are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 14!


the episode starts with ishita calling raman.

ishita: hello raman?
raman: are you?
ishita: i’m
raman: me too. how is ishaani?
ishita: no use talking about her, she’s in love again.

raman gets shocked.

raman: what? she must be insane. she already lost her love.. please stop her ishita please,
ishita: calm down! raman.. actually ranveer, you know ranveer is his name, he came and met me. he is actually better.
raman: ishita i am her father. it’s not like you think, its not at all easy.
ishita: but she has mishti too. she also need care, a father.
raman: ishita.. i just don’t understand.
ishita: anyway forget all of that, can you come and visit us soon.
raman: well…yes even i was thinking. i’ll let you know later.

they smile.

the scene shift to the park.

mishti: mama, look ice cream!! please mama give me money to buy..

ishaani gives her some money.

ishaani: should i come with you?
mishti: no! it’s close mama.. i can get it.

she runs away to get ice cream.

ranveer looks at ishaani.

ishaani: what?
ranveer: no nothing..

they look away.

ishveer (at the same time): i’m sorry!

they laugh.

ishveer (at the same time): well..i mean…no you say.

they laugh again.

ishaani: i meant to say..i’m sorry for all that mishti said i mean..she is just little..
ranveer: i don’t mind..seriously..but you do remember that i proposed you ..
ishaani: how can i forget..
ranveer: and you never gave an answer so what do you say now?
ishaani: i.. don’t know..yet..
ranveer: i’ll give you 24 hours, within those hours you’ll have to answer me okay?

ishaani nods.

mishti comes running with her ice cream.

mishti: look mama, strawberry my favourite!

ishaani smiles.

the scene shift to naira’s house.

naira is in her room.

naira: let me call sir..i mean karthik..

she calls him.

kathik: hello naira?
naira: sir, i meant to ask about the party which is to be held….
karthik: yes naira, it is tommorow.
naira: and do i have to come?
karthik (thinks): if i say yes, then i would get to talk to her more.
naira: hello?
karthik: yes…yes…you should come..
naira: okay sir thank you.

in karthik’s house.

after karthik ends the call he sees avni behind her.

avni: ohhhh! is she..
karthik: shush! no she’s just works at my office.
avni: ohhhhh….love…
karthik: avni..i’ll get you.

he chases after her.

the scene shift to ranveer’s house.

shagun: mani.. actually i think it’s time to think about ranveer’s marriage.
mani: no.. shagun he got responsibilities to look after.. you know the company and stuff.
shagun: oh mani! for how long will he be looking after it.
mani: now did you ask about marriage from him?
shagun: no.. he wouldn’t asnwer me then..
mani: what ever you do ask about it from him, maybe he has someone in his life.
shagun: hmmm i’ll ask today then.

precap: naira gets ready for the party
ishaani talks about marriage with ishita.

guys sorry for the late update and also sorry if the episod is too short.
i had my birthday on 15th so i was a bit busy. sorry again…

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