It is love or just concern – Part 1

(Part 1)
(After marriage Omkara left gauri in barely only he said that marriage is drama)

After one year

D: I wanted to see Omkaras marriage

J: yes mom I also wanted to see my oms marriage

R: but he is not ready to marry
Om came there
o:what all are you discussing

A: we all wanted to see your marriage

O: what

S: yes how many you will be alone in your life

O: no I don’t want to. Marry again

R: what again already you married

O: I mean I don’t want to do any commitment in my life again

D: don’t worry om your isqabaj will start very soon

R: yes dadi and my second bhabhi also destroy oms car like anika bhabhi did to to shivaya bhayyas car

Om suddenly remember how gauri destroyed his car and he become angry

O: shut up Rudra and I don’t want to do marriage so please all of you close this marriage

Om went from there

R: what happened to him I was just joking

D: don’t worry when he will meet his takkar ka love he will become like my billu

S: yes dadi love changes everything I wish my om should become artist om again

R: and also boring shayri om so many days over we did not listen one shayri also I am waiting for my beautiful second where are bhabhi I am your devar please come fast in my oms life

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    It is nice..

  2. Niriha

    Superb?……update next part soon

    Dear user
    Dadi Jhanvi rudy discuss about om marriage,rudy excitemen, all is nice and story is interesting too?????? waiting for next update? continue soon?
    Keep it up?
    T C A S S ?

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