are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 7!

hello guys.. i was gonna post this yesterday… but it accidently got deleted it… so i’m posting it today..
many of you guys wants sukor… maybe i should start a ff on sukor… well i will think about that…

the episode starts with ishaani getting dressed.

ishaani: mama…

ishita enters.

ishita: why ishaani?
ishaani: mama… i was thinking.. to tell the truth..
ishita: truth.. you mean about mishti?
ishaani: yes.. and mohit..
ishita: i even hope you would say that…. but.. what if you loose ranveer too..
ishaani: well… it will have to come out sooner or later…
ishita: if you are sure you may..

ishaani hugs ishita. they smile.


mishti comes down and sees ranveer.

mishti: excuse me..

ranveer turns around.

ranveer: hello…mish-mish
mishti: my name is mishti.
ranveer: oh haa… mishti.. now i remember.
mishti: are you going somewhere with mama?

ranveer nods.

mishti: i wish i could come.. but mama won’t let me..
ranveer: but i will.

mishti looks at ranveer. ranveer smile.

mishti: really?
ranveer: really?

mishti smiles and jumps.

ranveer: ishaani’s got a cute little cousin..

mishti laughs.

mishti: cousin? no…no.. i’m her..

suddenly ishaani comes there.

ishaani: mishti.

mishti turns ishaani

mishti: .. guess what…
ishaani: what?
mishti: i’m coming with you..

ishaani and ishita get shocked.

ishaani: mishti.. you are not coming.
mishti: yes i am… he told

mishti points at ranveer. ishaani get shocked.

ishaani: what ranveer?
ranveer: she wants to..
ishaani: mishti no you are not coming.
ishita: yes beta.. i can look after her..
ranveer: no aunty.. mishti you go and get dressed.

mishti leaves happily.

in the ‘rv company’

naira get ready to leave. he enters karthik’s work place.

naira: excuse me sir..
karthik: yes..
naira: may i leave sir?
karthik (whispers) : so soon?
naira: did you say something?
karthik: no.. no.. well.. come back tommorow.

naira get shocked.

naira: actually..sir..i…can’t…come…to..tom…tommorow…

karthik get shocked.

karthik: excuse me naira.. it’s your first day… and you are not coming tommorow.. if you don’t want to come.. then why did you come to work here in the first place.
naira:… coming…and… i..have to…surprise..her..
karthik (angrily): i dont want excuses… you have to come and that’s FINAL!

naira turn to leave.

karthik: tommorow sir is coming… make sure all the files are checked..
naira: okay..sir..
karthik: you may leave sir…
naira: sir.. is it definite to come tommorow?
karthik: what are you saying naira? of course it is… if you can’t work here please leave…

naira get shocked.

naira: no..sir.. i will come…definitely…
karthik: good..good.. please explain to your family..
naira: i will try to sir…

karthik smiles.

karthik: naira remember.. i am very kind to ones who work properly, but if they don’t i will turn into a-
naira: i know sir.. i saw..

they laugh.

naira: i will leave sir..

karthik nods. naira leaves.

next scene shift to ranveer’s car.

ranveer is driving.

ishaani: ranveer…its not a good idea to tak mishti..
ranveer: chill out.. ish.. we need to practise handling kids..

ishaani looks away and cries. she sees ranveer and wipes her tears.

ranveer gets a call.

ranveer: oh mum!

he answers.

ranveer: hello
shagun: ranveer beta.. where did you keep my handbag
ranveer: what?
shagun: my hand bag.. you took it this morning to get some money.. and where did you keep it?
ranveer: um…
shagun: you forgot?
ranveer: uh yes…
shagun: well… i will find it my self then..
ranveer: sorry mama..
shagun: no problem beta… take care..
ranveer: bye.. love you!

he ends the call. ishaani laughs.

next scene shift to karthik’s house. he opens the door

karthik: maa.. i’m home.

a lady comes and smiles.

karthik: i’m tired.
lady: well you must be.. come in sit down..

a man comes

man: swadheenta…

that lady is swadheenta. (surprised to see her as a mother?)

swadheenta: yes adarsh..
adarsh: oh karthik you came..
karthik: yes papa.. it’s so tiring working there.
swadheenta: wait i will bring something to drink.
adarsh: karthik.. some letters came to you today..
karthik: for me?
adarsh: yes..

adarsh goes to get it.

adarsh: here..

karthik get it.

karthik: ah… it’s from aisha..
adarsh: what aisha?

swadheenta get some juice.

swadheenta: wow! how is she? what has she written.
karthik: she says.. this letter is only for me..
adarsh: ah.. yes.. she did send a letter to me too
swadheenta: why didn’t you show it to me?
adarsh: i..forgot…

swadheenta frown. karthik smiles.

adarsh: wait i will get it…
swadheenta: come quickly..

karthik and swadheenta smiles

precap: avni enters.
naira talks to akshara about her work.

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  1. Kumud


  2. Duva

    Loved it dr keep it up keep rocking how r u and please post ur next epi today

    1. Tvfan1

      Sorry saw the comment late. I’ll try to post tomorrow 😉

  3. Jasminerahul

    Mishti asked ranveer if he is going out with mumma.he replied yes.that time he did’nt doubt y she addressed ishani as mumma?i’m confused.plz bring back raman.want raman ishita ishani mishti scenes.gud decision that ishani has decided 2 tell d truth 2 ranveer.loved ranveer saying ILU 2 shagun.sweet mother son relation.gud that kartik is strict when its needed,he did’nt become lenient unneccesarily tho he is attracted 2 naira.gud.when i read in d introduc part that Adarsh Swadeenta r Kartik’s parents i was i enjoyed them as karyik’s parents in d scene.who is Aisha?

    If u can plz share with us y u chose Adarsh Swadeenta,Ishra n Mani Shagun as parents

    1. Tvfan1

      Sorry jasmine I didn’t notice!!

      I thought of bringing in some fun mixing up serials if I get different characters it will be hard to imagine.

      Karthik has 2 twin sisters aisha and avni. One is abroad and that’s aisha..

  4. Very nice episode just keep it up waiting for the next episode ?

  5. Nandana


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