Love jst happens!! Devakshi OS


Hey guys.. finally I’m back after an era, but not wid my ff but an OS. Before I write d OS, I want to tell wat I feel abt some ppl. Those ppl not only bashed our KRPKAB n Devakshi, but also hurt my frnds, which I don’t like. I won’t list their names, coz they’re not dat important..??

Someone said dat Nikita is not jst a tv serial actress, but she has also done a movie n she’s Miss Femina’s participant too.. she doesn’t know dat in d same season of Miss Femina, Erica was also there in top 10. Erica has also done a Bollywood film, Babloo Happy Hai..N many South Indian films too..they say dat it’s their hero’s second show, our hero has done 4 shows before KRPKAB, or maybe more than 4. He’s Indonesian superstar.?? N it’s not mandatory dat every hero has to be hot. Heroes can be cute n manly too. but dat doesn’t mean dat Shaheer is not hot. He’s a combo of hotness, cuteness n a well maintained physique. N we all love him??

Another one said, dat we shud feel ashamed of watching only romance all d time. Arey, if a show does not show romance, who’ll watch it!! In shows like kumkum bhagya, even if abhi n pragya r not together, Ekta Kapoor shows intense romance between them, n dats wat keeps d viewers glued to d show. It’s not d no. 1 show jst by chance. N there’s no out of limit romance in KRPKAB. Devakshi haven’t even kissed each other, not even on cheeks. No one would like to see d hero n heroine fighting like anything. Still, I don’t understand why they say,”sharam nhi aati!!”
Arey yaar, KRPKAB kahan copy kr rha h. Kya Shraman ki shaadi se pehle Suman ke ghar walon ne objection kiya tha, kya Shraman ke beech aaya third person (Aditya) positive role play kr k gaya, nhi na. Aur bhi bohot differences h. I’m sorry ab main apni bhadas ko English mein translate nhi kr sakti.
Someone said, I don’t understand why viewers like KRPKAB equally?? Arey, viewers ka kaam viewers par chhod do. Apna delicate sa dimag usmein mat ghusao. Kuch to baat hogi na KRPKAB mein, tabhi viewers ko pasand h. Time pass krne to show dekhta nhi koi. Agar tum viewers ka tv band kr sakti ho n unko bol sakti ho ki KRPKAB mat dekho, so dats UpTo u..
Uspe ye log kehte h ki in logo ne politely comment kiya. Arey, comment k start n end mein sirf sorry ka border deke Baki poore comment mein itna bura -bhala bolna, isko politeness kehte h!! Devga k dp ko aweful bola, Asmita k naam ko baar baar galat bola, arey, ye sab bohot cheap harkatein h..??
N moreover, those ppl even talked VERY RUDELY to my frnds. They insulted Priya, Asmita, Fatarajo, Devga, Chanpreet, Esme darling, Shalini n many others, which I hated. I dont like it when any random person comes n insults my frnds, dat too without any reason.

Ok, so now let’s start d OS.

A big university is shown. On d red building of d university, there is written Delhi university of commerce and science (I don’t know if there’s actually any such university). Two girls on a scooty reach d college gate. They show their identity cards to d watchman n then enter d college premises. The girl riding d scooty says,”wats wrong wid dis watchman! Y does he hv to see d I card everyday. Can’t he jst remember our faces.” The second girl says,”there r thousands of students in d university. How can he remember our faces.” The first one says,”yeah, dats also a problem. Offo! Our clg has nothing instead of problems. Huhh!” The second girl laughs at her statement.
Two handsome boys r sitting on a bike n r looking at their watch, again n again. Seems like they r waiting for someone. But for them, waiting was not dat difficult. Both of them were so fun loving n talkative, dat they never got bored. But still, they were waiting. One of them said, “these girls can never be on time”. The other said,” let me call them”. He calls d girls.
Girl: hello..
Boy: hello, where r u both?
Girl: we’re in commerce block. Where r u both?
Boy: we’re in d science block. U both come fast.
Girl: ok bye.

