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Episode 67…
After sometime later doctor shifted to om in normal ward.
Pallavi happiness has no boundaries. After so much pain finally she got her son back. Everyone was hell happy.
Normal [email protected]
Om was laying on the bed. While Anjali sitting beside him.
Anjali: OM he looked at her with wet eyes..
Finally you become fine if anything happened to you how I’ll live without you om. While he just give her nice smile..
They both don’t need of any words to tell their pain. OM breaks the ice..
OM: Anjaliiiii…

She felt so good after hear her name from om mouth it’s almost months passed..
If two people are able to communicate their feelings without words you know it’s true love. They both just lost in each other’s.
NO words are necessary between two loving hearts.♥️
The person you love should be where you can calm your soul. They should be your safest place to be yourself. Life is hard enough. That person should be your solace.
People say that actions speak louder than words. But sometimes, we’d still love to hear the words and see actions at the same time, because words without actions are empty and actions without words are confusing.
Tears just falls down from their eyes.
Feeling like the moment just stop for them.
Their face drenched in tears.
Both want to say many things to each other. But right now both admire each other.
OM: You know na I can’t see tears in your eyes. Which make her laugh..
Anjali: haaa. Than why, you leave me alone haa.

OM: If I tried I could do it.
Anjali: I can’t afford to lose you after so much struggle we become together OM.
OM: I promised to you.
Bg music ♥️plz listen
Vada raha…
Jab duaaen maine rab se maangiiii
Tab jaake tu milaa…

Anjali: This promise you’ll never ever break
Om. She takes his hands on hers.
Baant lenge milke dono saathiii
Shikwa ho Ya gilaa….
OM: vada raha Anjali.
Wada raha… wada rahaaa…wada rahaaaa Pyaar kaaaa.
Anjali: For a second I felt like someone took my soul out Om.

Wada raha… wada rahaaa…
wada rahaaaa Pyaar kaaaa.
OM: Anjali my body lay down on the bed but my mind not. Always thinking about you only. I can’t open my eyes or can’t move too. But when you come near me I felt it you. A single trope anjali tears killing om.
Anjali: Even I just live that you’ll become fine om.
OM gesturing her to come near his face while Anjali go closer to him.
He slightly lifts his hand and wiped Anjali tears.
The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make Other organs weep.

While wiping her tears Anjali feel so good to feel his touch.
OM: Vanished this fear of losing me anjali is in your eyes.
Anjali: this fear om.
OM: yes anjali when god make us together anyone can’t separate us. I want to see my love in your eyes not fear so wiped this fear like your tears.
Anjali: Okay she too wiped her tears.
See my eyes om. She rested her head on his chest.
After sometime later everyone come in room. Started meeting with OM.
Pallavi: My son.
OM: maa.
Pallavi: how’s you.
OM: I m fine MAA. And you.
Pallavi: I’m too. Bas not you become fit and fine I’ll to become more fine.
OM: haa maa.
Siya: feeling so good to see you bhai.
After Sarna family come there while OM slightly surprised to see them.
Anjali: Come maa papa. Like normally everyone meet with him.. Even Twinkle too
Om is finding to kunj and yuvi whom he saw first.
While Kunj busy in all formality payment all bills everything. He can’t even stand.
Sara: sir everything done.
Kunj: hmm even you to go now home Sara and thanks.
Sara: Sir please no need of this.
Kunj: okay you should go now.

Sara left from there. Yuvi just look at Kunj.
After payment, they both went in side and site.
Yuvi: so bro What happens to you.
Kunj. Nothing.
Yuvi: I can see kunj.
Kunj: acha. Aaj dil se itna bada boj dur hogaya kunj finally om get fine.
Yuvi no one understand me.
Yuvi: me huna.
Kunj: haa.. Both cuddles each other’s..
Yuvi: let’s go meet with jijaji ?.
Kunj: Nope you go I’m hell tired. He gets up from there with tear full eyes. And left for Home. While everyone was searching kunj. After Yuvi went in ward room to meet with OM. He too meet with him normally.
Soon kunj reaches Sarna Mansion.
He parked his car and went inside the

