are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 13!


the episode starts with ishaani getting dressed in her favourite saree.

ishaani: i wonder why ranveer called me..and mishti..?

she gets ready and smiles at herself in the mirror.

ishaani: please..ranveer.please forgive me..

she leaves the room to find mishti.

ishaani: mishti..mishti..

mishti comes running.

ishaani: where were you?
mishti: sorry mama..i was outside..why did you call me?
ishaani: mishti get ready quickly..we are going to the park.
mishti: park? yay!

mishti goes to get ready. ishita comes with some biscuits.

ishita: what happened ishaani, where are you taking mishti?
ishaani: actually mama, ranveer called me today. he asked me to come to the park with mishti
ishita: what?

ishaani nods.

the scene shift to naira’s house.

gayu: thank you all for decorating this house..for me..
akshara: aww beta..anything for you.

they hug.

naira: not everything is finished..there’s more to come..
gayu: more?!

lights goes off. suddenly they see some light, its fallen on naira..
she dances on cham..cham..

everyone claps along.

the scene shift to a park. ishaani and mishti are waiting on a bench.

ishaani: where is he…?

suddenly ranveer comes. he takes off his sunglasses.

ranveer: hello!
ishaani: ranveer!
mishti: ranveer uncle!
ishaani:oh ranveer thank you for calling us, you’ve finally given us a chance.

ranveer takes a step back.

ranveer: chance?
he laughs awkwardly.
ranveer: no ishaani, no.. after all you did to me…i should give you a chance?
ishaani: well if not.. then why-
ranveer: why i called you here? because i want to tell you that please stop disturbing me.
ishaani: excuse me mister, please i am disturbing you?
ranveer: haa, you..

they start to argue. mishti jumps in the middle of them.

mishti (shouts): STOP!!!!
ranveer and ishaani looks at her.
mishti: how old are you? you’re fighting like babies..

ranveer and ishaani look down.

mishti: just stop..okay? why did you call me here ranveer uncle..? please,i have worked to do too.
ranveer: well mishti..
mishti: are you too still angry with each other? just make it up okay?
ishaani: but mish-
mishti: shake hands and say sorry! NOW!

ishaani and ranveer shakes hands.


mishveer laughs.

mishti: i might be too young to say, but i understand my mum’s feelings…
i think you both love each other.

ishveer gets shocked.

mishti: and i love you both too. you know my papa left me when i was young.. i have never seen him ever.. but now i think, ranveer as a papa too.

she hugs ishaani.

mishti: mama, ranveer uncle.. can you both marry for my sake?

ishveer get shocked.

the scene shift to karthik’s house.

avni is reading a book, and karthik enters.

karthik: avni?
avni: oh come in..
karthik: what are you doing?
avni: reading a book.
karthik: i can see that..
avni: then why did you ask?

karthik smiles.

karthik: i want to talk with you.
avni: about what?
karthik: life sis, about life.
avni: what is there to talk about my life. my life is miserable as ever.
karthik: no don’t say that avni..someone will make that life bright.
avni: someone?
karthik: will meet one day.

avni laughs.

avni: what do you mean someone? i have nobody in my life..but do you?
karthik: me? me?

he recalls naira.


he leaves and turns back at avni.

karthik: but i might soon.

precap: NO PRECAP!

guys sorry for late update..and there is no precap becoz u will have to wait 4 the next episode.
thanks for your love and support .. (sorry for short epi)

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  1. Very nice dear it was tooo good eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode dear you rocked today ishveer part was awesome other part too was good and the role of mishti was very nice I really liked it ….update the next soon dear. …..

  3. Kumud

    Nice but where raman

  4. Jasminerahul

    So ranveer doesn’t want to forgive ishani. Mishti is so cute to solve their fight. Will ranveer agree to marry ishani for mishti?so karthik is falling for naira

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