are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 8!

the episode starts with karthik watching tv.

swadheenta: karthik… did avni call you? she is late..
karthik: no mama..

suddenly door opens and avni enters.

avni: hello everyone
swadheenta: avni… why are you late?
avni: um.. well a child had an accident, so we took her to the hospital, thats why
adarsh: oh avni.. you and your kids

avni sits down next to karthik

avni: papa, i love being a teacher.
adarsh: you are not a teacher avni, you are a helper
avni: oh papa.. i will be soon

avni looks at swadheenta.

avni: mama please bring me some ice cream.
swadheenta: no no.. have some fresh juice.

she brings it to avni

avni drinks it. adarsh sits beside her.

adarsh: avni… today aisha send a letter to us..
avni: really? for me too?

adarsh nods.

adarsh: its on your bed. she has written that she has passed a big exam.
avni: oh really!! well done aish.
adarsh: but that’s not the point avni. she is abroad, and she has a good job and..

avni stands up.

avni: i know papa.. be good like that, study like that, blah blah
adarsh: listen avni, sit down.

avni sit down.

adarsh: i’m saying.. she is your twin.. if she can do it..then you can too
avni: yeah so?
adarsh: i’m saying at least get a good job avni
avni: papa.. even if she has a good job, she is serving for another country.. and anyway i’m not like her.
adarsh: i’m not saying serve another country, stay here, but avni..
avni: papa this is the last time we are going to talk about it.. i am staying here, i love my job, i will never change my self.

she leaves to her bedroom. adarsh looks at her.

swadheenta: calm down adarsh.. she is bit angry..
adarsh: no swadheenta, we are loving her too much, she needs to learn to obey her parents.
swadheenta: but.. she hasn’t donw anything wrong-
adarsh: oh really, you are on her side too? swadheenta please.

he leaves. karthik looks at swadheenta. swadheenta shakes her head.

in ranveer’s car.

ishaani: oh mishti, bad girl, why did you come.
mishti: is it only good that you go out? i need some fresh air..

ranveer smiles.

ranveer: ishaani, there is a cafe, shall we eat somethign there?
mishti: yes please..

they get out of the car and go inside. ranveer goes to order food. ishaani and mishti sits at a table.

mishti: mama.. he is nice no?
ishaani:hmm.. mishti if he becomes your father… would you like it?

mishti gets shocked.

mishti: but that’s not going to happen.. but if it would… then YES!!! of course.

ishaani smiles

mishti (whispers to ishaani) mama he said that you are just friends.. but mama please say i love you to him.. please?

ishaani blushes.

ishaani: my grown up beti..

they hug.

in akshara’s house.

akshara: so naira what will we do?
naira: i don’t know mama.. i need to go tommorow.

akshara gets a call. it’s gayu.

akshara: hello gayu.
gayu: mama.. actually we will be late tommorow… as karan and i have some work.
akshara: it’s okay gayu.. you are still coming no?
gayu: hmm… but after going to work.
akshara: see you tommorow beta..

she hangs up the call.

akshara: gayu will be late tommorow too.
naira: really? that saves everything. thank god!

they smiles.

precap: mishti: i’m not her cousin
ranveer: then who?
mishti: her beti..
ranveer get shocked.

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear i really liked it but the precap seems to be danger and really waiting for it dear

  2. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking how r u do u have. What’s app

    1. Funclubs

      Yes..but not frequently… I am.on viber

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Niz epi dr
    Eagerly waiting for precap
    Update soon
    Take care

  4. Nice epi.

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  6. Jasminerahul

    loved d family scene of adarsh swadaeenta.guess avni took up this small job 2 b with there any past behind her luv 4 kids?r avni n aisha identical twins?so surprising that mishti is supporting ishveer love.waiting 4 gayu’s entry n twist in kaira luv story.precap is so exciting.cant wait

  7. Hi dear the episode was nice keep up ?

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