The love journey of Anshi, Gaurika, somudra & Pranveer- episode 2 (I want all your help to choose mahi’s pair ).

Hi i am Sakash.Glad to meet u all.Thanks for ur comments.Love u all.U can share ur feelings.
If u like my FF comment me Friends.
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Annanyabitha,Dhar,Sagithya,Ahaana,Aashi,B.K.maha,Arthi,Alekhika20,Nitika,Banita & Niriha.

Story starts :
Shivaay : Is the presentation ready!
Khanna : No sir.Actually secretary is on leave sir that’s the reason shakti sir appoint new girl.
Shivay : What the wuck?She take how many leaves in a month she took 5 leaves adding this 6.Now she is testing my patience.Khanna send her resignation letter and tell her to resign job.And also send 10 lakhs blanck check.Is it clear.
Khanna : Yes sir.
Shivay : khanna one more thing.Bring my new secretary within 5 minutes.I don’t have much time and only 1 week left.
Khanna : Yes sir.I am leaving.

Khanna call shakti.Shakti says every thing about her.Khanna leaves.
Khanna brings secretary to shivay’s office:
Khanna : Khanna shows shivay’s cabin.Mam please go to that cabin.
Secretary : Thanks.
Secretary entry :
Secretary : She knocks the door.
Shivay : come in.
Secretary : I am the one.Shakti sir appointed me.
Shivay : Ok i know all your qualifications are good.Dad said me.Shivay won’t see her till now.What’s your name Miss?
Secretary : I am Anika.
Shivay : What?he saw her face.Before that he met her in temple she’s prinku friend,she breaks car’s mirror,she throw money on his face.He lost in his world of recollecting past incidents.
Anika : Do u have any problem with my name?

Shivay :Tum?
Anika : Aap?(Because anika too won’t see shivay’s face.He stands near window).
Shivay : How dare u to come to my cabin.
Anika : Woh bete ki!agar pata chalta toh nahi aata.
Shivay : So go now.(In mind u don’t have any option Shivay now stop her).He says hay u listen.
Anika : Call me anika.

Shivay : Ok anika.I always respect my dad words he appointed u.So come on i will explain u about my presentation.
Anika : Ab thak to badi tadi dikhayi!
Shivay : Cant u talk normal.What’s this weird language.Mind ur language u r talking to shivay singh oberoi. Any ways just stop it.
Anika : Theek hai.Mujhe aapkae saath dish hoom dish hoom nahi karna hai.

Shivay : what this dish…ho.I know dhoom movie song but what this word?
Anika : Woh bhi nahi patha iska matlab hai.Two people will fight with each other matlab Two people kick on their face with badae gloves kae saath.
Shivay : U mean kick boxing.He laughs.

Anika : Hah wahi.
Shivay : I will explain now.Already my presentation completed.Now i must present 4 outfits for bridal.Actually already 2 completed now 2 remains.U must help me to design 2 outfits.
Anika : Ok.

Precap : All 4 outfits are ready.Unexpectedly anika pour juice on the model who will present bridal outfit.Model got angry and she left.Shivay got angry.Anika cries badly.He made anika to wear 4 out fits and present her infront of media.

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  1. Sairan

    Amazingggggg fabbbbbbbb

  2. Niriha


  3. Alekhika20

    Amazing updt

  4. Hey did you asked match for mahi then disha parmar will be nice I think

  5. Amazing episode.
    Please make the episode a bit longer?
    U can try surbhi jyoti opposite mahi?
    Post soon

  6. Awesome dear… Waiting for the next episode… Post it soon

  7. Awesome epi dr…. But it’s too short make it lnger….

  8. Sakash.

    Some friends names are not printed properly.So i will give their names B.k maha,Arthi,Alekhika20,Nitika and Banita.
    Thanks for ur comments.

  9. Sakash.

    Hi i am sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments.
    Sairan,Niriha,Alekhika 20,Aahlada,Sofia.S, & sagithya.
    I will give 3 options.Please pick one for mahi.
    1)Surbhi jyothi.
    2)Irika fernandes.
    3)Nikita dutta.
    If any one see my FF or my comment.Please share ur feelings and pick one.

    1. Haridhra

      In these 3 I will definitely choose Surbhi.. I hope everyone will like her..??

    2. Hey surbhi jyothi ot nikita dutta

  10. Awesome. Surbhi jyothi is suitable for mahi

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Hi Sakash.
    Amazing ff! I liked it. Can u plz give prev epi links for every parts?

    Mahi’s pair, I suggest Disha parmar. I like Adi-Panguhri pair in PKDHMMPP.

  12. AMAZING…………waiting for ur next update eagerly……..and I choose surbhi jyothi for mahi……I wanted to ask a question….are u a girl or a guy ? if ur a girl will u like to be my di ? or if ur a guy would u like to be my bhai ? I am 13……….

  13. Haridhra

    Hello its awsm yaar… ☺☺

  14. Sakash.

    Hi i am sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments.Keep commenting if u like my FF.
    Thanks For mahi’s pair.Some says Surbhi and some Disha parmar and 1 nikita.Ok thank u so much.Mahi’s character i will introduce later.
    Thanks for ur comments. Welcome to my FF my dear new friends.
    Haridhra,Aahlada,Dwet,Gayathri.vishu,Aas–hi (hello my sweet sister aashi i am ur bhai.U can share ur feelings sweet heart).

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