He cuts d call n says,” Sonakshi n Tina r jst on d way.” D other one says,” oh god, they’re still on d way!!” The first one again says,” they’re here. So jst shut up, or else today u’ll hv a breakup.” Both control their laugh as d girls had reached. Their hair flowing wid d cool breeze. They get down d scooty n d girl who was driving, comes n hugs one of d guys n says,” good morning Vikrant. Howz my baby” The boy too reciprocated to d hug n says,” I missed u a lot Tina. One day without u was like..hell.” Tina n Vikrant were in a relationship since a month. N Dev, our hero, was Vikrant’s best frnd. Sonakshi was Tina’s cousin. But both stayed in same house n so, used to come to clg together. Vikrina used to spend quality time wud each other n Dev n Sona, in order to not disturb them, used to sit at some distant place. At first, Sonakshi was hesitant to talk to Dev, as she did not know him personally. But, Vikrina used to fight at really small issues n Dev n Sona used to help them sort out their quarrels. In d process of peacemaking, they too became frnds. Good friends.
Tina asked Dev and Sonakshi to go n get some snacks n water. Sona asked Tina for d keys of d scooty. But, Tina being naughty, lied dat she lost d keys. She asked them to go on Dev’s bike n meanwhile, they’ll search for d keys. Sona refused to go with Dev on his bike. But Vikrina convinced her saying dat they were frnds n there’s nothing wrong in sitting on a bike with your frnd. Dev n Sona agreed n Dev started d bike. Sona kept her hand on Dev’s shoulder n sat on d bike. They were passing through d parking area, when Nishant, Sona’s ex-boyfriend, saw them going n he fumed in anger. Devakshi came back wid snacks n water. Vikrina said,” hope u enjoyed d ride!!” Sonakshi said,” it’s bcz of u, Tina. Couldn’t u keep d keys properly?” Dev said,” yeah. But did u find d keys?” Tina said,” ya I found it” n she winked at Vikrant. D frnds enjoyed d snacks.

