Love just happens-manan (episode 3)

Hello everyone how are you all it’s my third part and thanku soo much for those who commented and to the silent readers soo please do cooment on this part as well and one more request please accept it please tell meany of your favorite song because I have to use it in my part 4 I knowit feels silly but please plese
Ok so let’s continue our story
Manik was in towel when nandni saw him.navya and cabir both stuck in rain because of their cars
Part 4
Cabir and navya enter the house and an old lady was sitting there
Old lady:who are you both

C:I am cabir and she is navya actually hamari gari kharab ho gae thi our baher barish bhi ho rahi thi iss liye humein yeh ghar dekha toh socha yahan par ruk jaty hain(our car has stopped working and it is raining outside so we sqw the house and thought to come here)

Old lady:buhat acha kiya tum dono ny aao mein tum dono ko tumhara room dikhati hon(you people did very good come I will show you your room)

Cavya go to the room but unfortunately there was no couch in that room.Old man and lady left

Na:there is only one bed you sleep on it I will sleep on floor

C:no you sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor

Na:no…….no ……….how can I you sleep on the bed

C:noooo I can’t

Na:agar hum yehhi sochty rahy ky bed par kon soye ga our zameen par toh iss tarah sari raat guzar jaye gi(if we kept on thinking who will sleep on the bed and who will sleep on the floor whole night will pass)

C:I have an idea


C:listen you can’t sleep on the bed and me aswell can’t sleep on the bed so we both shall sleep on the floor

Na:good idea

C:but the blanket is one so who is gonna take that

Na:no one let it stay there on the bed

C:good idea

And both lay on the floor cabir on the left of the bed and navya on the right side of the bed

After an our both get up at the same time and speak on the same time

Listen I can’t sleep on the floor


Na:soo what let….lets share the bed

C:good idea


And both lay down on the bed navya keeps a pillow with her as it is her habit while cabir hate to keep pillow in front of him so in his sleep he takes the pillow and throw it on the floor while navya in sleep thinks cabir is the pillow so she hugs him

In london

Manik was sitting and sleeping while nandni’s head was in his lap nadni woke up and saw manik who was sleeping while sitting she stood up and made manik lay on bed
She took bath orderd breakfast and was setting the room when maniks phone rang

Manik in sleep

M:hello who’s there

Mu:it’s mukhti here

M:han bool mukhti

Mu:tu abhi tak soo raha hai(you are still sleeping)

M:kyoun kya howa(why what happened)

Mu:yaar cabir ka kuch ata pta nahi hai kal raat sy our uss ka phone bhi ghar par hai(we don’t know where is cabir and his mobile is aswell at home)

M:what our yeh baat tum mujhy bhi bta rahi ho(what and this thing you are telling me now)

While in india

Cavya were still sleeping and the old couple didn’t woke them thinking they slept late in night

While cabir woke up first and he was amazed to see navya sleeping this much peacfully but suddenly when he saw the time


And hearing this navya wokeup

Na:kya howa(what happened)

C: time dekho(look at the time)

And when navya saw the time she was like what the hell

They both get up hurriedly and goes out of the room thank the old couple and leave from there some how they manage to get the taxi and both reaches there homes

In malhotra mansion

All were very worried and manik was on a video call

Dhruv was going to search for him again but cabir comes all hugs him and manik a take a sigh of relief

Mukti hitting cabir:kahan tha tu pta hai hum kitny pareshaan thy(where were you we were soo worried)

Manik:cabir agaer tu nahi aata toh pury india ki police tujhy dhodny jany wali thi

Ca:sorry yaar and he tells them everything

While the same happenes in murthi mansion

In london

Manik looked nandni and said:when did you woked up

N:just some time before you can go and take shower I have ordered the breakfast


Manik took shower and came out

They were having their breakfast when nandni said

N:you didn’t told me your name

Manik pov
If I will tell her my real name maybe she will start behaving like an abnormal fan so I will tell him my name ya right
Manik pov end

M:I am abhi and you

Nandni pov
If I will tell him my real name he will start behaving abnormally so I will tell him my name ya
Nandni pov end

N:I am priyanka

They finish their breakfast
N:uhhn are you free today



M:actually can we go out

N:ya I was about to say this

They go out first they see london eye, then british museum, tower of lodon the whole day passed and they had their dinner and returned to their rooms

No precap today

So I’m done with my update but I won’t be able to post it for next some days but please tell me your favorite song and the one who w’ll tell first I will use that please please ok bye

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