Hello frds parini are back with a character sketch and prologue enjoy happy reading .

**Character Sketch & Prologue**

Hello everyone we are back ..!! Hahaha we knw you all want to kill us why not after all we left after giving you all only promo ..!! Soo don’t worry now wait is over we are back again ..!! Nd yes Hold your tummy tightly if your tummy will brust then we are not responsible..!!

Sanskar maheswari- A Naughty , flirty, Prankster ,funny yet handsome Nd cute..!! He is from rich family loves his elder brother alot..!!

Arnav maheswari- Rude, arrogant, attitude he knw by this..!! Don’t give any person second chance..!! Opposite from Sanskar..!! Elder brother & loves his younger brother alot..!!

Both Arnav Nd Sanskar are from rich background ..!! Where Sanskar never gives a damn to business Nd other side Arnav he is a workholic person..!! Both brother is studying in Mumbai’s best college..!! Thier parents Loves them alot but they pamper Sanky alot but that doesn’t mean they don’t love Arnav ..!! Arnav is Thier pride..!! Thier family is a happy go family..!!


Swara Gadodia: A sweet innocent and silent girl loves her sister alot studies in college with her sister

Kushi Gadodia: A quite opposite of her sister very naughty girl but kind hearted loves her sister a lot.

They both pay their fees by doing a part time job as their father is a drunkard who demands money from them and have a step mom who illtreats them and makes them work.



A car racing scene is shown..!! Where many people are hooting Nd many people are shown appreciating their favorite..!!

A man wearing black jeans white shirt Nd black jacket..!!! Sits in his racing car ..!! Wears his helmet Nd gives fly kiss to all the girls who is hooting his name..!!

One person comes near him Nd said..!!

Person- Sanskar you will do it na..! Means you will be able to win over Adi..!! You knw na he is best in car racing..!!

(Yup that person is our hottie handsome..!! Only our hottie I.e Parini handsome Sanskar maheswari)

Sanky- Ohh chill ajay you don’t forget who I’m..!! SANSKAR MAHESWARI if I want something that mean I want..!! Nd about Adi you just count 10 that’s it..!!

(Ajey left nd ADI come toward Sanskar)

Adi-(attitude) Soo Sanky are you ready for losing over me..!!

Sanskar-(smile) Let see..!!

(Both start Thier car..!! Nd give look to  each other..!! Nd race start, Sanskar driving his full speed..!! Whereas Adi don’t knw what to do as Sanskar had started while his car stopped after a min making sounds “GRRRRR”..!! Ajay counts till 9 and sanskar wins the race…!! While Adi was just staring him..)

Sanskar- oh what happened Adi..!!don’t even dare to mess with sanskar maheswari..!! And ya check your car..!!(wink him)

(Sanskar left from there winking Adi while Adi check his car Nd found There is a banana inside his car engine..!!)

All start laugh on him while he left from there in anger,)

Other side

Maheswari mansion

A man with well built body wearing Shirt pant Nd base coat..!! Talking on phone ..!!

Man- what the status of Mr . Mehta’s project..!!

Op- sir Everything is done they want to meet you once ..!!

Man- okk then fix my meeting with him..!! At cafe coffee Day..!! Get it ..!!no mistake otherwise you are fired ..!!

Op-(sacredly) ooo..k.. SS..Ii..rr

Man cut the call Nd turn

(He is none other than our second hot handsome Arnav maheswari..!! )

(He left for CCD)


Scean sift to other house

A middle class house is shown which is beautiful and simple..!!

A girl is shown getting ready wearing Beautiful pink colour FROK suit..!! Looking extremely beautiful Nd her wet hair is making her more Beautiful..!!

She came down Nd fold her hand infront of lord Krishna..!! Singing bhajan(god’s prayer)

Behind her one old lady stood angrily..!!

Lady- Oye Swara agr Teri ye bhagwan ko apni atyachar ki katha khtm ho Gyi ho toh..!! Ghar ka Kuch kaam kr le..!! Pura din mujhe hi Sara kaam krna padta hai..!! Huh pura din bss padai padai padai Ary NH bn Rahi Tu koi collector..!!
(Oye Swara if you are done with our persecution then do some work..!! Whole day I have to do all work ..!! Huh whole day only study study study you are not gonna be collector..)

(Girl turn she is none other than our swara Gadodia.. who is now having tears in her eyes..)

Swara-Ji ma I will do all work you don’t worry .!!

(Lady goes from there making a face..)

(Swara also makes herself busy in work.)

Out side the house…

A girl wearing top Nd pajama playing with kids laughing Nd giving them ice cream

Girl- soo bacha log howz the ice cream..!!

Kids- yummyyyyyy(they yelled)

Girl smile Nd saw the time she hits her head

Girl- Oh shit madhubala will start crying if she will not find me in home..!!

(She bid bye to kids Nd run Inside house..!! She saw swara doing work..!! She slowly goes behind ..!! Nd close her eyes..)

Swara- Who are you..??

Girl pout

Girl- madhubala it’s wrong..!! You don’t knw me..!!

Swara turn Nd smile

Swara- Khushi Dii how can I forget you..!!

(Yup that girl is none other than our Naughty Khushi)

Khushi-acha madhubala

(Swara glare her)

Khushi- ok ok swara I have to go CCD for job interview so can you go college alone I will join you in college..!!

Swara- it’s okk Dii you go I will manage..!! Best of luck..!!

(Khushi smile Nd kiss Swara’s cheeks Nd run to her room for getting ready..)

(After sometime she come down wearing jeans Nd long Kurta..!! Bag on her shoulder..!!)

