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Swara hurriedly ran to her class while sanskar was just watching her going and said to himself
“Haye this barbie is making my heart flutter”.

Swara entered the class and sat down at the first bench. She opened her books as she was too much nervous. She was engrossed in her books just then a guy came whistling.

“Ohh miss studious I am sanjay nice to meet you.. ” he sat on the desk and his hands were carasing on her hands.

Swara got up but sanjay held her hands.
Sanjay- where are you leaving babe? Anyway you have soft hands.

He started moving his hands upwards towards her arm. She pushed him with all her force and ran from there cryingly. She moved to the backside garden of the college and started sobbing.

Sanskar was in the same class with swara and he went towards the class. It was their intro class so class ended soon and sanskar moved out and started searching for his barbie. He was still unaware that his barbie was studying with him in same class.

On the other side
Arnav was bored of intro class as he didn’t liked all these stuffs and went backside garden. He saw a girl sitting there sobbing silently. He went forward and sat beside her.

Arnav- you know our tears show our weakness and people always take advantage of weak people.

Swara saw him and then again bent her head down. Arnav offered her hanky and she wiped her tears.

Swara- thank you.

Arnav- you welcome. You know girls should never cry.

Swara- why?

Arnav- see if you cry then your kajal will get smudged and also your lipstick will get soiled and your makeup even that must be so costly.

Swara- but I don’t use makeup.

Arnav- ohhh then see if you cry then people who love you will feel bad na. And why to cry for people who are bad so smile for people who are good and who love you.

She smiled hearing him and said thank you ☺

Arnav- ahh don’t say thank you. You are like my little sister.

Swara had tears listening the word sister.

Arnav- hey please don’t cry again. Sorry I won’t call you sister.

Swara- no bhaiyu I am not angry on you infact I am very happy and these are happy tears as I didn’t had any brother.

Arnav- great then you should not cry because now you are my I.e ARNAV MAHESHWARI’S sister.

Swara smiled wholeheartedly.

Arnav- acha now its time for my class I have to leave OK. But yes don’t cry again and you should fight for yourself. And be brave. By the way what’s you name?

Swara- swara.

Arnav- ok swara bye and you should first wash your face. I know you look cute even when you cry but still you wash it.

Swara laughed at him and nodded.
She went to washroom and when she entered she collided with khushi.

Khushi saw her face and said
Khushi- madhubala you are crying? What happened baby did anybody say anything or teased you. Tell me baby.

Swara- di wo I was in my class reading………
She told her the whole scenario of sanjay teasing her and then arnav consoling her.
Khushi’s eyes were red in anger. She was fuming.
She told swara to wash her face and leave to class. Swara went from their and khushi too went out.

Sanskar was standing at the cornor of ladies bathroom and his hand was fisted and he was fuming in anger. Khushi held his hand

Khushi- I am swara’s sister khushi. I know you have heard everything and I saw you when you were listening our convo. I guess you like swara.

Sanskar- i am sanskar. Yes its true I like her and also I heard everything. I won’t leave that bastard. Today he is dead from my hands.

Khushi- wait. Apply your brains. Teach him lesson. By fighting you will only land up in jail ending your carrier. And I am not denying for his punishment. But in a different way.

Sanskar – means? I didn’t get what you said?

Khushi- ok listen I have a plan.
Befriend with that sanjay and yes engross him in some talks and works till evening after the college gets over. And by 7 make him come to common room by any means.

And then…… (She murmured something in his ears)

Khushi- so howz the plan

Sanskar- its superb yaar and I am with you. I will prepare all things now and your work will be done.

Khushi- then I will be waiting at common room by 7.

“Ok partner” they said each other and handshaked.

At evening 7

Swara had already gone home in afternoon. And sanskar did friendship with sanjay and both had food in canteen together. Later sanskar took him to basketball court and they played for long. It was 6:55 and sanskar suddenly shouted

Sanskar – ohh no what I did?

Sanjay- hey buddy what happened yaar?

Sanskar – my dad he gifted me a watch on my birthday and I left it in common room. I have to rush.

Sanjay- hey relax buddy even I will help you come.

Sanskar nodded and both went to common room. It was dark inside. He switched on the lights but it didn’t worked. On the meantime sanskar hid himself behind the board of the room inside. Sanjay called his name and entered inside. Sanskar quickly locked the door and hid himself.
While sanjay gulped in fear.

