It is love or just concern – Part 16

Morning 6 :00 clock
G:Hey Gopal Krishna karu aarti teri
Hey priyaa pati mein karun aarti teri…..…


(Everyone  waken up and came  near gods  statue )

Hey Gopal Krishna karu aarti teri
Hey priyaa pati mein karun aarti teri…..….


Hey Gopal Krishna karun aarti teri
Hey priya pati mein karun aarti teri

O: if you  wanted to  do puja then do silently why you are disturbing to us

D: om shut up gauri  give arthi to everyone

P: today we got one  cultral bahu

R: bhabhi you know I am getting up at 12: 00 clock but by your beautiful song I get up at 6 clock only  I am so happy today

A: you know I did not believe in god  but today  you made me to pray for god

S: we all are happy because of you gauri

J: we got one more bahu like anika

O:  tomorrow onwards Sing by yourself don’t disturb us

D; gauri  tomorrow onwards sing loudly

B: good morning  shrenu  but you disturbed my sleep ya

R: I am happy that I getup so early but she wanted sleep its seems

B: excusme  you know something  when ever shrenu with us we did not need alarm only

G: bhavya this to much  I am your alarm or what its my hobby no body can change it and now go get ready for  your work

B: you know something  I got 15 days leave

G: are you mad

B: I came to Mumbai after 2 years that is also because of you  so I want spend time with you

G: no work is important

B: please ri

R: ri who is this ri now

B: gauris shortcut name is ri

R: but you are calling shrenu no

B: ok I will tell full form of names gauri for cultural  dabang gauri for fighting ri for cool

R: shrenu for

G: bhavya go and fresh up

B: ok ri

(Gauri given arthi to veryone)

(All are sitting on dining table )

O: waw breakfast is very tasty

R: because breakfast made by my bhabhi

O: thank you bhabhi

S: om anika knows only  to make allow Puri this made by gauri

A: billuji

O: what  I dont want to eat it

G: excusme  you are angry on me now  why you are becoming angry on food  you know something people are without food and this was cooked by me but  former grown this they have struggled more to grow this at least give respect to them  because you already ate half of the please don’t waste it

(Om started eating
Gauri mobile started ringing )

On call

G: good morning Neil


G: she is doing breakfast


G: everything is  fine don’t take tension

N: ..

G: ok bye

B: I will die now

R: you want to die why  you got break up  with your boy friend

B: shut up ya

G: bhavya

B: sorry

G: I become mad to treat me you took 15 days leave

O: ya you are really big mad

R: o my bhabhi is not mad

O: shut up ru

G: shut up. bhavya  everyday you will get up at 5: 00 clock and then you will  put water to all plants which are there in lawn  this is my punishment

B: sorry shrenu i am just  joking ya

G: you are making fun of me

B: sorry I will get up at 5 clock and i will do all work

G: I love you baby (she hugged bhavya)

B: I love you too shrenu .

(All are confused)

O: waw now I confirmed

R: what

O: both are mads

B: we are not mad

R: then what

G: Rudy from yesterday I was sad to make me happy she did it you know it is her first leave after joining to her job because of me

B: ok  don’t be emotional today i am taking you to roam Mumbai

G: I have work

B: I took leave because of you and you have work this is bad ri

G: ok I will get ready

(Tej came there)

T: who is my daughter in law

J: tej

Tej: jhanvi where is my daughter in law i wanted to meet her

(Everyone become happy )

S: bade pappa she is gauri omkaras wife gauri this oms dad

(She took blessings )

T: always be happy

G: thank you uncle

T: why you are thanking  me I  should  says thanks to you  you given me such a wonderful gift

G: I did not given any gift for you uncle

T:  you want to see that then see there

(Shwethalana enters there   all become shocked)

T:  she is my gift  that you given me

O: Mr Oberoi

G: shut up omkaraji (  her voice make everyone  surprised because she become dabang gauri now )

G: ok uncle she is your gift that I given to you . ok bhavya I given so many  gifts to you and neil any one there with you now

B: one gift also not there with us

G: sorry uncle nobody  can’t keep my gifts  with them you know why because there use and throw for you she is my gift so she is also use and throw today you will use her and tomorrow you will throw her .

T: gauri( shouted)

G:  sorry uncle  if you become my father in law then I will give respect if you  are with this  sultanas then you will see dabang gauri

S: tej see her she came today how much she is talking

G: shut up shwethalana  I and my father-in-law talking here who are you to come middle in our matter

T: soon you will go out of this house

G: yes uncle actually  I decided it but now  first I will throw useless things then I will go outside of this house

T: we will see

G: wait for a minute you are fighting with dabang gauri so be careful if you want to know then ask your son uncle because first he met dabang gauri only

(Shwethalana and tej went from there)

J: thank you gauri

G: sorry aunty I should not talk like that with uncle

O: he deserves it and thank you

G: its ok its my duty

S: but what you are going to do gauri

B: don’t worry bhayya dabang gauri will start mission shwetlana we will help her

I hope you all liked it .sorry for there is no much rikara scenes give me your lovely comments I am waiting

?Love you all ?‏
?By kavita?

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