The love journey of Anshi, Gaurika, somudra & Pranveer- episode 3

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Part – 1.
Part – 2.

The story starts :
Shivay : I hope u understand.
Anika : If u don’t mine,Can i say some thing billuji.
Shivay : First call me shivay sir or sir don’t dare to call me billuji.
Anika : Ok sir.Now can i say.
Shivay : Start.
Anika : I design 2 bridal out fits.If u like i will show u.
Shivay : Ok.Show me.Do u got that outfits now?
Anika : Nahi hai u gayi champa mae u aayi.
Shivay : Who is this champa now?
Anika : Billuji ! oops Sorry! Sir,aapki dimaagh kitna kamjhor hai.Aaap kaehtha hai aap roj almonds kathae hai.Aarae champa meri scooty hai.
Shivay : Woh i am S.S.O.I just think about business not non sense things.Did u got it?
Anika : sir don’t call my Champa as nonsense.
Shivay : He hold her hand and says,what will u do?
Anika : I will call u Billuji.
Shivay : No go and get outfits.
Anika : After 15 min she came and show outfits.
Shivay : It’s stunning and perfect.In excitement he hugged her and says thank u so much anika.
Anika : she shocked and says o bete ki.Billuji i can understand please leave me.
Shivay 🙁 In mind )what i did?In excitement i hugged u.Sorry for inconvenience.
Anika : It’s ok.
Shivay : Ok now outfits are ready.So i will call svetlana.She will present outfits.
Anika : ok then i will leave now.I did ur work.
Shivay : U must wait until photo shots.After all u worked hard.Photo shot will be in 1 hour.
Anika : So i will wait!

Svetlana’s entry :
Shivay : Hai svetty nice to see u.He hugged her side and says,Thanks for coming soon without any complaints.
Anika ( In her mind) : Kitna baesharam ladki hai yae kaise hug kar raha hai dekh billuji ko!Ek dum cheapdi.Oh bete ki why i am thinking much.If they both don’t have any problem why should i?
She leaves from that place.
Svetlana : It’s okay darling.For u i can do any thing.
Shivay : What do u mean?
Svetlana : I mean we r friends.
Shivay : Go and get ready svetty,outfits r ready.
Svetlana : ok darling i will see u later.
Shivay : Anika.What r u doing here.Svetlana went to get ready.Anika listen i want every thing perfect.So go and give her juice.
Anika : ok shivay.I promise every thing will be perfect according to ur choice.
Shivay : First time she calls him shivay.It sounds sweet.Shivay says hey anika listen call me shivay.
Anika : With smile, ok shivay.She take juice and left to svetlana’s room.She saw svetlana and says mam ur juice.
Svetlana : Give it to me.While taking she stamps on her leg.
Anika : ouch…
Svetlana : U stupid duffer can’t u see and walk.U spoils my 1 lakh dress.Shit i won’t leave u.
Anika : Hey over make up ka dukhan.U stamp on my leg.That’s the reason i pour it.
Svetlana : Now i am quitting.I won’t do photoshot.She left angrily.Anika says sorry.She left the place angrily.
Anika : Please stop svetlanaji.
Shivay : What happens svetty?Till now u r not ready and were r u going and why r u angry?
Svetlana : shivay she narrates whole story and says i am quitting. He try to stop her but she left.
Shivay got angry.He saw anika in room.He locked the door and says anika.
Anika turns.Shivay holds her tightly.Anika says shivay it’s paining please leave me.

He pulled her on bed and he holds her neck and says listen because of u svetty left.
Now u will present outfits. Anika says no.I cant do this!Please leave me shivay.
Now u will wear outfits or i will make u wear.
Anika says listen shivay i won’t did any thing.Let me explain!Shivay says just shut up or else u will see my another shade.
(Anika won’t like modeling or fashion.She is a simple and self respect girl).
Anika try to run but shivay holds her and warns her.She wore outfit all make up was done beautifully and she’s looking gorgeous.But her eyes and cheeks are red.

Precap : All praised shivay’s presentation.Anika resign the job.Shivay got angry.He went to anika’s house.Anika pour water on his face.

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    Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments Friends.Keep commenting if u like my FF.U can share ur feelings if u like my FF.
    Thanks for your comments Friends.
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    Hi i i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments Friends and welcome to my FF new Friends.U can share ur feelings.
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    Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for your comments Friends.keep commenting if u like my FF.Welcome to my FF new friends.U can share your feelings.
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