Few days later, Sonakshi n Tina’s common frnd, Aliya, had created a WhatsApp group, including Vikrant, Dev, Sonakshi n 3 other frnds if Tina in d group. They were discussing abt Tina’s birthday surprise in d group. While planning Tina’s birthday surprise, Dev ans Sonakshi came really close. They used to chat on WhatsApp n in clg too, they used to leave Vikrina alone n used to talk with each other. On Tina’s birthday, after d cake cutting n lunch, all d frnds decided to go on bike rides. Dev, Vikrant n Abhishek had brought their bikes. But Sonakshi, Aliya n Tina had come in Tina’s car. The driver had also gone back wid d car. So all of them decided dat Tina, Sonakshi n Aliya would sit behind Vikrant, Dev n Abhishek respectively, on their bikes. Aliya clicked pics of Dev n Sonakshi sitting on d bike, to which Sonakshi gave an angry glare. They reached a cliff types spot from where they could see d entire city n d place was surrounded wid greenery. Vikrina were busy romancing n Aliya n Abhishek were clicking selfies. Dev n Sonakshi were walking while talking. They reached bit far from their frnds n Sonakshi was abt to fall off d cliff when Dev held her hand n pulled her back towards himself n Sona hugged him. He too hugged her tightly. Both were scared. Sona for her life, but y Dev.. Dev breaks d hug n angrily asks Sona,”can’t u walk properly. Wat would hv happened if u would hv fallen down dis cliff n..” His fear can be seen in his eyes, in d form of tears. Sona said,”it’s ok. U’ve saved me from falling.” Dev says,” wat do u mean by its ok. If something would hv happened to u then, how I would hv felt, did u ever think of it!” Sona shockingly looks at him. Dev realises wat he jst said. Sona asks him,” y do u care for me so much?” Dev does not say anything for sometime n then says,”we should go from here.” Dev leaves n Sona follows him.
It’s night n all hv come back to their home. Sona n Dev were lying on their bed in their rooms. Both of them were thinking abt each other n wat happened today. Dev thinks dat y is he so worried for Sona. He’s not so worried even for his best frnd Vikrant, then y for Sona only. Sona too thinks dat y does Dev care for her so much.
The next day, Vikrina, Devakshi n Abhiya were sitting in d clg canteen, when a girl named Purvi came near their table. All looked bit uncomfortable n Dev was jst making a disgusted face. Purvi said,” hi guys. Hi Dev.” Dev didn’t even look at her. Purvi said dat she wanted to talk to Dev. Dev ignored her n said,” Sonakshi, u wanted to go to d library right, let’s go now.” Sonakshi didn’t move, she was looking at Dev n then at Purvi. Aliya said,”Dev, atleast go n talk to her.” Dev said,” I don’t want to talk to her.” He looked at Sonakshi n said,” I’m going to d library, if u wanna come then come.” Dev starts leaving but Sona stops him n says,”I’m coming.” Purvi says to Dev,”atleast listen to me Dev.” Dev said bit loudly,” I said I don’t want to talk to u. Don’t u get dat.” Aliya n Tina too asked him to atleast talk to her. Sonakshi also said d same. At last Dev agreed to talk to her. Vikrina, Abhiya n Sonakshi went outside to let them talk.
Outside d canteen, Sonakshi was thinking abt wat Dev n Purvi will b talking. Dev n Purvi were seeing each other, but Purvi cheated him. Aliya said dat she wished Dev n Purvi come together. Tina said dat she jst wanted everything to be sorted between Dev n Purvi. Vikrant said,”wat if Dev n Purvi hv a patch up.” Abhishek said,”it would be great. Wat do u think Sonakshi?” Sonakshi faked a smile n said yeah. Deep inside, Sona thought dat if Dev n Purvi hv a patch up, she should be happy. But y is she not happy. She should be happy dat Dev will get his love back. He loved Purvi truly. She said to herself,”Dev loves Purvi. Purvi is also guilty for cheating on Dev. So it’s good if they r together again. Yeah, but y I’m not happy. I should b happy for my frnd.” A tear escapes her eyes. She goes to d washroom to wash her face. She wipes her tear n says,”I’m happy. Im very happy.” She cries again n says no I’m not happy. I’m not happy bcz..bcz I love him. I love Dev. I love him. She cries a lot with only d thought of Dev n Purvi being together again.

Here, Dev n Purvi r in d canteen. Dev says to Purvi dat whatever she wants to say, say it fast. Purvi says dat y is he behaving like dis. Dev asks her not to waste his time as he has to go to d library wid Sonakshi. Purvi asks dat y does Sonakshi always come in-between them. Y does Dev always has to ho to her. Dev says don’t drag Sonakshi in all dis. Purvi shouts y shouldn’t I?? I know her very well. She’s after u. She’s pretending to be so innocent. Where was her innocence when she ditched Nishant. Within 4 days, she got bored of him!! Dev shouts mind your tongue. She left Nishant coz she didn’t want to cheat him, like y cheated me. She didn’t love him n said yes to him only not to break his heart. N keep in mind one thing, her relationship wid Nishant is none of your business. Purvi says y, y should I not say abt dat. Jst bcz u can’t listen to d truth. Y r u so protective for her, haan!! Who is she to u?? Blo.. Dev shouts don’t!! Don’t u dare say even a word abt her. Who is she to me!! She’s my best frnd, she understands me d most, she’s d most important person to me bcz I lo.. He stops n takes a deep breath n says before I say anything wrong, jst go out of my sight. JST GO! Disgusted, Purvi leaves from there. Dev sees dat everyone in d canteen r staring at him. He leaves d canteen.
Dev’s frnds see him n ask him wat happened. He said nothing. Jst then Sonakshi came back from washroom. All saw her eyes red n asked her wat happened. She said dat something went in her eyes. Dev takes her aside n says tell d truth Sonakshi. Did u cry? Sonakshi said y will I cry. Really something went in her eyes. Dev says ok. So by now, both Dev n Sonakshi hv realised their love for each other. But both don’t hv d courage to say it.

