It is love or just concern – Part 18

Hi friends because of you I continued my story and I want comments from your side if you want to scold me you can but I want your response thats it and thank you friends 

O: excusme I said the famous singer shrenu

G: o Ic

O: you know some thing I love her voice so much something is their in her voice that makes me feel

G: so you know  so much about her

O: no I don’t who is she not only me nobody knows about her . shenu is singing behind screen why she is hiding her identity nobody knows

G: I think she is not good

O: no way I know  she is good from heart you know something who have shrenu as name I think they always  hide their identity

G: who is others hiding their identity

O: you know the great fashion designer shrenu she is hiding her identity next  one more shrenu is there she is taking care of nearly 50 orphanage which is their here in Mumbai and Delhi

G: why nobody. Knows about them

O:   even I don’t know  about it you know I wanted to meet them   and say thanks to them they are really great one shrenu gives happiness from her voice one shrenu makes people happy from her designing one shrenu gives life to the poor childrens

G: they are really great

O: you are right

G: ok We can go and sleep now

O: ok
(They went to room )


O: what happened today there is no alarm only what happened to her everyday she is alarm for all but today
Did not listened her prayer song only
(Om went to washroom  and shocked,)

G: what are you doing here

O: what are you doing here

G: everything happened because of you

O: what I done

G:you know yesterday you pushed me so my hand brokened now I can’t even brush also from 1 hour I am trying to  brush but I can’t what should I do

(Om started laughing )

G: why you are laughing

O: From 1 hour you are trying to brush waw what a joke

G: shut up ya you think it is joking because of you I did not done pooja  nothing I did you are laughing at me now

O: ok sorry I will help you

G: what

O: I will help you that’s it

G: ok

(Om took brush and made her to brush the teeth)

G: thank you

O: its ok.

(She slipped  but om cathed her they have eyelock suddenly shower  on  they  became wet  )

(Om came to sense )

O: I am sorry .

G: its ok .

O: you take shower and come

(She took shower and came outside  and trying to tie dori of her salwar this was noticed by om )

O : may I

G: hmm

(He closed his eyes and stared to tie dori because it is backless she get shivered in body by his touch)

G pov: omkaraji you are good person you closed your eyes and tiring my dori

O: over

G: thankyou

G: one more help

O: what

G: can you call bhojayi or bhavya to comb my hair .

O: ok

(He went near anikas room he heard that shivaya and anika are talking he dont want to disturb them  and then he went bhavyas room )

O: bhavya

B: yes jiju ..

O: gauri is calling you to comb her hair

(Our Rudy came their )

R: bhavya come fast I need to talk with you

B: what .

(He took her with him)

B: why are you called me

R: simply

B: what their shrenu need my help

R: so I called you

B: why

R: now O will comb bhabhis hair

B: why

R: you don’t when wife needs help husband should help her

B: so

R: so you have maintain distance from bhabhi and we have give some privacy time for O and bhabhi

B: ok

R: if you get bour then i will give company to you

B: no thanks

R: what a girl ya she is nice beautiful but she is tough to handle but i am Rudy

(Om went back to his room)

G: where is bhavya

O: actually i went bhabhis room bhabhi and shivaya are talking so I didnot disturb them and Rudy took bhavya with him to talk …

G: o sankarji who will comb my hair now .

O: may I

G: you know how to comb hair .

O: see here I have nice hair then you

G: o sorry ya i forget that you are jhathadhari

O: stop calling me in that name

G: sorry jhathdari

O: gauri

G: sorry please comb my hairs

(He combed her hairs )

O: is it ok .

G: ya but today my hair style became change but it is looking nice one dout is conformed

O: what

G: I think you take more time then girls to comb your hairs


O: its to much

G: its three or four much anyways thank you jhathadari

(She went down)

O: ( he smiled )she is mad

(Om also went down)


OG: good morning everyone

G: i am sorry dadi i did not done puja today because of my hand

D: its ok gauri

B: waw you are looking beautiful shrenu

A: yes you are hair styled is changed

R: bhabhi how you combed your hair

B: ya shrenu i did not helped you sorry ya

G: actually omkaraji combed my hair

R: waw o when you become expert in this also ok. I will open one parlour shop ok om

O: shut up Rudy

?. Hi friends how it is I hope you will like it give me feedbacks I am waiting

?Love you all ?
? Kavita?

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