Love just happens (episode 3)

Do you like my ff if u don’t like then I will stop my ff

Twinkle wakes up and says kunj are you here whole night
Kunj:yes twinkle now how r u?
Twinkle:better kunj and thank you so much kunj for staying whole night and taking care of me…
Kunj:don’t say like that twinkle its my duty
Twinkle and kunj share eyelock and sajnave… Plays
At the same time Amu comes and hear’s their conversation and Amu leaves from there
Amu comes to mantu says this to mantu

Twinkle gets perfectly alright..

All welcome rachita and Rohan
All performances are started
First mantu and Amaya perform on dheere dheere song and all appreciate them
after that kunj and twinkle perform on sanam re song
Rachitha and Rohan also join them
All clap for them and Leela,Usha,sneha also dance and all enjoy sangeet
Next morning Amaya and twinkle are going to temple some goons come and kidnap twinkle and Amu….
Its 10 in the morning
Leela call to twinkle but it is switched off
She calls Amu its not reachable
Leela to sneha: Till now these girls did not come
Leela calls mantu and kunj and says twinkle and Amaya went to temple in the morning and did not return till now I’m afraid
Mantu and kunj says don’t worry we will go and see them
Mantu calls Amu but it is not reachable
They go temple and search every where
Kunj and mantu shows Amu and twinkle’s. Pic and ask people …
One guy says that some took them In a car…that car has smiley sticker
Kunj and mantu search area around the temple and finds the smiley car and goes in and saw twinkle and Amu lying unconscious and tied with a rope.all the goons are around them kunj comes from back and attack goons mantu and kunj fight with goons and takes twinkle ND Amu to hospital
All family members reach hospital..
Twinkle and Amu gets conscious
Kunj asks twinkle who are they ?why did they kidnap you??
Twinkle: Don’t know kunj
Amu:that’s cherry twinkle..flashback when twinkle is unconscious then cherry comes and asks goons to take care of twinkle ND Amu flashback ends
All ask them who is cherry??
Amu:he is our classmate.he loves twinkle but twinkle rejected him so he kidnapped us
Mantu:then y did he kidnap u??
Amu:becoz one day I slapped him for teasing twinkle
Kunj:we will complain police then..
Twinkle:no kunj leave him now lets njy rachi di marriage
All family members says yes now lets see rachita’s marriage after that we will see that cherry
At night
Kunj thinks of twinkle…
Mantu comes to twinkle’s room then Amu comes from twinkle’s room and says twinkle is sleeping so don’t disturb her
Mantu:ok…r u alright
Amu:yeah mantu…nd I want to say something to u
Amu: I think kunj bhai loves twinkle….when twinkle’s leg got twisted then how did he took care of her and today how he reacted
Mantu: Yes …i will talk to him once
Amu:no..i will talk now
Amu comes and asks kunj
Amu:bhai r u thinking of twinkle
Kunj:yes Amu…how could cherry do like that
Amu:he is like that only bad person and bhai can I ask one think
Amu:do you like twinkle??
Kunj:yes I like her
Amu:do you love her??
Kunj:kunj doesn’t speak anything…
Amu:I understood ur answer bhai I saw love for twinkle in ur eyes ok gud night bhai and Amu leaves from there
Kunj thinks of twinkle and remember amu’s conversation..
.Leela calls Anita
Leela Anita sneha Usha are gud frnds

Anita and uv arrive
Kunj to confess his love
Mantu and amu growing friendship..cherry plans against twinkle

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