It is love or just concern – Part 19

(Tej and swethalana came)

T: jhanvi take this papers and sign on it .

J: which papers it is

T: divorce paper  because I am marrying swetlana

J: tej

(Gauri went from there)

D: tej what are you doing

O: Mr Oberoi  you know what you are doing

T: yes I know omkara I am divorcing your maa

S: badepappa it is not good you can’t do this for badimaa

T: stop your nonsense I know what I have to do

J: please tej

T: just stop your drama jhanvi I want divorce sign on this papers

Lawyer: excusme

S: yes

Lawyer: I am bhavyas and gauris aunty

R: you are one of the great lawyer

Law: so what

(Bhavya hugged her)

B: aunty what a surprise

G: there is no surprise bhavya I called aunty

Law: how are you
She hugged me

G: I am fine how are you aunty

Law: I am fine

G: everything is ready aunty

Law: everything is perfect

G: aunty please sign on this paper

J: what is this

G: you trust me aunty

J: ya I trust you…

(Jhanvi signed)

G:  uncle take this paper and sign on it

T: I am not a fool to sign on it ..

G: you can read it uncle

T: ok

(He read it  and signed on it but. He did sign on blank paper also which was there in last page   )

T: thank you my dear daughter in law first you married om and now you made jhanvi to sign on divorce papers

(All shocked )

J: gauri what you did

(Lawyer went to type something)

G: aunty actually

J: stop it I  trusted you  because I think that you are like my daughter

D: what you done gauri

G: aunty ..

O: stop it gauri I know who are you. You are house broker but today you broked my house
(Gauri just listening it without any reaction )

R: I thought you as my sister as you said that you are orphan  but today you are separating mom dad you know the value of parents

B: just stop it who are you to say about her she is quite means dont think that you can say anything to her

O: oh then  why she is separating my parents

Law: Mr Oberoi read this papers

(Om took that papers and read it he become sad for accusing gauri )

O: I am sorry gauri

T: what a drama now I and jhanvi got divorce now

Law : ya Mr oberoi you got divorce but you have to pay for it

T: I am ready   how much I have to pay for her .

G: 90 % of your shares earnings everything

T: what a stupid  I can’t do this

Law : but you signed on this papers

T: that is  divorce papers

G: sorry uncle  I heard that you are one of the big business  man but today. I come to know that you are fool uncle you know something in white paper we can write anything  you signed on that blank paper also so then we return whatever we want  now you have to give 90% of your shares otherwise you will not get divorce and you can’t keep this sultana in this house uncle

T: so you cheated me

G: yes I cheated you because of your good

T: I will not leave you

G: do wharever you want uncle

T: swetalana come with me

G: excuse me sultalana please get out of this house other bhavya will arrest you

Swe: how dare you

G: sorry I did not have time please get out sultana uncle please tell her

T: swetalana come with me

(Tej swetalana went from there )

J: I am sorry gauri

R: I am sorry bhabhi

G: It’s ok

B: this is not ok shrenu

G: bhavya

B: stop it ya and  sign on this papers

G: what papers it is
B: divorce papers

(Everyone shocked)

G: bhavya

B: just sign on it shrenu

G: but listened to me

B: sign on it shrenu I dont want anybody to accuse you  why you want this relationship ya he saved your life and you also saved him and now it is over and he did not given name for your relationship

D: bhavya  you can’t take decision of her life

B: sorry dadi dont mistake me but I want my shrenu to be happy  you dont know anything about her dadi

G: just stop it

B: ok I will stop if omkara Singh oberoi given name to your relationship .can you give name omkara

(Omkara became silent)

B: see there he is silent its my order shrenu you have to sign on this papers

G: no I can’t

B:ok you want Neil me and pappa or omkara

G: bhavya, please

B: sorry ya I don’t want my angel should be in this relationship please ya otherwise I will not talk with you in my whole life  you know about me

G: ok I will sign on this paper

Opov: gauri please dont do it I know I did not excepted this marriage but give me one more chance

(She signed on papers  and given to omkara,)? her left hand broken

Om pov: I can’t do this  why  ? No she is doing drama om please  dont fall for her

(He signed on the papers)

Law: ok now you will get divorce in one month and you should stay here  for one month according to the rules

G: ok aunty

(Lawyer went from there )

Rikars room

O: thankyou

G: for what

O: because you saved my mother life today

G: its ok its my duty

O: so you are free after one month

G: ya I am always free bird

O: after divorce what you will do

G: Neil is there he will take care of me

Opov: why she always takes his name

O: he will also get married one day

G: so what he will never leave me

O: so you wanted to be his mistress also

G: (angrily shouted)omkara just  enough  who are you tell me whatever you want I am not your servant and remember In one month I will broke
Our so called relationship also  remember it

(Precap: oms girl friend )

(You want ishana or ridhima this is villain character )

Hi friends I hope you like it  give me your comments I am waiting

?Love you all ?
   ?By kavita?




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