Two months later, it’s Sonakshi’s birthday. All hv ve to her house, early morning, before she wakes up. When she wakes up, she sees Dev, Vikrina n Abhiya along wid her parents surrounding her bed. Before she could understand wats going on, all together shouted HAPLY BIRTHDAY. Sona smiles n hugs her parents n then Tina. She thanks all of them. Dev brings in d cake. They all cut d cake. Sona feeds cake to her parents, then Tina followed by Dev, Vikrant, Aliya n Abhishek. After some more enjoyment, they all leave for their home. Sona’s parents tell all of them to come to Sona’s birthday bash. All agree.
It’s evening. Vikrina hv left for hotel Star Galaxy, where Sona’s birthday bash was to be held. Abhishek had come to pick Aliya from her house. She was still getting ready. Abhishek said,”make it fast Aliya, Star Galaxy is far. It’ll take 20 mins to reach. If we get late, Sonakshi will eat us up.” Aliya comes n they both sit in d car n leave. Someone, from behind d wall, overhears their conversation n leaves. D face of d person is not shown. Abhiya reach d hotel. Sonakshi is beautifully dressed in a gown.

All wish Sonakshi n compliment her beauty. Dev is stunned by her look. He goes to Sonakshi n says dat she’ll looking gorgeous. Sona blushes n says thank u. Suddenly, d lights go off. All r worried. Then, spotlight falls on d entrance n someone comes wid a cake n bouquet. Sona is shocked to see his face. Sona says wat r u doing here Nishant? He says it’s your birthday Sona. I had to come. Dev says jst go from here Nishant. Nishant slightly pushes Dev n says jst back off. Nishant says Sona, I’ve brought your favorite cake, mixed fruit jelly cake. U love it na. I wish u loved me too. Sona says Nishant, don’t create a scene here. N plzz go from here. Thanx for d cake, but plzz I can’t take it. Take your cake n go, plzz.” Nishant says,”I’ll leave, but first plzz cut dis cake.” He holds her hand n says,”plzz Sonakshi, I love u. Plzz do atleast dis much for me.” Sona shockingly looks at his hand holding her hand. Dev fumes seeing dis n separates their hands. He grabs Nishant’s collar n says, she does not want u here, can’t u get that. Nishant’s pushes him off himself. He moves towards Sonakshi, but Dev pushes him n he falls on d ground. They start fighting. Everyone tries to stop them, but in vain. At last, Sonakshi goes n drags Dev aside. She shouts, wats wrong wid both of u! Y r u both fighting like insane. Jst stop it. Nishant comes to Sona, but before he could say anything, Sona says, Nishant, jst go. Plzz dont spoil my birthday n go from here. Nishant says, but Sonakshi.. Sona cuts him off n says, I beg u Nishant, plzz go. Vikrant n Abhishek throw Nishant out of d hotel. Sonakshi sits on a chair n cries cupping her face wid her palms. All try to console her. Dev comes n sits on his knees, in front of Sona, n says, Sonakshi plzz dont cry. I’m sorry Sonakshi. I shouldn’t hv fought wid him n spoiled your birthday. Plzz forgive me Sonakshi. Dev signals all others to leave them alone. All leave them alone n stand aside. Dev removes Sonakshi’s hands from her face n wipes her tears. He holds her hands n says, Sonakshi, plzz dont cry. I can’t see tears in your eyes. I can’t see u crying. Sonakshi looks at him wid questioning eyes. Dev says, it’s bcz I..I love u Sonakshi. I really love u. N I couldn’t control my anger when dat bas**rd held your hand. I’m sor.. Sonakshi cuts him off saying, shhh..don’t say sorry Dev. It’s not your fault. U didn’t all dis for me only..bcz u love me. N I.. Dev says, n u?? Sonakshi too sits on her knees n hugs Dev n whispers in his ears, I love u too. Dev hugs her tighter. Both of them get up n Dev kisses Sona on her cheeks. Their frnds cheer up seeing dis. Dev again hugs Sona. Still hugging, he lifts her up n rotates her (it’s so easy for him, after all he’s so tall?) Their frnds too hug them (group hug). Sona cuts d cake n feeds d first bite to Dev. Devakshi hug again.

