Love, Jealousy And betrayal (Swasan TS) by Isha Shot-1


Sanskar Maheswari : Son of Sujjata n Ram Maheswari.. The only Heir of Maheswari Empire.. He is pampered by each n evry member of his family… He loves his family a Lott. . Loves his WIFE SWARA… Bt After swara’s arrival of his life everything got changed ….?????

Swara Sanskar Maheswari : Loves sanskar more than anything… She is bubbly n full of life.. All Maheswaris treates her as a daughter… After she came in MM she took place of sanskar in each n evry famly members heart.. Famly members strt to pampare her more Dan sanskar … Never let her to to work… She loves her in laws a lottt..

Shot . 1 (LOVE)

A grl was sitting near the beach.. She was throwing something on the water.. Her face was glowing in the moon light.. It seems she is waiting for someone as she was watching her wrist watch continuesly while murmuring something… Her big hazelnut eyes were showing tht she was burning in anger…Her long black hairs were flowing in the air which was making her more irritate.. Each n evry two mins she locks her hairs behind her ears…. She was continuesly blabbering something…

Grl : God ji where the hell is he… Always late… Never came on time…Today surely he will b dead by my hands… (Smirks)Ur so lucky Mr.Sanskar Maheswari ur going to die with my hand today. With Swara Sanskar Maheswari’s hand…

While she was continuesly cursing sanskar someone come from behind n places his palm on her eyes…she just pinches his hand so hard the he scream in pain. ..(I knw u all may guessed rite its non other Dan sanskar)

Sanskar : (screams in pain) Ahhhhh!!!! Ohh wild cat wht was tht haa.. (Looks at swara)

Swara gets up n starts beating him with her hand..

Swara : Its just a little punishment for being late… (She hold his collar) dnt u knw I will b waiting for uhh here… If u can’t come on time y u said me to come here before uhh. Its been 1 hr tht m waiting for u… In this beach at this time m alone just waiting for uh Mr.Late Lateef… Havnt u though about me once.. Wht will u do if something happenes to me before u come…. Wht will u do if– (she was stopped by Sanskar as he kept his palm on her mouth)

Sanskar : shhh!!! Take a breath n speak Ms.Bak Bak…

Swara by hearing his statement she bite his palm hard which was on her mouth… Sanskar winced in pain..

Sanskar : Oucccchhhhh!!!!! (Looks at swara wid shocking expression)

She just pushed him n goes near the beach n sits their with teary eyes… Sanskar saw her crying.. He felt someone was stabbing his heart continuesly as each n evry tear drop was falling from her eyes to her cheeks.. He just go to her n hugs her from back to which she didn’t response… As he didn’t got response he turned her towards him n cups her face n looks at her big eyes…

Sanskar : (looks at her eyes) I m really sorry jaan…

Swara closed her eyes letting the tears flow from her eyes to her soft cheeks… He felt the worst seeing his lady love crying just because his one bad habit.. Yes it was the grt Sanskar Maheswari’s habbit to b late in each n evry place…

Sanskar’s Pov

Flash Back

Engagement Day

It was my engagement day with my i lost the engagement ring just an hr before the engagement.. So without informing anyone i just went to buy another ring for swara n becomes late… As a result for two days she just ignore me?????….

Wedding Day

Usually the groom used to b waiting for his bride bt in our case it got opposite just coz my stupid sherwani was so tight tht it torns while i was wearing it…. N till den i get another fit one n reach the mandap it was late… Again I was late on our spcl day….??? it was my luck tht my bride was waiting for me on the mandap????…. Bt my bad luck Swara dsnt let me to touch her on our spcl night…???… She didn’t speak with me for 2 days… Just than an idea popped in my mind to pecify my lady love… I planed a surprise honeymoon trip to goa.. She was sooo happy n forgive me…

In Goa

We enjoyed our first day in goa… N i just wants to make our this night spcl n call her near the beach. . Bt again my bad luck my car got punchered on the way… n i becomes late???…

Flash Back Ends

Sanskar’s Pov Ends

Sanskar cups her face n drank her evry tear drops which was falling on her soft cheeks with his lips…After tht he took her in a born crushing hug… She too hugs him back tight as much as she can while hidding her face into his strong chest… He caressed her hairs..