In hall Where nana was sitting with sad face. She saw kunj.
Nani: Arey kunj you come where is everyone.
Kunj: nani in hospital. Kids sound come from back.
Nani: Arey if you come than take Twinkle with you too na. Tere bache kab se roh rahe hai..
Kunj: where they are. Four of them together.
Nani: nahi Mere poti and pota Mere pass Te and Sheetal ke uske pass te..
Kunj: okay. Nani. Kunj went upstairs goes
In his room. His whole body was aching badly due to this get fever. Kunj didn’t do anything he just change his clothes and lay down on the bed. Covered himself fully under in blanket. While Nani told Ansh and Aayat about kunj..
Nani: go tumhara baap aaya hai..

Ansh: haa my Papa come..
Aayat: good my chachu.. They both went upstairs in twinj room.
Twinj [email protected]
Both looking at Kunj who sleeping peacefully his face not seeing.
Ansh: Arey my Papa sleep.
Aayat: hmm. Let’s go we too sleep.
Both went towards bed and sleep beside Kunj. While in Hospital everyone sitting.
Manohar: we should go home now.
Pallavi : haa. Here Anjali hai na..
Usha: where is Kunj..

Yuvi: maami he went home.. all understood automatically. Anjali looking down. She knows what she had done unintentionally hurt her chote today.
Anant: di take care okay..
After sometime later everyone left for homes.

Sarna [email protected]
Everyone reached after they all sitting in home meena come with tea and served them. After sometime later Twinkle went in her room. She went inside the room..
Her eyes went on the bed and found her life’s three of them sleeping..

Twinkle: sadu or sadu ke bache na..
Twinkle went in washroom to get freshen up after she come out and still find them sleeping peacefully. Just then Maya entered in room.
Maya: twinkle where is Aayat.
Twinkle: here is Bhabhi sleeping..
Maya looks at them and slightly laugh.
Maya: okay.. She left. While twinkle went near dressing table and combing her hair. She gets ready nicely.
Twinkle: (think) hmm sadu ke liye I know still frowning with me. Let them kids and Papa sleep. I’ll do my work. She closed the room door left for downstairs.
Meena ( servant ) make all lunch and place on the table too. Everyone was tired whole night they didn’t even sleep. All settle down having their Lunch.
Bebe: where is kunj.
Twinkle: bebe sleeping.

Usha: mera bets thak gaya hoga. Let him sleep. But mere dono bache kaha hai.
Maya: they too sleeping with kunj mummy ji.
Nani: Arey both of them just when my mamma Papa come when kunj come than got relief. Maya and Anant look at each other. After lunch, they all went in their room and to do rest for sometime. While
Anant take food for Anjali in hospital.
Anant feed her with his hands and om lol at them.
Anant: how’s you feel now.
Om: good.
Anant: di you should go home take rest till that I’ll be here na.
OM: haa go Anjali.
Anjali: who I’ll leave you like this.

Anant: offo di I’m here only. And even doctor said they’ll give discharged to OM soon. So you go okay.
Anjali: okay baba.
Anant: weshe we have one and only jijaji so lets us talk with each other’s. Om smiling.
Anjali: okay bye om. She too left for home.
At evening [email protected]
Anjali sitting with usha and tell her about om.
Usha: see I told you na nothing will happen to your om beta.
Anjali: this just happened because of chote MAA.
Usha: haa after ek hi toh behan hai tu unki.
Anjali: I told so much to my chote MAA.
Where he is.

Usha: it’s okay beta. He was sleeping.
Anjali: okay.
After sometime later Ansh and Aayat both wake up and come downstairs to finding their mothers.
Ansh: mamma.
Aayat: mamma.
Usha: aww finally my both babies wake up come to dadi. They both went towards usha sit on her both laps. Still feeling sleepy and yawning.
Just then twinkle come there with two glass of milk.
Twinkle: aww wake up good.
Ansh: mamma. Take me.
Aayat: even me too.

