It is love or just concern – Part 20

R: what are you doing bhavya why you did this

B: what I did

R: what you did you are separating om and bhabhi

B: so what

R: you know   om has suffered so much in life only gauri bhabhi can bringh happiness in his life

B: so what

R: you can stop this divorce

B: if they had feelings they will sure cancel this divorce they had one month

R: you mean

B: yes  one month is there we can do what ever we want to unite them

R: so

B: rikara mission starts

Rikaras room

O pov: om what you did you have no rights to  hurt her its her life she can do whatever she want

(Gauri came out of the washroom and took laptop and started doing work something om saw this but gauri ignored him)

O pov: what she is doing in laptop  what she will work in laptop

G: o shit what a laptop I am fed up off this

(Gauri called bhavya )
On call
G: bhavya please come to room

(Bhavya came to room.)

B: what happen shrenu

G: you know all files are deleted

B: so what

G: I don’t know how to setup this

B: even I don’t no

G: its very important

O: can I help you

B: ya bhayya you can do it

G: I don’t need others help

O: But you said it is important so I will help you ..

G: bhavya I don’t need others help  I will solve my problem my self

(Rudra came there)

R: how bhabhi om know about it take his help bhabhi

G: sorry Rudy for his one help my life become like a hell  there is no routes only to move

(Om hurted by her words but its his fault )

O: you  don’t want my help its ok but  shivaya know about it you can take his help

(Without saying thank you she went to shivayas  room)

G: may I come in bhayya

S: you know need to take permission gauri

G: bhayya I need your help can you

S: of course

G: bhayya some files are deleted by itself  that are very important

S: which files gauri

G: actually bhayya o files…….

S: fashion designing or orphanage or your song lyrics

G: (shocked) bhayya

S: I know everything about you gauri I
Mean shrenu Sharma

G: but you did not told to anybody

S: because you had big name you have a lots of fans but no body knows who are you  and you kept secret about your relationships  with bhavya and Neil you are calling them as friends
Why gauri and you are not orphan you have your father also why you are doing like this

G: it is my punishment bhayya

S: you are mad or what gauri you did not done anything gauri

G: you know bhayya 18 years back I done big mistake in my life for that till today I was taking that punishment

S: I am proud of you gauri

G: thank you bhayya please can you help me .

S: ya ( he did it )

G: thank you bhayya

S: gauri you can take oms help also no he know about it

G: I don’t want his help bhayya

S: why you  are helping him gauri

G: because he saved my life

S: you are selfless gauri  you know something he is a big fan of you

G: yes I know bhayya he told me

S: you saw his gifts

G: gifts no bhayya I did not got any gifts from omkaras name

S: because he is sending gifts to you by other name called  Kunal

G: kunal

S: ya

G: but why kunal not omkara

S: because he don’t want others to know that omkara is also a fan of shrenu  you saw his gifts

G: its with me now bhayya because that are the most beautiful gift that I am getting and he is doing shayari bhayya

S: yes but not now

G: why

S: because he become stone you saw  omkara Singh Oberoi but not our om

G: bhayya

S: ya gauri he did not have faith in girls because all girls who came in his life cheated him isshana ridhimma

G: who is this Ishana and ridhima

S: ishana is just friend of om she is liar thief always cheated him and ridhima he is girlfriend of om he was in relation for 5 years but she just wanted his  name

G: bhayya omkaraji is in love with her ..

S: no he was in relationship but he never said that he had a feelings for her

G: (become sad) ok bhayya and please don’t tell anybody  about my life

S: I promise you I will not tell anyone

G: if I die also you should tell this to anyone

S: ok and gauri please don’t leave om I know he dont deserve girl like you but he had suffered more in his life only you can colour his life

G: I will try my level best bhayya

S: thank you

(She went to her room)

O: it is working now

G: ya ( without seeing him)

O: I am sorry

G: please I am working now can you talk after words

(Again om hurted by her words Om know gauri is ignoring him but he know he deserve it )

All are sitting in the hall with chit chatting

(Ridhima came there)

Rid: Om

Everyone shocked

(She suddenly run and hugged om)

R: I am sorry om

(Om saw gauri but gauri ignored him)

O: why you  again came ridhima

Rid: because I can’t live without you om I love you om with a full of my heart you know you did not contacted me nearly one and half year over I done wrong but you can’t give me big punishment om you know because of you I attempted for suicide

O: ridhima

R: ya om I took poison  but mama took me hospital immediately so I saved I can’t live without you om I will die without you om I promise I will support you in all works you will do please forgive me om

O: please calm down ridhima we will talk about it later

(Gauri cannot control from her tears she went to room )

(Precap:  oms support for gauri )

▪ What will you think om will accept ridhima

▪ what is gauris mistake

▪ what happen 18 years back

▪ who is gauris father
Guess it

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?Love you all ?


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