naughty nature while swara a calm and polite girl. Both love each other deeply and madly.
Arnav an angry young man and always in a rough mood while khushi a naughty chirpy girl ready for all type of mischiefs.
So stay tuned to see the equation between when all four comes together. The two opposites who are attracted and bind by LOVE.
Will their love tackle all their problems?
What will happen when two dons fell in love with swara and khushi?
Will Sanskar arnav be able to save them from dons?


Written and directed by: pihu, Vartika and hasini i.e. PARINI


A marriage hall is shown where a priest is chanting mantras and two boys sitting there smiling like idiots and desperately waiting for their to be wives.

After sometime two brides arrive in mandap wearing red and golden lehengas looking breathtaking but their faces are pale and sad. They come in the mandap and the priest say them to take their seats. Both the brides don’t listen and stand there rigidly while the two boys pull their hands to make them sit by their sides.

Suddenly a huge tuk tuk taxi comes from the entrance breaking all the decorations and stop at the mandap between the brides and the grooms. And two smart and handsome boys are shown smirking at the girls while the girls smile whole heartedly seeing the boys. Both boys gave hands to respective girls and the girls held their hand happily. A boy and a girl sat in front while the other two sat at the back.

Suddenly few men started firing bullets on them. And both the girls hug the boys tightly. And the boys sitting in the mandap sat up from their places and were stopping his men to stop shooting.

“Don’t fire my baby will get hurt”(said JJ one of the guy)

“Yes my jaan will be hurt put down the guns” (said DD the other guy)

The men stopped firing and both drove their tuk tuk out. While JJ and DD both went to their dad cryingly

“Dad they took our love please bring them back. You are THE GODFATHER AND DON OF THE CITY THE GREAT RDX. You can do anything dad please bring our love”

RDX was now on the eleventh heaven listening godfather.

RDX- INSAAF HOGA (JUSTICE WILL BE GIVEN) JJ you go by one jeep and DD follow them from other.

Both JJ and DD followed them from the jeeps.

On the other side the tricycle stopped at the roadside due to the tyre puncture. And one of the girls bursted on the boy
“You brought a tricycle to kidnap a girl from madnap? Have you gone nuts. Don’t you have sense to atleast come by bike ARNAV?”

Arnav- “what the…I am not nuts you are crazy. How can four people adjust on one bike? You always talk nonsense KHUSHI (so the couple was ARSHI

“SHUTUP” will you both think of any solution rather than fighting in public shouted the other girl and Both shut their mouths.

“Swara chill babe WHEN SANKY IS THERE DONT YOU FEAR” Said sanky funnily.

Swara- Its not the time to joke what if they com… Oh no they already came (swara told seeing JJ and DD’s car)

This was the second couple SWASAN

“BHAGOOOOOO”( RUN) they shouted altogether and both the couples entwined their hands firmly ran towards different directions.
Swasan were running while JJ was chasing them.
On the other side Arshi were running and DD was chasing them.
After running for a long time Khushi was tired and stopped in the market area. She looked up and smirked seeing police and saw towards Arnav and smirked. Arnav understood her intentions and he too smirked. Khushi separated from Arnav and DD who saw this got down from his jeep and grinned his teeth like an idiot and moved towards khushi while Khushi too smiled back. As soon as both DD and Khushi came face to face she smeared her lipstick and scattered her dupatta a bit down showing her cleavage and shouted.

“BACHAO BACHAO YE LADKA MUJHE CHED RAHA HAI” ( Please save me this boy is teasing me) and started showing fake cries.

A huge crowd of people gathered there and one of them said
“Beti you don’t worry this boy won’t dare to even touch you. Come on everyone let’s show him how to respect girls”

While khushi nodded sadly dancing happily in her mind.

All the ladies and men captured him and beat him blue and back all from front and back while only the noises came time to time
Ooooiiiiiiii Maa”

Khushi and arnav were laughing on a side holding their stomach. And as he got the beatings the police came who was waiting from a long time for public to do their job and as they finished they handcuffed him. As he sat on the jeep khushi showed him tongue while Arnav smirked and pulled khushi into a French kiss. He was sucking her lips and moving his hands on her curves showing him that khushi can never be his. While DD was sitting crying and burning in jealousy.

On the other side Swasan were running and JJ was chasing them. Suddenly Sanskar saw a bike on the side with keys on it. He quickly sat on the bike with swara and escaped from a narrow route. While JJ also pushed a guy who was about to drive his bike and instead took his place and chased Swasan. Sanskar saw him chasing and the narrow route too came to end with a road where there was a huge traffic jam. Sanskar saw towards a truck which was carrying buffalos and smirked. He stopped the bike and increased the accelerator to the highest speed and jumped from the cars in the traffic and landed just besides the truck while DD also enthusiastically did the same but failed to maintain the direction of the bike handle and his bike tripped at the trucks entrance and the buffalo who was already ready for being light made her tails up ( I hope u all understood what the buffalo was about to do. He was about to excrete)
He straightly landed his face directly inside his ass. ?????(Parini closed their eyes )

While all the public closed their eyes in shame. After sometime his men came and started pulling him out while pressing their nose ?????.
After a long try of 20 minutes he was out and his face all green with the shit and smelling yuck????

Both came to RDX and both the brothers saw each other in pain.

JJ – DIGA DIGA(DD) what happened brother that you are not able to stand?

DD- just got beaten up on my ass bro. But JIGA JIGA why are you smelling like a buffalo?

JJ- its a sad story bro.

DD- uhhh whatever but maintain a distance.
RDX came to his sons and shouted in grudge.

“How dare both brothers kidnap my DIL that too from my sight i.e THE GREAT RANGEELA DADA XOLO’S sight. I won’t leave them”

Here we are that is PARINI end the promo. Shower your love and this story will be continued only if I get 100+ votes and comments.
WRITERS – Pihusinha VartikaBansal8 HasiniReddy7 that is your PARINI

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