Five years hv passed. Dev n Sonakshi hv built their career. They hv got married wid d approval of their families. Two years hv passed since they r married. Dev is pacing outside d operation theatre in a hospital. The doctor comes out wid a newborn baby in his hand n says, congratulations Mr Dixit, it’s a girl. Dev takes his daughter in his hand. He kisses her on her forehead. Sonakshi is shifted to d ward. Dev comes inside wid his daughter in his arms. Sonakshi takes her in her arms. Dev kisses Sonakshi’s forehead n says thank u Sona. The screen freezes on Dev n Sona, both kissing their daughter on her cheeks.

Oh god, it was a long one!! So guys, did u like it. I hope I get more Yes’s than No’s. N I also want to know your opinion on Sona. Do u think Sona was right, in Nishant’s matter?? Plzz let me know through your comments..bye guys..

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  1. Rj12

    amazing aaru????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Rj

  2. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee Aarti❤️????❣???????❣?????❤️❤️❤️❤️????
    Let those People say anything we shouldn’t talk about them they are not important in our lives?
    Di when are u posting ur ff I want to read it ?

    1. Aaru

      Aww..Thanx Manya..I’ll post my ff soon..I’m vry happy dat u wait for my ff??

  3. Areyyyy…..WHAT AN OS YAARRR…..maja aa gya…lovely…..awesome…..wonderful….aur kya bolu main….shabd nai hai yaar….

    Aur bhai jo upar itna kuch likha h tumne??????????????????


    AGAR tum mujhe abhi mil jaao toh ek tight hug karungi mein tumhe……
    None of us said anything but felt very bad….i toh left the page for few days but failed to stay away….and came again….
    People keeps on speaking…and it is needed just to IGNORE them….they donno na…what SHARICA is….how wonderful, good looking and talented they are……
    Cheap harkatein karne se KRPKAB ko kya fark pad gya….LOG AAYE…BAKWAASSS KI…..AUR CHALE GYE…..humein kya farak pada…

    Par yaar badi badi baatein bohot ho gyi….ek baat last mein bolti hu…



    and again….


    1. Aaru

      Thanx Shalini..N actually hum ko n KRPKAB ko koi fark nhi pada..dekho hamara show kitna accha chal rha h..unka to band hone wala h..badi badi batein kr k kya mila..baba ji ka thullu??

  4. Asmita...

    Love you Aaru… Its a grt one…. Tumne unwanted logon ka achha band bajaya….. And the OS…. It is superrrrrrbbbb as our Devakshi….. ???????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Asmita..N un logo ko mirror dikhana zaruri tha..they jst can’t insult my frnds..N KRPKAB supporters.

  5. Sharica

    It was a very nice story. Loved it. It was amazing. But Aaru I didn’t understand what u told. I mean u told that some people told bad about our friends. What did u mean?

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your comment dear..N u jst read d comments on KRPKAB n EDKV page of 15 n 16 September..u’ll get to know d entire matter..they’re insane man!!

  6. Simplesweety1

    OMG! It Was Awsm! I Loved It! And Gande Logo Ko Ignore Karo! Un Logo Ki Himmat Kaise Huyi Yeh Sabh Mere Friends Bhi Hai! 🙁 Sabhme Complaint Hi Karni Aati Hai Aise Logo Ko!

    1. Aaru

      Hmm..sahi bola tumne..well jisko jo bolna h bole, hum to KRPKAB n Devakshi ko last episode tak..nhi nhi, show khatam hone k baad bhi support karenge, haina..N comment krne k liye thanx..

      1. Simplesweety1

        Its Ok! 😀

  7. Amazingly Awesome

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Ali..

  8. Angel20

    Awesome OS!! Loved it thoroughly????????? please be back with such amazing stories??

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Maria..N I hv many stories in mind..all I need us enough time to write..

