are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 2!

hey guys! nice comments were there on my last episode… hope to see the same her… and suggest more ideas tooo…

let’s get started…

the episode starts with mishti hugging ishaani.

mishti: mama, you are the world’s best mama.
ishaani: thank you beta. but why are you saying this suddenly?
mishti: dadi scolded you… she said that you are a bad maa. but you are not.

ishaani cries. mishti wipes her tears.

mishti: no crying mama.
ishaani: she is right mish, i am a bad mother.
mishti: no! don’t say that!

ishaani hugs mishti

the scene shifts to naira’s house.

naksh: naira?
naira: yes brother?
naksh: naira what are you doing?
naira: watching a movie.
naksh: i can see that, naira.. you should not waste your time like this…
naira: i like freedom.
naksh: but you are grown up naira… atleast start your own dancing academy?

naira stands up.

naira: wow! you have great ideas bro.
naksh smiles.
naira: but… no.
naksh: why?
naira: who will come?
naksh: people.

naira walks around.

naira: no one will want to learn from me…
naksh: i…don’t know… you are stubborn naira.
he leaves.

naira: is brother right? i should search for a job anyway.

she search for a job. she scrolls down.

naira: hmm…… nursing jobs? no no
oh this! ‘rv company’

she thinks.

naira: buisness? yes i like it. i will apply for it. but wait… i will ask mama.

scenes shifts to ishaani’s house.

ishaani gets a call from ranveer.

ranveer: hello ishaani.
ishaani: hello ranveer how are you?
ranveer: fine. can we meet today?
ishaani: today?

mishti hears them.

ishaani: okay i will come for you.
ranveer: ok bye. i love you.
ishaani: i love you too.

mishti gets shocked.

ishaani ends call and smiles. mishti enters.

mishti: mama…

ishaani gets shocked.

ishaani: mi–mish–mishti?
mishti: who was it?
ishaani: who?
mishti: the one who called you?
ishaani: mish… my…frie…nd..
mishti: friend? you said i love you.
ishaani: well i love my friends…
mishti: but the way you said it….

ishaani keeps mishti on her lap.

ishaani: you have grown up now mish.
mishti: mama… you are telling the truth no?
ishaani: of course beta.

she kisses mishti’s cheeks.

precap: ranveer and ishaani walk together
ranveer: ishaani can you stay at my house?
ishaani gets shocked.
naira goes for the interview. karthik interviews her.

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  1. Karthik interviewing naira wow keep some nok jhok btw them thabk u

  2. Awesome
    Waiting for next
    I would want more kaira scenes as i am a big big fan of both mohsin and shivangi aka kaira

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Superb dr
    Its so niz
    But y ishani is doing like this
    She is cheating on both ranveer and mishti
    Hope everything will get clear soon
    Update soon dr
    Take care

  4. Duva

    Loved it keep it up keep rocking

  5. It was nice dear ?

  6. Priyamvada

    nice episode dear

  7. But Wher is Vikor…..!!!!

  8. Jasminerahul

    Ishani mishti scenes were very emotional.Sad 2 c Ishani saying lies to her daughter.she shud reveal d truth 2 ranveer too.nice 2 c naksh guiding naira.waiting 4 kaira meeting.plz bring a girl 4 naksh.plz show many shagun ranveer scenes

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