Twinkle: really sit on your dadi lap.
She gives mike to Both of them.
Maya: come Aayat to me. She went near her mother. They both take their kids to their rooms.
Twinkle give bath to Ansh and after get ready him. After he went downstairs.
While twinkle went near kunj. She sits beside him. Twinkle slightly removed blanket. Looking at kunj face. Twinkle caress his cheeks or his cheeks become red because of Anjali slap. Twinkle get shocked kunj was burning hell in fever.

Twinkle started checking him. Kunj body was hell hot.
Twinkle: kunjjjjj hell worried about him.
Hey babaji itna fever still he on the AC.
Twinkle immediately off the AC. She started paining. She ran downstairs take cold water blow with towel.
She come back and sit beside kunj. Firstly she kept his head on pillow perfectly.
Twinkle putting wet cloth on kunj forehead. Just then Sara call come to on kunj phone. Twinkle pick up her call.
Sara: kunj sir.
Twinkle: Sara it’s not kunj sir it’s me twinkle.

Sara: hoo mam. I just want to tell him to that I check that file.
Twinkle: okay but kunj was not well Sara.
After Sara told her about everything.
Sara: i knew it mam this would be happening because kunj sir not had anything and sleep too. Twinkle too shocked.
Twinkle: okay I’ll tell him. Bye.
Sara: bye. Whole day twinkle just taking care of kunj. But his fever not become low.
Everyone gets worried about him now.

Usha: let’s call the doctor.
Manohar: hmm I’ll. While Kunj slightly opening his eyes.
Usha: kunj.
Kunj: maa. I’m fine.
Usha sit beside him. And checking him.
Usha: from where you are fine kunj haaa.
Just look at you in one day my son become so dull.
Kunj: I’m fine maa it’s just tired.

Nani: okay you rest kunj.. They all left down. While twinkle make soup for kunj get for him.
Twinkle: have this soup.
Kunj: I’ll take later.
Twinkle: why later kunj. She sits beside him. Giving him support to sit. Twinkle take spoon of soup. He looked at her.
Kunj: I’ll have it.

Twinkle: why if I anything happened wrong kunj.
Kunj: I don’t have energy to argue with you twinkle anymore.
Twinkle: even I too not kunj. Please drink look at yourself what you made of yourself. Think about what happened to me.
Kunj: really did you think about me haa.
Just hiding the things from me.
Twinkle: huhu. Twinkle take spoon near his lips while Kunj don’t have any other option. He drinks it.
Twinkle: karwa Chauth ka fast rahkha ta kya mere liye 2 days tak haa. You didn’t have anything kunj why?
Kunj: who told you this.

Twinkle: it’s not important kunj.
Why you always give pain yourself and me. You think about each and every one but not for me my babies.
Kunj: shit not again. Kunj finished soup.
But drop left on kunj lips. Twinkle went closer to him. While Kunj get confused what she try to do. Twinkle cupped his face with her one hand and licked the kunj lips.She brushed her lips against kunj lips.
Slightly bite his lips part. Just then with loud voice both kids entered in room.
While twinkle and Kunj immediately compose themselves.
Aayat: kunj Chachu What happens to you ha.
Kunj: nothing. They both went near him sit beside kunj.

Ansh: Papa we missed you so much.
Aayat: haa even twinkle chachu too she toh started crying and telling me Aayat where is my kunj ??.. kunj laughs slightly while twinkle like omg.
Twinkle: aww liar. Now you both let your Papa rest okay.
At night [email protected]
Kunj still not talking to twinkle while she too not leaving him.
Twinkle: take your medicine kunj.
Kunj: I’ll take it I have hands too. He got up from bed and went in balcony. Kunj started smoking. While near behind him and look at him..

