The love journey of Anshi,Gaurika,somudra & Pranveer – 6.

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The Story starts:
Anika’s entry to oberoi mansion :
Shivay : So u came.
Anika : Don’t worry today i am on time shivay.
Shivay : So from today u work in oberoi mansion
Anika : ok boss.
Shivay : U started again.
Dadi : Anika puttar kaisae ho?
Anika : Teak hoon dadi.She takes dadi’s blessings.
Dadi : Anika puttar billu, tumhae yaha ghar shanti pujja ki arrangements kae liya bhulaya.Tum karogena puttar.
Anika : Bilkul karunghi dadi u don’t please me, dadi u just order me.
Dadi : Dadi laughs and says teak hai anika puttar abh main mandhir chalna hai chalti hoon.Baadh mae milthi hoon.
Anika : ok bye dadi.
Shivay : ok u understood every thing.So i am leaving to office now.Bye anika.
Anika : Bye shivay.

Om,Rudra&Anika masti time :All knows well before as prinku friend.But they won’t meet properly.
Om : Hai anika.
Anika : Hai om.
Om : what r u doing?prinku went to college.
Anika : I am not here for prinku.I am here for arranging ghar shanti pujja.
Om : oh so u r here for pujja arrangements.Any ways anika i am omkara u can call me om.
Rudra come between and says i listen all ur conversation.
Rudra : Anika i will call u anika didi u call me rudra.
Anika : ok i will call omkara as om and u as rudra my sweet brother.
Om : Come on anika we will sit on pool side.
Rudra : Yes di come.
Anika : Ok.
Om : Rudra ,where is shivay?
Rudra : I don’t know om!
Anika : Woh tho office gayi.
Omru : They smile and says woh u mean shivay.
Anika : Wahi shivay!Kanji ankhon wala bhagad billa.
Omru : They cup their mouth and says u call shivay like this!
Anika : hah!

Omru : How u know shivay?
Anika : I will tell u story.She starts first he throw money on my face i break car’s glass and throw money back on his face,after we met on road he dashed my champa i throw gobar on him.I will stop here lambi kahani hai.
Om : Shivay said to me and rudra about u but we won’t know exactly who is champa.If u don’t mine who is champa?
Rudra : Hah om,bhaiyya didn’t tell us about champa.Tell me na anika didi.
Anika : oh bete ki,tum dono ko champa nahi pata.Champa meri scooter hai.
Omru : What?u keep name to things!
Anika : hah i keep names to things u know chameli?
Om : who is this chameli now?
Rudra laughs and says i think chameli is anika didi’s friend!
Anika : Nahi rudra woh mera chappal hai!
Omru laughs and they all spent a lot of time on pool side.
Suddenly shivay comes on pool side and laughs
because om&ru never talk to any one freely other than shivay.First time they r happy with anika.
Shivay : omru&anika u r here.
Anika stands with jerk seeing shivay she about to fall in pool.

I want all ur help.I read about “Os competition”
Conducted by priya-24. But i am not geeting one shot we must complete story i.e..we must write all story once and we must submit.Please tell me about this?and give ur comments.

Precap : Anika about to fall but omkara holds her.Omika had an eye lock.Shivay feels uncomfortable.Rudra laughs.
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