It is love or just concern – Part 14

Everyone sitting in the hall

Swe: good morning om baby

(She hugged om but om pushed her)

O: stay away from me

Swe: om after our marriage you are mine remember it

J: marriage is not yet over swethalana

Swe: oho sasuma everything is going happen according to my plan

G: good morning everybody

All: good morning gauri

G: you know I am very happy today because my friend  bhavya is coming

Swe: yes I am also happy because finally today I am becoming Mrs Oberoi

G: yes today is the happiest day sultana

A: what sultana nice name

Swe: my name is   shwetlana

G: sorry your name is so tough ya so I will call you sultana only.

Swe: (angrily) Gauri

Suddenly Sasha ( cat)came and  bites swethalanas leg

Swe: aahhh

G: sasha what you did ya

Swe: throw this cat outside y

G: excuse me talk nicely  and it’s your fault you became angry on me so my Sasha bit your leg  because Sasha loves me a lot  so before talking with me think ten times and now don’t waste your time  go and get ready for your marriage

Swe: I will see you later

(Swethalana went from there )

R: didi you did a great job

G: nothing I did everything my Sasha did

D: but nothing will change

G: dadi everything will be fine don’t worry

Marriage time

(Svetlana and om is sitting in a mandap )

O pov:  my life will destroy in few  minutes  and where is Gauri she  said that I am part of her life so she did not want to see this marriage

R: bhayya stop this marriage

S: I can’t do anything om is doing everything because of badimaa

R: always dadi is saying that couples are made in heaven she is a pair for om. No this cannot happen

A: I wish the same

R: I wish the girl should come and stop this marriage

A: which girl

R: the girl who born for our om

A: I wish the same


J pov: gauri where are said you will stop this marriage

(Pheras started )

B: stop this marriage
(Everyone become happy )

Swe: who are you to stop this marriage

B: you can’t see we are cops

Swe: why you are stopping this marriage

B: we have complaint against you

Swe: why

B: you are blackmailing Mr omkara to marry you

Swe: who given complaint against me

B: mrs Oberoi given complaint against you
R: thank you mom you saved oms life

Swe:(angry) jhanvi

J: I did not give any complaint the person who given complaint I thank them


Swe: Anika Pinky

AP: we did not gave any complaint.

Swe: then who is Mrs Oberoi given complaint against me

G: I have given complaint against you sultana
(Everyone shocked )

Swe: who the hell are you

G: I am Mrs Oberoi

Swe: what.

G: yes I am Mrs Omkara Singh Oberoi.

(All are shocked and also become happy)

Swe: what the hell is this omkara

G: (angry)sultan talk nicely with my husband

Swe: Omkara is not married

G: ask him only

Swe: omkara you are married

O: yes I am married

Swe: when

G: 1 year back we are married

Swe: everything is lie

G: you want proofs then see this photos ( marriage photos of om and gauri )

Swe: then why you are separate

G: because our marriage happened so fast so I. Said to omkaraji to give some time for me so he gave time for me

Swe: whatever it is now you cant stop our marriage

G: sorry sultana. He is my husband I will not give my husband to you

Swe: so what happened we made a deal according to that all omkaras shares earnings everything is mine

(Gauri started laughing )

Swe: stop it

G: all said you are so clever but i come to know that you are big mad

Swe: gauri


G: don’t shout at me

Swe: you don’t know anything everything belongs to me now

G: ok take this paper and read loudly you will come to know what is there in that paper
( Gauri gave papers to swethlana )

G: you know sultana in that paper clearly written everything belongs to omkaras wife so I am omkaras wife so everything belongs to me

Swe: what the hell


G: nothing now get out of this house

Swe: i will not leave you

G: get out

B: get out of this others wise we will arrest you

(Swethalana went out of the house )


Hi friends

Think what is next now

How is this update you liked it or no please tell me by your comments i am. Waiting

?Love you all? 
  ? By kavita?

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