Love just happens-manan (episode 1)


Hello everyone how are you all it’s my first ff on manan so please do support me and I promise that I will give you my best response so let’s start the story
So let’s start with murthi’s family which includes
Nandni murthi
Navya murthi sister of nandni
Rishab murthi
And nandni’s father is alive

Now let’s go toward fab5
Manik malhotra
Cabir thakur
Dhruv vedant
Mukhti vardhan
Alya saxena

Manik’s family
Niyonika malhotra(a sweet and nice lady who loves manik alot and she always supports manik)
Ria malhotra(a business women and sister of manik)

Cabir only have a mom who don’t cares for him as she is the stepmother of cabir and she just want money

Aliya has a brother(harshad saxena)a successful business man who is very possesive about his sister as he loves her alot

Dhruv vedant is alone his parents died when he was of 13 from that time he is living with manik(& Niyonika is very kind with him sometimes more than manik)

Mukhti vardhan she lives with her grandma and grandpa as her parents died when she was of 3

And abhimanu (best friend of nandni)

So let’s start the story

Malhotra mansion

(M)for manik (A)for aliya (D) for dhruv (C)for cabir (MU)for mukhti (N)for Niyonika

M:seriously how you people even thought ky mein tum sab ky bager london jaon ga kabhi nahi(that I’ll go to delhi without you people)


A:manik try to understand

M:what shall I try to understand there is my flight after 3 hours and now you people are telling me that you people are not going with me.And manik goes from their angrily

Mu:ab manik ko kon manaye ga.aunty bhi yahan nahi hain(now who will make manik agree.Now aunty is aswell not here)

A:toh kya howa chabi nahi hai laykin tala toh hai na(then what happen key is not there but lock is there)

C:matlab………tu pahalian mat bhuja plan bta(means……….don’t tell riddles just tell the plan)

A:I wanted to say ky aunty yahan nahi hain laykin dhruv toh hai na(aunty is not here but dhruv is here)

All look at dhruv

D:don’t you people even dare to think about that I’m not going to him don’t you people know his anger

All:please dhruv


All:please please

D:ok I’ll try

Mu:you don’t have to try you have to make him agree


And dhruv goes to manik


M:agar tu mujhy yahan mnany aya hai toh sun ly mein nahi ja raha hon(if you came here to make me agree than listen I am not going)

D:mein tujhy mnany nahi aya hon bas tujhy btany aya hon ky tu apni ek zid ki wajah sy sab ka mood kharab karraha hai.Sab teri wajah sy paryshaan hain laykin nahi tujhy toh apni zid zyada pyaar hai na(I didn’t came here to make you agree I just came here to tell you that because of your stubbornness every one is sad)

M:dhruv tum log kyoun nahi samjh rahy ho.Why you people aren’t coming with me. Bacpan sy aa tak hum jahan bhi gaye hain saath mein gaye hain.(why you people aren’t understanding. From childhood when we go somewhere we go with eachother)

And then mukhti, aliya and cabir comes

C:manik sirf 15 din ki baat hai(it’s just 15 days)

A:manik please

Mu:please manik

D:please buddy

C:please manik


All becomes very happy and hugs manik they have a group hug

In murthi’s mansion(in my ff murthi’s are very rich and nandni is a very famous sittar player)

(N) for nandni (NA)for navya (R)for rishab

N:mujhy toh samajh nahi aata ky dad ko itni kya jaldi hai mujhy london bhejny ki(I don’t know why dad is in hurry to send me to london)

Na:oho nandu tu zyada soch rahi hai(nandu you are thinking much)

R:han dii navya dii sahi keh rahi han(ya dii navya di is saying right)

N:chup karo tum dono(quiet you both)

And screen freezes on their faces

Nandni and manik meet for the first time………nandni’s bad dream…………..who are priyanka and abhi

So done with my update please do comment wating for your all comments desperately

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    Beautiful story line up dear….
    Interesting plot..
    Waiting for der meet..
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