It is love or just concern – Part 17

Hi friends I am not getting more response from your side so I diceded to quit the story so what is your opinion You liked my story or not I know grammar mistakes are their sorry for that please tell me your opinion i am waiting and thanks to all my readers.

Next day)

(Breakfast time)

R: bhabhi breakfast is superb

A: yes gauri it is very tasty

(Swethalana came and sat on table )

Swe: where is breakfast for me servants where is breakfast for me

M: Mam today everything gauri mam did

Swe: gauri where is my breakfast

G: its over

Swe: what .

G: yes it’s over

Swe: what do you mean it’s over you don’t know how many members are their in house

G: sultana I did breakfast for my family members and some beggers also there but what to do I did not get time to cook for them also so I thought that beggars will eat yesterdays night food

R: waw bhabhi what a dialouge

Swe: just shut up what do you think of your self gauri . according to you I am begger

G: I think so

Swe: gauri (shouted)

G: even I know how to shout

Khanna: excuse me mam

G: yes

Khanna: thank you mam today you cooked breakfast for all servants and it is very tasty behalf of our servants thank you so much mam

G: its ok you are not a servants here you are working in this house then you are also the family members of this house

Khanna: thank you mam and continue your class mam

Swe: you cooked for them you didnot have time to cook for me

G: If you want to eat then made by your self

(Gauri went room)

O: thank you ..

G: for what

O: for everything

G: everything means

O: because of you today all are happy.

G: no need say thanks .

O: why you are taking risk it is my family matter I will take care of it

G: dont worry I took so many risks in my life it is not new one

O: I dont want others to take risk because of my family

G: just stop it. I dont want your advice

and I know what to do.

O:( angry )I said I dont want your help please get out of this house .. ( He pushed her, she fell down on the floor her hand broken )

G: maa ( shouted. and started crying )

O: gauri I am sorry. actually I didnot mean hurt you

G: my hand is paining omkaraji

( Om called doctor)

O: gauri sit on bed doctor is coming dont worry please stop crying I cant see tears in your eyes please stop crying ( he wiped her tears then they had eyelock )

( Doctor came there and all family members also came there )

S: gauri what happened

O: actually shivaya

G: I slipped bhayya

(Doctor started bandaging )

G: aah

O: doctor slowly she is so sensitive

Doc: ok Mr Oberoi and Mrs Oberoi you are so lucky to get husband like this .

(Gauri looked at om they had eyelock )

Doc: Mr Oberoi please give this medicine to her Mrs Oberoi you should not do any work from that hand

O: ok doctor I will take care of her

(Doctor and went from there)

B: omg shrenu two digit filled

(Gauri started to laugh)

B: (eyes filled with water) shut up are you mad shrenu I cant see you in pain this is 10th times that you got hurted accident fellow down everything you know I pappa and Neil cant live with out you please because of us be careful ya

G: (eyes filled with water) you know 10 times or 100 times If I met with accident or whatever I will not die

O: stop it gauri one more word about dying then I will kill you. to save you I married you dammid

Sathiya plays

G: sorry I will not talk about it

D: we are also your family gauri we also cant see you in pain

G: I know it dadi

A: gauri take rest

( all went from there)

O: sorry

G: its ok

O:ok sleep now

G: here I will sleep on floor

O: you sleep here gauri

G: no

O: just listen to me I will sleep on recliner you sleep here only

G: ok

( She slept after some om waken up gauri was not there)

O: where she went

(He went to search her she was In terroise )

O: gauri what are you doing here

G: no simply came here

O: you know what is time now night 1clock

G: so what

O: go and sleep

G: no I want to sit here for some time

O: ok what are you thinking

G: see that bright stars one is my pappa and one is my mama whenever I will get time I am talking with them I. Share everything with them

O: so you love your parents so much

G: more you know when I was small I lost my family everything

then pappa mama adopted me they given all love to me but now I lost pappa and mama (she started crying )

O: gauri please be calm down( he wiped her tears)

G: leave it ok tell me when you are sad what you will do ..

O: actually when I was sad I am painting but now I lost my Inspiration. so I am listening music

G: waw great you like romantic or emotional songs

O: both

G: but I like dj songs

O: different who is your favourite singer ya

G: I did not have any favourite singers

Who is yours

O: I love shrenu

G: what

( Who is shrenu now )

Hi friends I am late because I am busy with my studies I hope you will like it

I am waiting for your response

?Love you all ?

?by kavita ?

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