Sanskar : M really vry sorry jaan.. I promise I won’t do it again…

By hearing him yet again her eyes filled with tears.. Without her permission it was falling from her eyes continuesly making his shirt wet.. Feeling wet on his chest he broke the hug n saw swara crying n becomes shock… He immediately cups her face n wipes her tears..

Sanskar : (wipes her tears) jaan.. Pls don’t cry. U knw na I just can’t see u like this… I can’t see a single tear drop on ur eyes…

Swara looks at his eyes… Their was so much guilt on his eyes making her cry.. She just shook her head n hold his right palm n looks at the mark of her teeth’s making sanskar confused.. Bt her one innocent qsn make him realise the actual reason of her tears…

Swara : (while caressing the bitten area) is it paining a lottt Sanskar..

Sanskar’s Pov…

This grl… She is just impossible… Here m thinking she was crying because I came late bt nt she is crying because she had bite my palm.. N how innocently she is asking it hurts much or not…. I just love her.. My love for her is increasing day by day seeing her pure love for me. N her innocent face.. Ohh god THIS GIRL WILL MAKE ME MAD ONE DAY….. Wait wait let me tease her first..????

Sanskar’s Pov Ends…

Swara : (while caressing his palm with so much care) tell na sanskar… Is it paining a Lott… M really very sry.. I bite uhh.

She was telling all this with the most innocent expression tht anyone could have… She was looking super cute…

Sanskar : Ummm Ummm… Yaa its paining a Lott… See the marks r also visible…

She looks at sanskar wid puppy eyes n kissed his palm with Lott’s of love…

Swara : (while kissing his palm) still paining…

Sanskar Nodded a bigg yes just to tease her…

Sanskar : (hold swara’s hand) jaan its paining here too(pointing his finger to his chest)

She places her palm on his chest above his shirt…

Swara : (while moving her palm on his chest) Here!!!

Sanskar : (looks at her eyes their he can found Lott’s of love n care for him) Nooo!!!!

Swara : ( while looking into his eyes n she again moves her palm n this time she places her palm on his heart which beats for her) here!!!

Sanskar who was lost in her eyes just nodded a yes… Without wasting a single second she kissed his chest above his shirt which makes sanskar close his eyes to feel her.. Smile was stick on his lips…. After few mins she stop kissing n looks at sanskar who was enjoying her love while closing his eyes…

Swara : Now!!!!

Listening her soft concern voice makes him to come his sense… He looks at her Hazel nut eyes. She too looks at him… Yet again their was a passionate eyelock between thm… Without breaking the eyelock sanskar continues…

Sanskar : (points his finger on his lips) Here… (N winks)

Swara who got his intention strts beating him yet againg on his chest..

Swara : (beating him on His chest) so bad sanskar… I was worried n ur just teasing me…

Sanskar laughs n tries to stop her frm beating him… Finally after few mins he got success n hold her both hand n pulls her on him n within a neno second he smashed his lips on her…she became shocked for a while bt later respond.. He tastes her lower lips while she captured his upper lips… Their hand found its rite place… His hands were busy caressing her back n waist in a shameless manner… While her one hand was caressing his neck n another one was on his hairs pulling him more on her… He pinced her waist which lead her to leave a soft mourn…. Getting a right chance he entered in her mouth n strts roming his toung in her while tasting evry corner of her mouth…. Their toungs fight with eachother..The soft kiss soon turn into a wild one… They were lost in the kiss tht they were unaware of their position… After 15 mins they broke the kiss whn they need to breath… They realise their position.. In the bigining of their kiss they were sitting bt now both of thm r laying on the white sand with sanskar above swara…. She couldn’t make eye contect with him so she just hugged him while hiddding her face into his chest…

Sanskar : (rolls on the sad n now swara was on him) jaan..

Swara : Hmm

Sanskar : (caresses her cheeks) I love uhh.

Swara : (smiles) I knw. N I love uhh too….

Sanskar : N I m sry too..

Swara : Sanskar..

Sanskar : Hmmm

Swara : M scared.