  9. Erina

    Awesomeeeee aaru ???????????????it was awesome, commendable, amazing, lovely, heart touching OS. Wooooow dear u have stolen my words see i’m speechless now ?????. So when u r going to post ff….
    Nd i think sona was right nd ur OS will definitly get only likes bcse it deserve only likes
    Anyway when i read ur views on whatever had happened. I truely enjoyed and loved d way u described. One more thing dear –
    “I don’t think people comes in our life accidiently, they comes in our life for a reason ” d thing is that we have to see it in different way….
    Firstly i was also angry on that fellow but after some time i realise that what ever mess that fellow had created through that we all come more close to each other . I got more frnds nd i learnt that whatever situation comes we all r together . Is’nt it so…..
    With loads of love
    @ Erina

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for commenting Erina..N in your comment, each n every word is correct n true..

  10. Superb!!! U write so well….Just loved ur os sooo much!!!!!!

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Niki..

  11. Sakthi wart awesome,lovable os aaru dr..i loved every part of tis..u are a amazing writer ..i liked the story very much..and tat nishant who cares.we want nly devakshi..
    One more dear first i dnt know about what u r talking but i am thinking whether such people are there to hate krpkab..but i love one and only devakshi ..i dnt know about any other serial..
    Love u dr for the love towards ur frnds..

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Sakthi..N it’s good if u don’t know d matter..warna tumhare dimag ka dahi ho jata..u wud hv gone crazy..I mean romantic serial dekhne mein kyu sharam ayegi..

  12. Dhira

    ?? amazing awesome
    Story is superb
    I don’t know how to express
    Ur are great writer
    Thanks for amazing OS
    Lots of love ????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Dhira..your comment raised my standard..

      1. Dhira

        How did my comment raised your standard dear ur amazing writer ur on mountain peak dear

    2. Aaru

      Thanx dear?

  13. Awesome episode…..

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Princess..

  14. Yashfeen ws an amazing OS..mre clse to a realistic one whr frns chatting on whatsapp…cool
    D frndshp u shw ws jst too gud…d trio couples wer perfect..obviously devakshi is best among dem..
    At night wid fast moving winds tat to on d top of a cliff frm whr u cn c d whle city….it mst be mre than beautiful tat too wid d partner u love besides too…quite romantic
    Well it ws a perfect one n plzzz do write mre lyk ds…will b waiting..

    1. Aaru

      U seem vry romantic..N thanx for commenting. I’ll surely write some more..

      1. Yashfeen

        Is it so..may cliff n ol attracts me as its part of nature..n normally we ol r in love wid nature as well as if thrs some1 present who care n undrstand u thn tat place becomes heaven..

      2. Yashfeen

        n ya DU ( delhi university ) is thr n comprises of no. of colleges wch offer random courses…

    2. Aaru

      Oh..I didn’t know dat..Thanx for telling..?

  15. Bhoomi

    Superb Aru…. This is very sweet one….. 😉
    Dont pay attention to otheres words….. Logo ka kam hota hai baataine karne ka…..
    Also post next episode of your ff soon…. lots of luv… and sorry for late comment… 🙂 :)… :kissing_heart:

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Bhoomi n ill try to post really soon..don’t say sorry for late comment

  16. Aaru…it’s was superb…..????☺️????????????☺️????…….and fantastic……seriously loved it. And about ur start one bharas……I will say one thing that what they say we shouldn’t care….we love Devakshi and KRPKAB and we will be loving but if they insult someone then….they all should be taught a lesson……I loved the way to taught them also ???

    Waiting for ur ff

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Maleeha..for commenting, supporting n waiting for my ff..

  17. Esme

    U r right. They wrote bad things between two Sorry…first one on d top n second one on d end. This is nt done first they speak without thinking twice n then say sorry. I was nt here so I don’t know what exactly happened. Leave all these…show dil ko chu lenr wala hai tabhi toh mere jaisi ladki jo serials se door bhagti hai ye show dekh rahi n hai n I m having crush on Dev….hehehe….I like the dialogues of this show very very much.
    Coming to OS…u wrote it very well. Every single word carefully chosen n yeah one thing I m unable to read FF on a regular basis so sometimes I miss reading urs so plz plz can u keep sending me links of the OS n FF u write frm d next time ???

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Esme darling..I’ll surely send d links..

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