The love journey of Anshi, Gaurika, somudra & Pranveer- episode 4

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Story starts :
Shivay : Anika wear this red colour new bridal outfit and come out.Do fast i don’t have time.
Anika : Please shivay i can’t wear this outfit.Because i am simple,self respect girl.I don’t want expose to outside world.I want to be just like anika.She cries badly.
Shivay : Ok don’t cry.U must think before when u did all this drama.U know if u won’t present that outfits i will loose 100 crores deal.
Anika : For u it’s 100 crores deal shivay for me it’s my self respect.I am not a cheapdi like that svetlana.Please leave me Shivay please…please…

Shivay : Enough…..i listen to u.Much time wasted.Now u will wear it or i will make u wear.
I hope u will wear on ur own.
Anika : She fell down with broken tears in pain.

Shivay make her stand.
Shivay : Now u will see my another shade.Come on i will make u wear that outfit.
Anika : Please stop shivay.I will wear outfit on my own.
Shivay : Shivay made his signature step and says in this room there is another dressing room go there and wear it.Come fast i will wait for u.
Anika : It was a same bridal outfit(Red bridal outfit she wears on ishqbaaz).
Shivay : Shivay got a call it was khanna.Hello khanna is every thing fine.

Khanna : Sir actually u said me that one male model accompany with female model for one shot but last second he quitts.I try my best sir even i offer double amount.He cuts the call.
Shivay : What the wuck? after some time shivay call servant and tell him to bring bride dress.
Servant : Sir,this is ur dress.He gives and left.
Shivay : He wears the white bride outfit(White
bride outfit he wears same in ishqbaaz).

Anika : Comes out.She saw shivay and shocked.
But she won’t speak single word.
Shivay : He shocked seeing anika.She was looking beautiful.But he saw her eyes and cheeks are red.He goes near her and cover her face with gunghat(goonghat without seeing her face).Shivay says u won’t like to expose ur face so i cover ur face.I can only fulfill ur 1 wish but i can’t send u out.

Anika : I am happy now atleast my face won’t visible to any one.She hugged shivay and says thanks.Shivay reciprocate the hug.What i did? i won’t forgive him after what he had did with me?she suddenly give jerk and apart from him.
All done perfectly.Shivay deal got finalised.

Shivay got to know every thing he feel bad for anika.
Anika : Anika got back to dressing room and she
changed her clothes and left to her home.
Shivay for apologize comes to anika’s home:

Shivay : Anika open the door.Why did u resign in angry tone he asked her.
Anika : Meri marzi hai aap hotae kaun ho mujhsae puchnae wala kanji ankhonwala bhagad billa.
Shivay : If u won’t open the door i will break and come in side.
Anika : She opens the door and pour water on his face.

Precap : Anika takes her resignation letter back and also forgives shivay after what all he had done with her.

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  1. Sairan

    Nyccc one
    BT let shivay struggle to convince Anika

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    Nice one dear…

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    Hey it’s awsm yaar..

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    Fab updt

  6. Wow…. Suddenly wat happen to anika….. What about to gaurika n rumya part… I want all three parts dear…. Waiting for the next one….. Post it soon

  7. Loved it di. ??

  8. Arthi

    Superb dr……. All those scenes remind me of their Marriage sequence awwwwwwwwe thank you dr…

  9. Nice….really loved it…update nxt part soon

  10. Sakash.

    Love you all.Thanks for your comments friends.Keep commenting if u like my FF.U can share ur feelings.welcome to my FF new friends.
    Sairan ( Hah u r right he must convince her),Nitikajai29,Dhar,Haridhra,Alekhika
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    Heyy Mr.. I want long episodes ?? cuz I seriously can’t wait that much fr the further more parts..?? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Update Sooon..

  12. Nice

  13. Hey!!!! it’s AWESOME…. But make it longer waiting 4 nxt….

  14. Nice one…I read previous part the day before n it’s aeed dear keep going

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  16. Gayathri.visu

    Fantastic…. I loved it! It remembers me Shivika’s marriage episode. Update next part very soon bro! Plzzzzz….

  17. Sakash.

    Hi i am SaKash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments friends.Keep commenting if u like my FF.Welcome to my FF new friends.
    U can share ur feelings.
    Silver fish trex(Ok Miss i will give u long updates now please smile),FFFan1234, Banita(ok friend from next i will give long updates now please smile),Madhuani(Thank u),Niriha,Gayathri.visu(I will update soon my dear sweet sister).

  18. Sorry for commenting late hope you’ll forgive me bro actually I read your ff yesterday night itself but don’t know why the comment was not posted
    Episode is fantastic asual n u reminded me the old tadibaaz SSO enthusiastically waiting for next part post ASAP

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    Thanks for ur comment.

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