Twinkle: you promised me that you’ll not smoke kunj.kunj look at her face.
Kunj: even you too promised me that you’ll not hide anything from me so you did na
Even I too now. Continuously Kunj smoking Badly. He about to take another cigarette before he did twinkle took the box and throw down.
Kunj: what is this man..
Twinkle: don’t do this. You have problems with me na. So tell me what I do for you.
Kunj: nothing go and just sleep with your kids. Twinkle coming closer to him and held his collar.
Twinkle: kunj I know I hide things from you but I have reason she showed him his hands. Look at kunj why you hurt yourself haa. Cheery bhaiya ne mujhe sorry bol diya.
Kunj: so you forgive him haa.

Twinkle: so what to do. I don’t care about him. He goes to the hell. You think I don’t love you kunj really. How can you think this you are my life kunj. I just scare to lose you bas.
Listen to me kunj I love you. I sometimes know I m a bit Siyappa Queen make you disappointed. I rarely know what I want or think before I act. Still, I want you to know that in a lifetime of rushed kunj decisions , wrong turns and spectacular messes, you’re the first thing that’s felt right and the errors of one moment becomes the sorrow of a whole life kunj.
Kunj: if anything wrong happened with you twinkle than how’ll I live. Before kunj speak more twinkle grabs his lips with her and started kissing him wildly while Kunj surprised with his but later to respond.
A book without words is like love without a kiss: it’s empty..they both showing their pain for each other’s. After sometime later Kunj broke the kiss. Look at twinkle face.
Twinkle: chii you taste so bad kunj.
Kunj: then why you kiss me haa.
Twinkle: My wish samje na.. She holds her hand and take him inside in room.
Twinkle made him sit on the couch. She come with first aid box and sit next to him.
Twinkle take kunj hands on her hands and started opening his bandage. Slowly while opening twinkle get nervous.
Twinkle open the bandage and look at Kunj hand his inside skin seeing. Tears falling downs on twinkle cheeks.
Twinkle: very good. Kunj. She did kunj first aid. (Female dil diya gallan in bg)
Give him his medicine. Applied cream on his cheeks.
Twinkle: lagata hai di ne kuch Jada hi jhor se laga da In funny way?..
Kunj: so what she is my sister.

Twinkle: when did I said to you not haa..
Twinkle slightly push kunj on couch.,
Come top of him.. Both looking at each other eyes.
Twinkle: sorry na kunj please forgive me.
She said in such a lovely way kunj give smile on this..
Kunj: okay..
Twinkle: you understand everyone but not me why? ?..
Kunj: even no one understand me too.

Twinkle: you don’t feel bad kunj om is fine and di too. Why you not meet with him.
Kunj: I can’t even stand twinkle only I know what going on me.. Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest.
Twinkle: kunj this is the last time I hide something with you paka promise kunj.
Kunj: okay forget it. I just care about you bas twinkle nothing more..
Twinkle: I know. ?. She gave pecked on kunj cheeks.
Kunj: yeh acha tarika hai I mean if I get angry with you so you give me kisses hoo cool. When I want that time toh noooo ?.
Twinkle: huhu. Bas I missed you so much.

Both cuddles with each other’s
Twinkle: itna gusaa kii apne aap ko fever kar liya haa.
Kunj: where is my di..
Twinkle: she went hospital.
Kunj: okay. Chal let’s sleep baby.
Twinkle: I don’t want I wanna spend some time with you and look you boring person.
Kunj: it’s sound very lame twinkle.. I m not well bas nahi toh I’ll show you how much I’m boring or not. In naughty way.. which make twinkle blush hell..
Kunj: heyy I miss this red cheeks hhehe?. While twinkle get up from him and went towards her bed side while Kunj too.
Later they both sleep..

next [email protected]

They had Their breakfast after went for their work place. While Kunj went hospital.
Doctor give discharge to om. Kunj meet with om.
Kunj: hi o how’s you. He didn’t look at Anjali.
Om: I’m fine what about you my chote ?.
Arey Anjali your chote not anymore chote.
Kunj: hmm. ?. Finally you are free from here O.
Om: hmm.
Kunj: let’s come I’ll drop you Sarna Mansion.
Anjali: hmm let’s go.
Om: kunj you have work you go we’ll go.
It’s okay.
Kunj: no I’ll what’s the problem.
Just then Sara come with papers..
Anjali: chote we’ll go. Om sense something happened.