Sanskar get up n make her sit infrnt of him n cups her face with concern…

Sanskar : Scared!!! Bt y…

Swara : (hold his hand which was on her cheeks) m scared!!!! WHAT IF ONE DAY U BECOME SO LATE TO REACH ME N I WILL B GONE VERY FAR AWAY FROM U….

Sanskar hugs her tight….she too hugs him tight….

Sanskar : no never. . I will nt let u go away frm me … Never ever….

Swara : Pakka na…

Sanskar : (kiss her hairs) pakka.. (He broke the hug) k now stop crying… Let’s go to hotel….

Swara : y hotel . u told u u had arrange a surprise for me here ..

Sanskar : (makes an irritated face) ha I knw I told bt my plan got ruined… So again I have arrange ur surprise in our room(winks at her)… Lts gooo..

Soon both left for their room…. Swara entered first n got shocked to see the decorations on the room… The room was filled with rose petal on the floor…. Candles were lit n kept in the tables… The white coloured bed was covered with red rose petals which make her blush… Sanskar comes n hugs her frm back .. N huskily whispers in her ears making her smile….

Sanskar : Jaan 5 yrs before… Same date we both met for first time….

Swara : I knw sanskar.. Tht day also u were late in ur class… N u were tht much hurry tht u collide with me who was coming with her frnds….

Sanskar : N first time our eyes met…

Swara : As I was about to fall bt u hold me in the nick of time….

Sanskar : jaan If tht day I was nt late so hw can v met… N today v won’t b here.. So I m proud tht m late lateef…

As he said it she hits on his tummy with her elbow…

Sanskar : ahhhh … Ohh god y u gave me this wild cat as my wife…

Swara glared him n left for washroom…. After few mins she comes out wearing a red saari which sanskar gave her to weare … Sanskar got spellbound seeing her.. Seeing his intense gaze on her she bows her head… He comes near her n holds her chin with his fingers n make her look at his. . he went more close to her .. His cheeks brused with hers…

Sanskar : (whispers) BEAUTIFUL…

Her cheeks become red due to shyness.. He went behind her n places his hand on her bare belly sending shivers into her body…. He pulled her to him by holding her waist… She landed on his chest… Her back was caressing with his strong chests… He dugs his face into her neack placing soft kisses… She hold his hand which was on her belly.. He bite her neck hard which makes her uncontrollable… She just turn n hugs him… He too hugs her… After few mins he broke the hug n cups her face n leaves soft kisses on her face… He lens to her lips… She knw what he is up to so she just closed her eyes giving him a +he songn… Without wasting anytime he captured her lips… N they kissed shovering their love for eo… Without breaking the kiss he took her on his arms in a bridal way n headed towards the bed n places her on the bed n involved in the kiss more….after few mins they broke the kiss n he dugs his face on her neck while kissing n biting her… Soon their clothes were on the floor in a messy way…. Sanskar was buzy in kissing biting her b**** while swara was just mourning his name n pulling him more on her by his hairs…. He went down n kissed her belly sensually making her mourn louder…. He kissed her hips n spread her legs.. Soon he entered in her which makes her to scream in pain…

Swara : Aahhh!!! Sansssssskarrrr

Tears rolles frm her eyes continuesly… She tights her fist on the pillow… After few mins the pain got vanished n she get involved with him n was enjoying….she was feeling blessed… Blessed being him forever n evry manners…. After 2hrs of love making process they stopped n sanskar layed beside her n brings her close to him n covered their naked bodies with a single sheet….

Sanskar : (pecks her forehead) Thanku jaan

Swara : (while closing her eyes) y..

Sanskar : For coming my life n making it more beautiful….

Swara : So I also have to say thanku

Sanskar : y

Swara : For coming my life n making it more beautiful…

Sanskar : not fine … U stole my line..

Swara : N u stole my heart..

Sanskar : Accha…

Swara : Hmmm…

Sanskar : I love uh

Swara : I love uhh toooo ..

They hug eachother tight… N soon they were in deep sleep having a beautiful yet satisfied smile on their face…. Moon n the stars were blessing for their love…

Prcp – Love fades N the Jealousy rise…

Do shover ur love thorough comnts if u like it…..??????


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