are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 16!

the episode starts with naira talking to naksh.

naksh: what are you saying naira? he will drop you?
naira: yes..he’s my sir…
naksh: what’s the problem with him to drop you?
naira: i don’t know, i think he trust me, anyway it doesn’t matter i’m coming with him okay?
naksh: well..okay but don’t be late.
naira: okay thanks bhaiya.

the scene shift to ishaani’s house.

ishaani: this is the chance ishaani. don’t think about yourself only. if mishti also agreed to this, then this is it. i mean..she needs someone to take care of, a father..

she calls ranveer.

ishaani: hello ranveer?
ranveer: answer me quickly you’ve got 30 seconds.
ishaani: what..what?
ranveer: do you accept me?
ishaani: i do ranveer! i want to marry you!!

they smile. tum hi ho plays..

ranveer: thank you ishaani ..thank you..
ishaani: can we meet today?
ranveer: su..sure..

the scene shift to ranveer’s house.

shagun enters ranveer’s room. she sees him smiling.

shagun: ahh..what’s the reason for you happiness beta?
ranveer: were asking about marriage?
shagun: yes..why?
ranveer: actually..i love a girl..her name is ISHAANI!

shagun smiles.

shagun: that’s really good beta..ishaani, can you show me her pictures.

ranveer nods and shows her pictures.

shagun: very pretty girl, she is.

ranveer smiles.

shagun: do you know about her parents?
ranveer: ji..i think her mother’s name is..ish..ita and her papa’s is..raman

shagun gets shocked.

the scene shift to the party.

karthik comes near naira..

karthik: what did he say?
naira: he agreed..ka..karthik..

karthik smiles.

karthik: YOU’ve finally said it!

they laugh.

naira: i’m sorry, but my brother asked you to drop me home,before it’s too late..
karthik: as you wish, my lady..

naira blushes.

naira: actually, you’re still my sir..
karthik: just for this day i’m feels great no one calling me sir..or boss..or whatever..
naira: actually sir..
karthik: you started again!

they laugh. karthik stares at naira’s eyes. naira looks at him

naira: um..
karthik: stay still!

naira turns back and runs.

karthik: hey, wait..

he smiles and runs after her.

the scene shift to ranveer’s house.

ranveer: why you look surprised mama?
shagun: did you say..ishita..and raman?
ranveer: yes..
shagun: actually they were in my school. my very best friends!
ranveer: really?
shagun: your papa, ishita and raman were the best friends in our school. after our marriage we lost touch..
ranveer: i can call them if you want..
shagun: can you? please so..

ranveer calls ishaani.

ishaani: what happened anything wrong?
ranveer: nahi nahi..actually can you give the phone to your mama..
ishaani: I thought..okay okay wait..

ishaani gives the phone to ishita.

ishita: h-hello?
shagun: ishita? can you guess who it it?
ishita: sha..shagun?
shagun: yes ishita..actually i’m ranveer’s mama.
ishita: what? this is all happening so fast! shagun is it really you? that shagun in my school?
shagun: yes ishita! can you beleive’s been so long now.
ishita: ofcourse. is mani still with you?
shagun: of course. he is here..

they smile.

shagun: actually there’s a marriage happening no?
ishita: yes..actually i’m glad they agreed.
shagun: actually ishita..can you come over to my house tommorow so we can talk?
ishita: yea sure..just give me your address.

shagun gives her address.

ishita: i’ll come to meet you tommorow morning.
shagun: i’ll be waiting.

she ends call and smiles.

the scene shift to the party.

naira is sitting on a bench.

naira(thinking): what is happening? that ugly looking after me..he is really mad..can’t beleive that he is a well studied person.. what’s happening to me..why do I feel different when I’m around him?

she sees karthik.

naira: oh here he comes again.
karthik: why you came here?
naira: actually , i needed fresh air..too much noice..
karthik: is it? if you want I can book a room for you?
naira: need, it’s okay..
karthik: it’s time to dance..that’s why I came here..
naira: so why do you need me?

karthik looks away and sighs.

karthik(mutters): this crazy girl still don’t get it!
naira: did you say something?
karthik: nahi..actually, can you be my dancing partner?..

naira gets shocked.

naira: what me? are you sure..i’m just your working asistant.
karthik: so..? it’s not the office here..come on it will start..tell me..are you going to dance with me or not.

karthik (prays): oh god! please say yes! please please!

he gives his hand out to her.

naira(thinks): why does he make me feel even more uncomfortable?

she holds his hand and stand up.

naira: okay..just this time.

they smile

precap: naira and karthik dance. ishita meets shagun


hello everyone so sorry for the late update..i tried putting more kaira scenes today..also…some ishveer scenes.
also as jasmine rahul asked me:

question: what are your favourite movies.
answer: actually that’s so hard. i can never choose. I watch hindi,english language doesn’t matter. oh I also love watching horror films too.
but my favourite has to be hindi films. i love movies with SRK and Kajol..oh i really can’t answer this question!

comment down what’s your favourite movie. and be free to ask me more question as per your wish. i have fun answering them!



  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    Ishani said yes to shagun ranveer scene.surprise is that ishra shagun mani were coll friends.Ishita shagun talk was nice.waiting 4 their meeting.Kaira scene was cute.waiting 4 the dance.but y does Naira say that karthik is ugly looking?

    • Tvfan1



      thanks jasmine, actually it’s like for fun..i mean..she don’t know that weather she loves him or not..i don’t know..just keep reading 😉

  2. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode dear i really liked it .Happy to know that ishra and shagun&mani.The kairA Scene too was been niceandabout the question it is difficult hmm in hindi i watches only some films but i really liked bahubali and i know it is telengu anyway i like mostof the films

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.