Love isn’t less than a fairy tale~ by Aashiya OS

In the darkness of the room,a little murmur was heard.
“I am the princess,not you.”
“But mommy says I am the princie”
“You are princie, not princess”
“you are bad,I am princess and princie both” “dumbo: you are a boyie”
“then I am a princess”
“but boyie is not princess,boyie is princie”
“no no I’m the princess and that is done”
“I’ll complain to your mommie and she will throw you out of my castle”
“you are a bad girl”
“you are a bad boyie”
“I hate you don’t talk to me”

“you are talking to me”
“I am not”
“you diss~pecting me”
“it is dis~repect” (they mean disrespect)
“I know,you bad girl”
” away”
” you away”
She knew she was a princess and he said he was a princess and the princie both! Isn’t that funny? They argued and wanted to go away from each other,but the destiny had something else for them.
“The Princess says save me. Oh goodness,I see her scared; that girl acts really well”
“She looks so adorable”
“Whattttttt, I gotta go for a checkup after this. You are saying she’s adorable. She might be all good to the world but to me ,I hate her~that’s what somebody said yesterday”
“Hey you! Just shut your mouth now! I hate her still,that I said to the girl next to her”
“Calm bro,I get you. You said it by mistake. It’s fine”

The other side of the room, a girl is lost somewhere. Nudged by her bestie,she lands out of her dream world.
“What happened? You look lost”

“Umm nothing ,I just remembered something ”
“Did you remember your princie?”
“Yes,I mean no. Don’t take his name sis,I hate him”
“I see how much you hate him”

“Yeah. I hate him to the core”
Donno what they had for each other. They were a paradox. Two faced at the same moment. Maybe,they didn’t know what they had for each other. But it was all planned.
Maybe she just acts. She isn’t that bad I feel. Ughh,what am I saying? She and good ~two contradictory words. But,I love her. Hey stupid heart,be quiet. You know I hate her.

I love him? Have I gone mad? Maybe I gotta take some rest. My heart is saying all stupid things. Ahh,I will sleep oh gosh.

Yes. The love they had for each other was admired by everyone. They didn’t speak to each other,but their hearts spoke in silence.
—————————————————————————— Are you mad? You are gonna jump from here? Wow,now I get to see the real person behind you.
Have you ever thought how will I live? Have you ever seen a prince living his life without his princess. But no,you don’t care right!!

“It’s princie,not prince.” She murmured.

Though he was in pain by seeing her ladylove in such a miserable condition,His heart forgot everything when she said this line. Tears brimmed in his eyes. His heat and mind were in sync. Maybe,he was sure she loved her. The next words spoken by her took him to some other world.

“I love you. Don’t hate me”

He wanted to say he loved her too. But he wasn’t able to say. His throat was choked. He just hugged her. He was trying to figure out what had just happened,when she said

“You are a real idiot. Don’t you know you gotta say a love you back to me”

He smiled and hugged her again. He didn’t say it. But her heart understood he loved her. Hugging each other,they stood there ,and time seemed to have ceased.

They looked at each other. The video was over. Yes,it was a video of their *path of love* which took them back to their beginning. It was the most special gift they had got from the most special people~ their beloved family. That beginning which gave them goose bumps and that end which made their hearts warm. As the clock struck 12,the princie hugged her princess and whispered something to which she replied by jumping over him and cuddling him to heaven. Afterall,it was their “First Anniversary.”


Oh okay. It’s a long one maybe. I tried to be a story teller this time but I feel I’ve failed miserably. I’m sorry if this is not upto your expectations. I’m really sorry.

I wolud like to thank all those who read my previous one shot. I’m seriously into an awe after reading those beautiful comments. I never expected to get such a response. Thank you everyone. I love you guys. You people are really the best. Well,again I’ll ask your pardon if this piece isn’t upto your expectation. I’m really sorry
All my love to you guys.

Here’s the link to my precious one shot. Give it a reading?

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  1. Fenil

    Splendid OS.
    Loved it.

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you so much.

    2. Presha

      Bhai yeh kaha post hua h

      1. Fenil

        Presha this one published only in Fanfiction plotter not on any show’s page.

      2. Presha

        Ok bhai

  2. Riya5794

    Superb dear??

    1. Aashiya

      Thank you so much.
      It really means a lot

  3. Baby

    aashii ♥
    gosh you were awesome ♥
    you always rock darling ♥
    n you will srsly hv great success if u srsly go in writing field….♥
    loved it sooooooooo much ♥
    it was speechless ♥
    just soooo good ♥
    love u lods ♥
    amazing and cute ♥
    beautiful too the last part ♥
    keep writing ♥
    it was seriously just like wow i got to read it yayay ♥

    1. Aashiya

      ????????????????? your comment makes me feel out of the world. It’s more than what I’ve written. Love you the most. I donno what I wrote but what you wrote in this comments section makes my heart go crazy. Like yaa yy, getting your comment is best part of the entire day. Thank you so much.
      Love you❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Presha

    Awesome ashi baby…
    I loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u…
    Something new try to post…

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks diii. I will surely try doing what you said. Means a lot. Thank you??

  5. Twinj

    Woahh aashu
    It was a bliss. Damn good. Princie aww??? that was cute. Those cute baby talks extremly cute or let just say cutness over over over loaded. Loved it from the begining to the end. Keep writing aashu.

    Loads of love
    Twinj aaku

    1. Aashiya

      U liked it??? Really? I know boht childish tha . Thanks for the motivation di. Love ya??
      Thank youu❤❤

  6. Aamu

    Amazing ????…it is jz awesomee..
    I loved it..
    Princie and princess…that was very cute???..
    Really loved it..
    Btw do u remember me or forgot??.?

    1. Aashiya

      Ammie, you think I’ll forget you. Like seriously, I thought you forgot me. First of all that prank of yours,my goodness. And I can’t ever forget you okay?
      I’m glad you liked this. Thanks for commenting babe. I really missed you. And thanks for remembering me. Love you? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Aamu

        I dont think so u missed me…?..
        Well how r u?

      2. Aashiya

        I missed you a lot????????
        I’m fine. Wbu?

  7. Unheard-Of

    I dont know what else to say….. I mean like srsly it was so WOW!!!!!!?
    Brilliantly written..
    Loved it very much n i mean it….!!!!
    Keep writing!!!

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it

  8. Twinj2000

    That was just amazing ?????
    Wonderful ❤️??❤️?❤️?
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    U r really an Amazing writer ????????
    Keep posting ?❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love you

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks a lot. I love you to!!!

  9. Paavu

    Awesome baby it was pretty awsum girl ur doing great job keep it up gotta go see ya

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  10. That was amazing os… Really liked it

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  11. AWSM….
    Loved it
    Plzz post soon
    Love u

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks a lot babe. Love you to!!!!

  12. awesome os dear amazing
    plzzz write more dear plzzz
    luv u

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks for the motivation. I’ll try to write more!!! Love you to????

  13. amazing superb brilliant os
    such a gud piece of ur writing
    keep writing
    luv u

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it
      Love you to??

    1. Aashiya

      Thanks you!!!!!!!

  14. Ramya

    It’s amazing
    Don’t day like that.
    You are good story teller.
    The way you portraited it.
    It’s simply superb dear.
    Loved it

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