It is love or just concern – Part 24

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Gauri came back into sense and broke hug  ).

G: i am sorry

O: its ok  why you are tensed whose bracelet it is

G: actually it is …….

O: if you don’t want then don’t tell (he started to move gauri held his hand

G: please sit down here

(Om sat beside her)

O: ok say now

G: this is not just bracelet omkaraji it makes me happy it tells me  about my life it has lot of happy memories it  always keeps me happy you know something this is the gift given by important person  on my 5th  birthday this is last gift from that person because I lost them  I lost them forever  everything happened because of me   (she started crying  he wiped her tears )

O: please stop your crying tell me whom you lost

G: leave it there is no use by telling

O: ok i will not ask

G: thank you

O: for what

G: for listening my sad story

O: you know something sad story makes people  strong

G: ya you are right when heart is already broken then no body can broke it again

O: I didnot understood

G: please om leave me don’t ask me many more questions

O : om first time you called me om

G: oh actually sorry by mistake …

O: its ok om sounds good by your voice you can call me om

G: oh actually i will call you omkaraji only because its my habit and i will call by nick name only Neil bhavya

O: (sad )  oh  i will go take rest and please stop your crying please smile

G: ok

O: smile please .

Gauri smiled

He went from there

G pov: why god why i am like this i did not even think of that incident  i will die because of me everyone lost their happiness everything happened because of me

Oms room

Om was sitting on bed thinking of gauri

Opov: who is that Neil she calling him by nick name Rudy said me that whom we are loving we are calling them by nick name  but  gauri is in love with Neil but she said that her heart is broken what she is loving someone and breakup and all o god  please help me i am getting all stupid thought please make me free from this

Rid: om why you are sitting like this

O: nothing

Rid: i know what is there in your head

O: what

R: you are thinking about me because of that gauri you are not concentrating on me

O: ridhima please  why you are taking gauri and leave me alone

Rid: what om i came here to refresh your mood ya after your divorce you will be free from her

O: whose divorce?

R: om yours and gauris divorce

O: please leave me alone ridhima

Rid: i know om you want to be alone  but think about me om i am your  girlfriend. Leave i am soon to Mrs omkara remember it

O: stop it ridhima stop your nonsense i did not forget anything please and i did not even gave you second chance and stop talking about gauri what she is .i know i did not have any problem because of her she always helped me only because i saved her life and you i had a relationship with you from five years but you cheated me remember it .now get out from this room

Ridhima went from there

Rid pov: because of you om shouted at me gauri so tomarrow your are going take punishmentgauri till tomarrow you are happy flower but after that. No body is going see you as a flower .

Pool side om is sitting shivaya came and sat beside om

S: what happened

O: nothing

S: you will never say lie

O: shivay actually i was thinking about gauri i did not understand what is she  because of one cat she ready to give her life  .she saved my family from swetalana and today because because of one braclet she cried so much I think  she went to a lot of pain in  her life

S: you can’t see her in pain.

O:ya .

S: why

O: don’t know .

S: you fighted with ridhima because of gauri .

O: how you know

S: i listened everything

O: she is taking gauris name always

S: ok

O: what ok

S: what happened to you you hate gauri na

O: shivaya what you want to say .

S: om you have ten days with you

O: for what shivaya

S: divorce  you did not even remember about it

O: shivaya actually

S: no need to explain but remember 10 days is there with you don’t loose your heart

O: shivaya

S: ya om  you are in love

O: no shivaya i hate her and it is just concern not love

S: you know what is love It  wants to be present and be together. When people are in love, sometimes they think that they don’t have to “do any more work.” But real love actually enjoys giving attention to another person. It feels good, and doesn’t see giving attention to another person as a chore.  And you dont want to spend time with ridhima but you want to spend time with gauri and you listened  everything what ever gauri says and you always helped her to come out from her sadness  ten days is there think it is love or just concern

(Precap: Gauri is in trouble )
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Question :-What is love and explain in details ?   ( 16 marks)


?Arts Student…….
Answer: Love is life.

(marks :  5  out  of  16 )

* Science Student……
Answer : Love is pain.

( marks : 5 out  of  16 )

?Law  Student……
Answer : Love is god

( marks : 5 out  of  16 )

Commerce Student……..
Answer :
Introduction: :- Love is serious relationship between two or more person

Meaning :- Love is serious relationship between two or more person. If it is between two person than it is true.

– Definition:
“A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men & women that can cause death of 1 or both depending on the resistance associated”

1 sided & 2 sided

– AGE:
Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age

Phone Addiction


Anti-LOVE therapy by Father’s Shoe
Mother’s Sandal……

(marks  16    of  16 )

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They can stretch any thing for 16  marks ! ?


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But i am science student

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