Love just happens (episode 2)

Amaya,twinkle,mantu and kunj are in shopping mall
Kunj and mantu are doing their shopping ND twinkle and Amaya are doing their shopping
Twinkle is selecting dress and going for trial nd when she came out wearing maxi kunj saw her ND staring at her
After some time kunj and mantu came to Amaya nd asked is their completed
Amaya:no…so fast much time you want to complete shopping??
Amaya:our wish we will be late
Mantu:so we have to wait??
Mantu:no way we are going if you come we will take you otherwise we will go
Twinkle:wait some more time bhai what’s the hurry
Mantu and kunj:what… No way now its going to be late we have to leave
Twinkle:ok…wait coming

They pay the bill nd come out of shopping mall.kunj says lets have dinner guys
All say ok and leave for restaurant
They had their dinner and leave for home
They make a plan to dance in sangeet
Next morning
Kunj and twinkle are dancing on sanam re song and Amaya and mantu on dheere dheere song
Both 2couples are practicing dance
While practicing twinkle’s leg gets twisted
Twinkle cannot stand so kunj lifts her place her on bed he takes care of her whole night by staying beside her
Amu and mantu see how kunj is concerned for twinkle…..

Sangeet function…..nd entry of yuvi..

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  1. It’s nice imean awsum.. Bt plz put a longerepisode..

  2. Nice and I also wana say that plzzz put a longer epi..

  3. Sanju very nice episode especially last part…….
    Pls keep writing it’s very interesting but as tei and Mahira said a bit longer would be a fanstansic job but still it’s wonderful keep the good work up…

  4. Precap is interesting..and i wont force u to write long epi as i know its tough if u can plzz do it..otherwise very nice.

  5. Intresting one..but please try to write some longer ones..nw its short nd sweet..but we need long and sweet actually..good going anyways..

  6. what uv will do hear please give him a positive role so that twinj are not separated

  7. Dont make uv as a rampart bw twing..
    if u can pls update long episode.

  8. Nice story dr

  9. sanju please write long as it is very interesting

  10. Great but too short….

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