The love journey of Anshi,Gaurika,somudra&Pranveer – 5.

Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments Friends.Keep commenting friends if u like my FF.Welcome to my FF new friends.U can share ur feelings.
Thanks for ur comments Friends,
& Aahlada.
The story starts :
Anika opens the door and pour water on shivay’s face.
Shivay says what the wuck? anika.
Anika : Aap yaha kyo aayi hai shivay?Aap apne aapko samjhathae kya hai?
Shivay : Can i come inside first!
Anika : Aayi yae na iskae liyae bhi shubh muharath nikhalu kya?
(Come inside for this also,now i must see good time in calender or what?)
Shivay : Kitna bolthi hai tu thaki nahi jawoghi?
(How much will u speak?Don’t u get tired!)
Anika : Leave these all things!What u want to speak with me? bagad billa nahi bagad billu.
Shivay : I am so sorry anika mera intensions tumhae hurt karnae ki nahi tha!
Anika : Maela bhajh gayi, band bharath nikhal gayi, aap abh aakhar sorry bol raha hai wah Kanji ankhon wala bagad billa maharaj.
Shivay : what do u mean?Please anika come back.I won’t want to loose u!
Anika :Aap ka Matlab kya hai?
Shivay : I mean i don’t want to loose a hard worker like u!
Anika : Aap shivay singh oberoi hai.It’s not a big deal for u to bring hard worker like me.
Shivay : Enough u won’t listen in soft manner until i show u tadi.
Anika : Come on show ur tadi!
Shivay pulled her closely and she closed her eyes he slowly whisper in her ears”Anika sorry for what all i did?i can’t change the facts what all happened?from 1st to till now all our meetings starts with fight and ends with fight.But now i want to stop all fights and become friends.If i hurt u i am sorry.
Anika : She saw his eyes full of tears and she understands every word coming under from his heart.He about to leave,but anika stops him and says it’s ok billuji and she smiles and forgives him.
Shivay : Thank u so much.I am feeling better now,finally u give ur khidkitodh smile.
Anika : Wah billuji.U r copying my language.
Shivay : Ur language showed lot of effect on me.
Please my maa try to speak in normal way.
Anika : Now one thing i want to tell u shivay.If any thing happened between us give one chance to explain it.Don’t imagine in ur own world & don’t think u r always right.If u had any doubt on me come and ask me straightly.
Because some times we see the things the actual fact is different than our eyes shows us.
Shivay : I am sorry behalf of swetlana.Trust me i won’t know any thing.Even i apologize.Will u forgive me.
Anika : How did u come to know?what all happened shivay?
Shivay : In that room C.C camera is fixed.All Camera photages and videos are connected to my laptop.When i suppose to do work i saw video and i understand swetlana lied to me.
Anika : Will u be my friend shivay!
Shivay : Yah from now on wards we r friends.
But one thing no secrets between us will u accept my friend ship.
Anika : Ok deal sing oberoi.
Shivay : Now u give me new name anika.
Anika : Yes.
Shivay : Ok then.
Anika : Pinky promise. Shivay from now onwards we r friends.
Shivay : Now, what is this pinky promise?
Anika : Anika show him how to do pinky promise.
Shivay : ok fine.Pinky promise.See ur face ur eyes & cheeks r red like u ate mirchi.
Anika : This is all because of that cheapdi swetlana.
Shivay : Leave it don’t talk about her and don’t spoil the good climate.I forgot to say u deal is our’s.
Anika : Congratulations.I only forgive u because u cover my face no one sees me.
Shivay : Thank u.Let’s end this matter.
Anika : Ok.
” It takes time to introduce Gaurika and Rumya part”.After shivika marriage i will introduce them.I will bring Shivika marriage part soon
“Precap : Shivay shifted anika’s job to oberoi mansion.Anika feels happy.She meets om and rudra within few min’s they all become good friends”.

Bye for now ,
Your’s lovingly sakash.
Keep smiling have a good day.

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