are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 1!

hey guys. this is my 2nd ff. (1st one is about adi and aliya know as love is forever)
ok i don’t know if this is good so comment and tell my faults 🙂 btw this is a short
episode and i will make long episodes next time.

the episode starts with a couple walking together. its ranveer and ishaani.

ranveer: ishaani you are happy right?

ishaani feels uneasy

ishaani: um…. yes. you proposed me! i should be happy.
ranveer: yes…

he gets ishaani close and kisses her head. ishaani smiles.

the scene shifts to ishaani’s house.
a girl is watching tv. she is mishti (ishaani’s daughter)

mishti: why is mama not here? she said that she will be here soon. dadi went to the shops. now i’m alone.

she peeps from the window.

mishti: oh dadi’s here!

ishita enters (she is old now)

ishita: did mama come beta?

mishti shakes her head.

ishita: this ishaani. does she not care for her daughter? she lost someone ones…

mishti: um…dadi? what did you get for me?
ishita: nothing today, just vegetables.
mishti: oh!

suddenly the door opens. ishaani enters.

mishti: mama!

she hugs ishaani. ishaani smiles.

ishaani: how was your day mishti?
mishti: perfect!

they smile.

ishita comes angrily.

ishita: why ishaani? what were you doing this late? answer me?
mishiti: dadi, let mama rest.
ishita: no.. no… why should she rest? she should answer me first,
ishaani: mama listen.. i met some friends. so we spent time.
ishita: friends who?
ishaani: you know… alia,naira…

ishita leaves. mishti looks on.

the scene shifts to naira’s house.

akshara: naira… naksh…. come down.

a beautiful girl comes down. it’s naira.

naira: why ma?
akshara: where is naksh?
naira: he went out.
akshara: out?
naira: yes.
akshara: where?
naira: don’t know. anyway why did you call me?
akshara: yes… gayu is coming back!
naira: with karanl?
akshara: yes….

naira jumps.

naira: so…
akshara: she’s coming after a long time so let’s surprise her.
naira: yes yes.

naira and akshara smiles.

precap: ranveer calls ishaani, mishti hears their conversation.
naira search for a job.


so how was it? comment down below….


  1. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    Ishveer scene was romantic.Ranveer proposed ishani.thats great.but like Ishita i too feel bad 4 Mishti.Ishani shud’nt ignore Mishti 4 her luv life with Ranveer.Naira is happy 4 gayu’s come back or Karan’s?this is my 1st Kaira ff too.have just seen a few scenes of theirs,but impressed

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