Its love, isn’t it??? One shot


Hey guys!!!This is a one shot! This is about arranged marriage and how that grows into love! As most of you like Swaragini cast I’ll put them in.
I am Swara gadodia
Other characters:-
Ragini, my sister.
Laksh, my brother in law
Shekhar, my father
Janki , my mother
These are the main characters in my life.
“Oh shit I thought. Dad fixed my marriage with laksh jiju’s brother. I have never seen him. In fact I didn’t see him in Ragini di’s wedding, how could I marry a stranger. I wanted to study more but dad wanted me to marry and I can’t go against him. I called Ragini di,
I – di, I don’t know him and this Saturday is my wedding!
Di – he is really nice Swara you’ll like him.
I – di!!! Ok bye I’ll talk to you later.
Just then mom entered.
Mom – beta Swara! Today is your engagement go get ready!
I – mom I have not seen him yet then how could I?
Mom – beta! This is arranged marriage go
I – but how can I share my whole life with him? I didn’t see him once!
Mom – so?? Don’t you see me and your dad?
I – talking to you all is just waste of time and energy.
Ragini di came made me ready for the engagement… During the engagement I wasn’t able to talk to him… To tell you the truth… He was really cute… I tried talking to him but no use… After the engagement I went to him and spoke but he was rude with me!! I didn’t understand why… Soon the wedding day arrived and we got married… At night… I was sitting on the bed… He came inside…
Sanskar: wo…
I cut him and
I – look mister! I don’t know you much and I don’t love you too!! We’re strangers yet ok? So this and all won’t happen now! YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU better! Now go sleep on the couch I wanna sleep here…
Saying so I threw a pillow to him… He looked at me shocked and went to bed… Next morning I woke up and he was still sleeping, I woke him up..
Sanskar: what do you want???
I – go to the bed! Everyone should think that everything is normal… Go!!!
Sanskar: whatever! Happy?? Now let me sleep!
I – cool!
I wore a salwar kameez and flew down… I went into the kitchen. I saw Ragini di, Parnita bhabhi, mom and badi mom there.
Mom: oh Swara! Come in! It’s your pehli rasoyi beta! Do something for breakfast and ask Ragini for help ok?
I – yes mom don’t worry!
Mom and badi mom left the kitchen and…
Ragini: Swara, when did you learn cooking?
I – I didn’t di, I am going to!!
Ragini: from whom???
I – from both of you!
Bhabhi: what??? Ok fine but we’ll just instruct you ok?
I – that’s cool Bhabhi!
Bhabhi: ok make tea, everyone will ask for it now.
Ragini: how do you make tea Swara??
I – heat the Pan… Add water, milk, sugar and at last tea powder.
Di and Bhabhi laughed…
I – what ?? Why are you laughing ???
Bhabhi: water, tea powder, milk and sugar! Ok??
I – ok!
I prepared tea and breakfast with the guidance of di and Bhabhi and everyone liked it too… Days passed and sanskar and I didn’t talk much.
One night…
I – oh hello! Mr. Rude!
Sanskar: what?
I – we have to know each other! For our future!
Sanskar: that’s what I wanted to tell and you didn’t listen that day!
I – ok sorry!
We chatted for hours and We came close to each other and we found that we didn’t want to make love but we wanted to find love! Days passed and Ragini di got pregnant… Mom and badi mom sent us to our moms house till her delivery and that’s when I and sanskar found our love…
One day… Sanskar and jiju came home with their luggage… I ran and hugged sanskar… And he hugged back.
Jiju: hmmm!!! Love huh??
I – jiju!!!!
Sanskar: which is OUR room??
I – that one. Come! I missed you a lot !!!
Sanskar: me to!
He cupped my face…
Sanskar: I… I love you Swara!
I – I love you too Sanskar!
Both of us found our love that day! We were, are and will remain happy with each other, baby” I finished Narrating our love story to our lovely baby boy Krushna!
That’s my story what about yours???
Thnx for reading this guys luv u all!!!

Credit to: Princess

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