The love journey of Anshi,Gaurika,somudra & Pranveer – 9..(Shivay happy & Tia’s entry).

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The story starts :
Shivay : u love om anika.
Anika : what?
Shivay : u love om na?
Anika : Anika at first shocked to peaks & laughs madly and left.
Shivay says this pagal ladki bhi na without answering she left.
After some time anika,om&ru comes together to shivay room :
Shivay : u all here.
Anika : om say to shivay na we love each other.
Om : ya shivay i love anika.
Shivay shocked to peaks and says what?When?
Rudra : i too love anika.
Shivay : what u too?
Anika,om&rudra at a time burst into laughter seeing shivay expressions.
Om : how u think shivay i love anika.
Shivay : what?tell me clearly om.
Om :yes i love anika as my best friend.
Anika : yes i too love om as my best friend.
Rudra : yes i too love anika di as my best di.
Shivay is happy and on cloud 9.
Shivay : u 3 shocked me.Wait i will see u all.
Anika,om&rudra r running.
Shivay catches anika.Both share an eye lock.

He pinned her to wall and caresses her hair.Anika closes her eyes and feeling the touch.
Suddenly om&ru stops running.
Om&ru coughs.
Shivika came to their senses.
Rudra : lagtha hai shivay bhai loves anika di!
Shiv&om : Shut up rudra.
Anika left the place.

Pool area :
Om : how u think shivay i love anika.We all 3 promise each other.We won’t hide any thing between us.
Shivay : im sorry om.I just ask her casual.
Om : we r best friends not lovers.
Shivay : shivay is happy that omika r not lovers. ok baba,sorry.
Om : i saw tears in ur eyes,when i say i love anika.U love anika shivay?
Rudra : i am agree with om,me too bhaiyya.
Shivay : no om&ru.
Om : u can lie with us shivay,but ur eyes can’t lie, ur eyes clearly shows u love her.
Anika stands a side & listening to their conversation.
Shivay : no om i am not loving her.U forget om i am going to marry tia.That too next week is our marriage.
Om : don’t give pain to ur heart shivay don’t listen to ur mind just once listen to ur heart.

For u Tia & ur’s marriage is business deal.
Shivay : tia is perfect girl for me om.
Om : u still didn’t change ur ideology of naam,
Shivay : om i never & ever can’t change my ideology.
Anika left that place with teary eyes.
Rudra : please shivay bhaiyya don’t marry that universe ki dukhaan bhaiyya.
Shivay : om&ru please end this topic here.U two know i love u both more than any one in the world.I agree ur each & every decision but not this.
I hope my brothers with me in my every decision.
Om : if u r happy i and rudra too happy with ur decision shivay.We just want ur happiness.
Shivay eyes become wet seeing his brother’s love for him.
We r with u Shivay.
Shivay calls om&ru.They share an hug.
They all share an oberoi moment.
After some time Shivay says all for one.Om&ru says one for all.
All at a time says all for one and one for all.
Precap : Tia’s entry.Shivika marriage soon.
Now all give ur khidkithod smile & comments.
Sorry for short update on yesterday.

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  12. Sakash.

    Thanks for ur comments friends,sisters&brothers.Love u all.
    Sorry for late update i will pist it on monday.

  13. Sakash.

    Thanks for ur comments friends,sisters&brothers.Love u all.
    Sorry for late update i will post it on monday.

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