Kunj: Sara you drop di and om Sarna MA okay I’m going to office after that you take Ansh and Aayat for outing okay..
Kunj left from there. While Sara along with om and Anjali they left for Sarna Mansion.
After sometime later they reached Sarna Mansion while whole family just waiting for om and Anjali, and they stand towards entrance door. Om and Anjali come out of the car and hold each other’s hands and moving towards all. All giving them very gesture smiles. Usha holding aarti Tali.
She does Their aarti.
Usha: come beta. Om and Anjali look at each other with smiling face even their telling so much one day they both come out together but their all relationships are breaks and today they stand together at the same place bas time only change everything is same peoples, they too.
Even their love too same it’s not increased today more for each other.
Bg music ? plz listen while reading plz plz
Duniya Mein Kitni Hain Nafratein
Phir Bi Dilo Mein Hai Chahtein
Duniya Mein Kitni Hain Nafratein
Phir Bi Dilo Mein Hai Chahtein
Mar Bi Jaye
Pyaar Wale
Mit Bi Jaayen
Yaar Wale
Zinda Rehti Hain
Unki Mohabbatein
Zinda Rehti Hain
Unki Mohabbatein

One day this house door closed for them and today their hearts ♥️ door open for them… god is great really.
That day also their love power more and ruled and today too.when the power of love overcomes. The love of power. The world will know peace. Manohar didn’t tilt his head his ego is very big in front of their love. While four eyes standing very far but seeing everything. It’s none other than Kunj and Yuvi.

I told you na one today you both come in this house with all respect. See this happened today. Today I’m so much happy. Today happiness knock the door of their life. With full love and respect you both standing in front of Mr great Manohar Saran. Happiness clearly seeing on their face.
Yuvi: he looked at kunj really man Bhai ho toh Aesha. See what he did. finally, he again connected broken relations. If any one wanna bro than want like kunj. He stands everywhere when his family want him. Even today too who thought great lover our di and jijaji standing in Sarna Mansion. Saala jesha bhii hai mera hai.

Mar Bi Jaye
Pyaar Wale

Mit Bi Jaayen
Yaar Wale
Zinda Rehti Hain
Unki Mohabbatein
Zinda Rehti Hain
Unki Mohabbatein
Pulling kunj in hug. You are the best kunj.
Today you have to promise me to that. Even you’ll never ever leave me as well.
Kunj tight the hug.

Kunj:No never teri Meri toh lifetime guaranteeing saale… finally this happened Yuvi what dream we see together today too we completed like our projects…
Yuvi: haa saale… still remember that day when they both leave this house together and maamu closed all doors for Anjali Di and jijaji. Today only they open the door for time finally kunj at least our love not win but I feel good at least their love win.
Kunj: but still happy I have Better my love Twinkle. That dream is just for seeing Yuvi not for to take the place of reality.
And Kunj and yuvi never ever lose.

Yuvi: right we win too kunj.,
Kunj: bas regrettable hu because of someone ego the innocent soul life killed.
Nothing anyone. We are made just for friendship nothing anymore Yuvi.
Kash like this I’ll save her. See today di and O. I never see this dream for us because I knew it god find something else for us see we holding Twinkle And Mahi hands. Their slip like water.
Om and Anjali recalling all bad times happened to them.
(narrator: one day a father ego win in front of their love but today a brother love broke the all ego pillars. Today brother love win. )
Manohar: come beta.. Every single drops of their tears speaking so Much. They both went inside the mansion.

You don’t know what happened in your life next time so don’t think today you win and tomorrow too. Life is like a book paper when it’s take next turn one phrase end next started immediately and you don’t know what writer inside in.
Kunj and yuvi wiped their tears and sit in car left for Sarna Mansion..
End the episode.

Precap: good news kunj and yuvi was hell happy. And om staying in Sarna Mansion and Niki face off.
I hope you all like this episode as well.
Sorry guys what to do I’m very very busy ????????.::

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