Love just happens-manan (episode 2)

Hello guyes I am soo sorry for not posting yesterday I know those you all would be hell angry and thinking after posting first epi she is like this so what is going to happen next I am student and I have alot of works to do so please forgive me and tell me in the comments that if you can cooporate or I shall stop this ff please tell ok so let’s continue with our story
Manik was angry with fab4 for not telling him that they are not going with him.nandni was angry on her dad.fab4 thinking how to make manik agree to go to london.manik agrees

Manik leaves from malhotra mansion.And navya and rishab comes to the airport with nandni

Na:nandu apna khayal rakhna(nandu take care of your self)


And she hugs navya and rishab and leaves

In london

When manik reached the hotel it was night manik went to the reception

Re:hello sir how can i help you

M:I want a room

Re:sir right now there are two rooms but………….


Re:they are partition rooms

M:ok book both for me

Re:sir the second room is already booked

M:kya hai yaar yeh ab yahan sy kahin ja bhi nahi sakta(now what is this I even can’t go somewhere)

M:ok book the free one for me

And manik goes to his room and went for shower

While nandni came to the same hotel

Re:yes mam how can I help you

N:I have booked room

Re:yes mam your full name

N:nandni murthi

Re:yes mam and she gives nandni her room keys

Nandini went to her room and thought

Nandni pov

First I shall settle the room than I will order something

Pov end

Nandni settled her things she was about to sit when she saw the partition door open

N:is it a partition room ahhh

And she goes to close the door while manik who was taking shower came out of bathroom in towel . nandni who saw this shouted aloud and manik seeing her aswell shouted.and nandni immediately closes the door but forgets to lock it

Nandni’s pov

Ayyappa what I did but what type of a man he is don’t he know that he should wear clothes while coming out of the bathroom

Nandni pov end

Manik pov

Ahhhhh she saw me without clothes what she will be thinking but don’t she have manners that before opening the door she would have knocked

Manik pov end

They both have dinner in their rooms and nandni sleeps while manik was using his laptop

It was midnight and nandni screamed and manik who was slept hearing the scream wokeup and went to the partition door manik thinking the partition door is locked said

M:hey are you all right

No reply

M:I am asking are you alright

No reply

Now manik was worried and he tried to open the door which was already opened manik went to nandni’s room who was sitting on the bed with tears

M:what happened you are fine

When nandni saw manik she hugged him with fear and manik reciprocated realising her fear

They were in eachothers arms for at least 15 minutes after 15 minutes

Nandni opened her eyes and got separate from manik

N:I am fine thanks for coming

Manik make her drink a glass of water

M:you are welcome

Manik was about to leave when nandni holds his hand

Nandni hesitately:ca…can you stay here I am very scared can you please stay here

Manik smile a little and says ok

While in india

It was 10:00 clock when navya was returning from her office when suudenly her car stops

Na:now what is this why this car stopped

And she came out of the car a saw the tyre pucture

Na:uff ab main ghar kesy jaon ji already I am late(now how will I go to home already I am late)

Na:mein ghar call kar ky gari mangwa leti hon(I will call at home and ask the driver to come with car)

But when she saw her phone battery was dead

Navya was standing on the road waiting for any rickshaw or taxi (but i guess god didn’t wanted it)

Navya was standing when a car came and stopped beside her it was cabir sitting in the car

C:can I help you

Na:my car has stopped and I have to go home as I am already late

C:sit I will drop you till your home

Navya gave him a smile and sat in the car

They covered a little distance talking with eachother and asking eachother’s names when cabir’s car stopped

Na:what happened

C:don’t know let me check

When cabir saw there was any problem with the car

Na:now how we w’ll go home

C:don’t know

And suddenly it starts raining

Na:look there is a house

C:but yahan kuon ghar bnaye ga(who will make home here)

Na:aam khao guthlian mat gino(eat mangoes don’t count the seeds)

And they both go to that house they rang the bell and an old man opened the door

Old Man:yes

C:sorry to disturb you actually our car has stopped and it is aswell raining outside can we stay here for a night

Old Man:ya sure come inside.

Kavya moments . Priyanka and abhi.manan moments fab4 worried for cabir

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