It is love or just concern – Part 13

         It is love or just concern part 13

G pov : o god what I have to see omkaraji is getting married   I can’t see it tomorrow before this marriage I will leave this house

(She went outside her room to see everyone.  Rudy is near swimming pool   she went near him and sat beside him )

G: hi Rudy

R: No reply

G: Rudy what happened

R: every thing is over

G: what are you talking about

R: tomorrow is oms marriage is there

G: so what happened

R: you know didi when I was small maa and dad did not taken care of me but bhayya and om took care of me always both are protecting me and om is marrying that  shwetalana because of mom

G: (shocked). What  and why

R: because shwetalana is dad’s mistress because of that mom attempted to suicide but mom saved then om made a deal with that shwetalana that he will marry  that shwetlana

G: (shocked ). Don’t worry  shankarji will save him

R: no Didi no body can save him  you know he is good artist and also a poet but  after that incident we lost our  artist boring shayari om   then he is started to say that love is fake and it always give pain.

G: Rudy nothing will happen  shankaraji will save him its my promise

R: really didi

G: yes go and sleep now

R: goodnight didi

G: good night

(Rudy went from there )

G pov : omkaraji have that much of pain in his heart I only misunderstanded him  I should do something to stop this marriage what to do

(Gauri is passing jhanvis room she heard jhanvis voice )

J:(  oms photo) om because of me you are distroying your life  if i am not there then no body can distroy  your life sorry om your mom is leaving you god please protect my om

(She took poision bottle and  bottle is near hermouth suddenly gauri groned     Bottle from her and throwed it )

J;  leave me gauri i want to die

G: aunty just stop it aunty

J:  no gauri if i die then my om will be happy in his life

G: aunty he is doing everything to you if you die means he will also die aunty nothing will happen  aunty  please stop all this

J: you don’t know that shwetlana she will destroy my mom’s life  so I should die then he will be free from her

G: aunty I will stop this marriage don’t worry

J: how Gauri

G: you trust me, aunty,

J: yes I will trust you

G: so promise me that you will not attempt suicide

J: first tell me how will you stop this marriage

G: aunty I will promise you I will stop this marriage but don’t ask me how

J: sure

G: sure aunty

J: ok i will promise you beta i will not attempt for suicide

G: thank you aunty and i want some details

J: say what you want

G: Rudy told me its a deal deal has any   legal papers about it

J: is there gauri

G: can you give it to me

J: what is the use of it

G: give me aunty tomorrow you will get to know why i want this papers but one thing aunty you have to trust me  this is not for my happiness remember it and goodnight aunty sweet dreams

J: good night

(Gauri is going to room suddenly she saw om is sitting on the sofa she went there sat beside him)

O: why you came here

G: congrats

O: for what

G: for your marriage

O: so you are happy now

G: why not

O: because i am distroying my life so you are happy

G: no i am happy because tomorrow my friend bhavya is coming and you know god always keep tests for good persons but you have fight for it if you fight then you will get good results

O: god where is he he is not there always he destroyed my life

G: think in positive way

O: there is no positive things in my life

G: shall i tell you something you have good heart shankarji always stays in good hearts so he is staying in your heart also so he will never allow to distroy your life if anything is happening then it is for good only so be calm

O: ok i will see it tomorrow what your shankarji will do

G: ok goodnight sweet.

Precap : marriage

What gauri will stop this marriage how guess it

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