Khushi- madhubala I’m going plz take care ha..!!

Swara- Dii you don’t take tension I will take care of myself..!! You go..!!

(Khushi hug her and left )

CCD (Cafe coffee Day)

Arnav reach there Nd was waiting for his clients..!! Nd walking Nd talking on phone..!!

Just then Khushi also came there eating ice cream..!!!

Both didn’t notice each other Nd doooomm

(Both dashed each other..!! Khushi’s ice cream fall on Arnav’s shirt he looking her angrily..!! While Khushi staring him Shockingly..!! )

Arnav- (shout ) What the….??

Khushi come to her sense said..!!

Khushi- what what the?? It’s your mistake you didn’t see Nd walk ..!!huh it’s not my mistake..!!

Arnav became angry..

Arnav- oh really it’s my mistake..!! You how dare you said like this to me..!! First look at your self ..!! Who doesn’t walk properly. See Because of you my shirt got spoiled now..!!

Khushi- acha Because of me it was  you who was talking on phone!! you yourself didn’t notice anything Nd blaming a beautiful girl..!!

Arnav- (fake laugh) Hahaha Beautiful Nd you..!! Hari bhindi ho tum (u r lady finger)..!! Beautiful my foot..!!

Khushi- what!!! What did u say I am  Hari bhindi ..!! If i am hari bhindi You are lauki (bottle gourd)..!!

Arnav- Talking with you is a waste of time..!! Because if you I’m late for my meeting..!!

Khushi- I also don’t wanna waste my time with you..!!

(She turn Nd leave while Arnav also turn Nd leave..,!!both once again turn Nd give a look to each other..)

Other side

Sanskar was driving his car when he gets a call he lifts the call and says in a cheerful voice

Sanskar: Hey janeman whats up?

Arnav: Sanky? don’t call me that and listen i have a meeting so u have to go for college alone for today

Sanskar: But i will miss u janu

Says sanskar making arnav smile

Arnav: Stop ur drama’s and go get ready

Says arnav sanskar cuts the call saying bye

Soon sanskar reaches mm as he comes in he finds a lady in 50’s sitting angrily on coach while a man was trying to pacify her

Man: Sujju relax na sanskar will be fine he will come home soon

Sujju: Ram ji just shut up how dare u to allow my son for racing if he get a scratch na I’ll throw you out of the house huh

Listening them sanskar smirks and shouts

Sanskar: Ouch mom

Shouts sanksar in a painfull voice holding his head both sujju and ram startles with a sudden voice and sees sanskar stumbling holding his head they both runs near him

Sujju: Sanskar beta wt happen come sit here

Says sujatha making sanskar sit on sofa and settles beside him and cups his face

Sujju: Wt happen sanjsar did u get hurt

Ram: Sanskar wait let me call arnav

Says ram worriedly while a cushion hits his face and a vase falls on floor ram sees uttra standing and passing him glares (sab ke sab dramebaaz h)

Sujju: Its all ur mistake how can u send my son to racing huh

Says sujatha while sanskar hugs her by her waist and sees them arguing

Soon sanskar burst into a laughter making ramtha startle suddenly they understand its his prank and starts tickling him sitting beside him

Three share a sweet time soon sanskar goes to get ready for clg

Sanskar Room:

Sanskar was brushing his hair standing in a white tshirt and black jacket with a black denim his hair was gelled soon he comes down and shouts looking extremely hot

{He is only mine haa dont u dare to keep ur eye on him guys}

Sanskar: Mom dad iam leaving

They both runs to him sujju holding a glass and ram with a plate of sandwich

Sujju: Sanskar beta eat this and drink juice

Sanskar: Mom I’ll have in canteen iam getting late

Sujju: Atleast juice for ur mom please

Sanskar drinks the juice and hugs his mom and pecks her cheek he hugs ram and runs bidding them bye

Gadodia House:

Swara had completed all her work in house and goes to her step mom

Swara: Mom i completed all the work iam leaving for college

Janki (swara’s mom) :Then go na why r u irritating me and eating my brain.

Shouts janki bringing tears in swara eyes but soon she changes her dress into a simple white cutted suit with a cream bottom nd white and cream duppata

She rushes to clg wearing her bag

Mumbai University:

Sanskar had already reached and he was chatting with his frds sitting on a bike

Soon his falls on a beauty entering the clg playing with her hands and looking around she slowly walks in when sanskar jerks and gets lost in her

Sanskar starts walking towards her while swara was also walking towards him soon boom

They both gets hit and stumbles swara was in sanskar arms sanskar was looking at swara’s closed eyes and her hands were clutching his one arm nd other holding his collar tight

Sanskar gulps seeing her features her doe eyes which were highlighted by kajal, her hair fringes were falling on her face, his eyes moves towards her little nose and then to her lips which were in a perfect heart shape and to her swan neck he unknowingly whispers

Sanskar: Barbie

Swara opens her eyes as she was in someone’s arm she looks at sanskar who was lost and slowly whispers

Swara: Uthaiye naa plzz (lift me up plzz)

Says swara slowly bringing sanskar back into his sense while he lifts her in his arms shocking swara

Swara: What r u doing please please drop me plzz

Says swara panicking with tears in her eyes sanskar admires her innocence and puts her down swara runs from there with in few seconds

Sanskar rubs back of his hair and smiles

To know how these four different people’s love story will start who is opposite to each other..!!

How will love bloom between them

For knowing more stay tune Nd yaa we want long cmnt ..!! If you give long cmnt then you will get long part Nd may be soon if we get amazing nice awesome wale cmnt then next part will be short Nd late

Precap- sanskar irritating swara….

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