Sanjay- anybody there. Please open. Sanskar… Buddy… Please help me. I am stuck open.

Just then he saw someone sitting in the dark. He went towards the person

Sanjay- hello. Are you there?

Suddenly the lights turned on and the person turned.
He got horrified seeing the sight.
A girl in a red saree fully dressed up in jewelleries. Her hairs were open and untidy and her makeup smudged. Kajal and mascara smeared from her eyes giving her a horrible look while her lipstick smeared from her lips. Covering her full mouth in red colour. Her bindi spread in her forehead. She stood there glaring at him with her neck twisted a bit by the side.

Sanjay- churail. He murmured.
Please let me go.

The girl held his mouth tightly and started blabbering
Girl – you tease girls right. You enjoy touching them right. Now are you enjoying my touch? Say na say. She shouted

Sanjay- no no I won’t do anything please leave me.. He cried.

Girl- nah na na na na… Today we will dance…..
Together… She carased his face madly and held his neck tightly leaving her nail marks on his neck.
Come let’s start.

Mere Dholna Sun
Mere Pyaar ki dhun
Mere Dholna Sun
Meri Chahte toh
Fiza mein bahengi
Zinda Rahengi
Hoke fana
Tana na na tum
Ta na dhi re ta na dhe re dhe re na

Mere Dholna Sun
Mere Pyaar ki dhun
Mere Dholna Sun…

Saathi re saathi re mar ke bhi tujhko
Chahega dil
tujhe hi bechainiyon mein aayega dil
Saathi re saathi re mar ke bhi tujhko
Chahega dil
tujhe hi bechainiyon mein aayega dil
Mere Kesuo ki saaye mein
Teri raahton ki khushboo hai
Tere begair kya jeena
Mere rom rom mein tu hai
Meri chudiyon ki khaan khan se
Teri sada aati hai
Yeh dooriyan hamesha hi
nazdikiyaan bulati hai
o Piyaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sa Ni Dha
Ni Dha Ma
Maga Sani Dhani Sagama

Maga Sani Dhani Saga
Maga Sani Dhani Saga
Ma Ga Ma Ga

Sani Dhama Gama Dhani
Sani Dhama Gama Dhani
Sa Ni Dha Ni

Mama gaga Sasa nini
Sasa Nini Dhadha Nini
Sasa Nini Dhadha mama
Dha Dha Gaga Rere Sasa

Nini Sasasa
Nidha Sasasa
Maga Sasasa

Mere Dholna Sun/Aami je tomar
Mere Pyaar ki dhun/Shudhu je tomar
Mere Dholna Sun/Aami je tomar aa (Aalap)

Sason mein sason mein teri sargame hai
Abb raat din
Zindagi meri to kuch na
abb tere bin
Sason mein sason mein teri sargame hai
Abb raat din
Zindagi meri to kuch na
abb tere bin
Teri dhadkon ki sargoshi
Meri dhadkano mein bajti hai
Meri jagti nigahon mein
khwaaish Teri hi sajti hai
Meri khayaal mein har pal
Tere khyaal shaamil hai
Lamhe judaiyon wale
muskil bade hi muskil hai
O piyaaaaaa

She was dancing madly taking rounds around him while sanjay was crying in fear. As the song ended she was flying up in the air.

Girl- say will you ever tease a girl again.

Sanjay- no never. From today every girl is my sister. I will never tease them please leave me.
Aaaaannn ahaaaannnn ?????
He peed in his pants in fear.
While the girl vanished when he was closing his eyes.

He opened his eyes while crying and saw her nowhere and the door was also opened. He ran from there in a high speed shouting

After sometime khushi and sanskar came out and both gave HiFi to each other. ( so guys the ghost was none other than khushi )

Khushi- so partner how was my dancing and acting skills?

Sanskar – superb partner and how was my acrobatic skills of flying you high in the air?

Khushi- mind blowing partner but how did you do that?

Sanskar- nothing much when you came before board I quietly attached the rope which was hanging at your back which I asked you to do and later I moved it across the large board and then I pulled it down and tied it back on the pillar and you were flying. Simple.

Khushi – that was pretty cool partner we shall try this again.

Sanskar – sure partner. Now its quite late we should leave and firstly you should change or people will start shouting on roads.

Khushi- ya ya I am coming in 5 minutes and we will leave.

After sometime khushi came getting changed and both left in sanskar’s car as it was quite late. Sanskar dropped khushi at her home.


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