta about Kamini’s bank scam. Mehta says its long trial to know from where money is deposited. Rana jokes and laughs. He says I know how to access that account, check your email, if you don’t take action against Kamini, maybe I have to take action against you.

Madhav talks to Madhavi. He recalls talking to Kamini about Madhavi and their own children. He sends Madhavi with nanny. Ragini asks Kamini to wake up and go for dubbing. Kamini recalls Madhav waking up for the shoot. Karanveer calls Shekhar. Shekhar says I can’t hear you, there is an emergency in my family, I will call you later. Vijaylaxmi gives tiffin for Madhav. She says I can’t take risk for your health. Kaka thinks she is playing new game, I have to expose her in front of Madhav. Mili gives Robin’s final script.

Kamini asks Ragini when were accounts freezed. She asks Mili does she know about this. Ragini lies to Kamini. Kamini asks what are you hiding. CBI comes and asks for Kamini. Kamini asks why are they finding me. Officer says we have arrest warrant against you. Kamini gets shocked. He shows the Dubai bank account details, 100 crores are unofficially deposited, its a big crime. The man says you have to come with us for CBI investigation. She says its a lie, I don’t have any overseas account. He asks her to take legal help, but she has to come. Ragini says she did not do anything, its Rana’s plan. Kamini asks what, Rana Arjun Singh. Ragini says yes, he is after us, let her dad come, he will tell everything. Mili calls Arun and says he is not answering. He says Arun can come to CBI office, we are not arresting her, we are just taking her for investigation. Kamini says why to get scared if I did not do anything wrong, laws will not punish anyone wrong, none should know about CBI, cancel the dubbing today. She requests the man to keep this matter to himself.

Media surrounds Kamini. Pratap informs Madhav about Kamini. Suyyash says Kamini’s career will end with this second hit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. FB s should be shown to complete the story telling. To show a incident in the.past to tell the story. But the fbs in this & many dramas are frustrating. They are shown only to drag the serial.

  2. so much negativity

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