are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| intro

i am starting an ff on my favorite tv shows. i will be only posting on monday, wednesdays and sundays.
remember to read my daily ff – love is forever ( it’s about adi and aliya’s love)
now i will introduce my characters. (i know it’s saturday but yeah :)) i will be posting on next monday. (i’m busy this sunday)
your comments make me improve!

let’s get started….

-the main characters-

1. IshVeer ( ishaani and ranveer)
2. KaIra (karthik and naira)
3. ViKor ( vivaan and chakor)

ishaani’s parents- ishita and raman.
ranveer’s parents – mani and shagun. (shagun’s good)

karthik’s parents- adarsh and swadheenta.
naira’s parents- akshara and natik.

vivaan’s parents – ranjana and manohar (his father is dead)
chakor’s parents – bhuvaan and kasturi.

ranveer- ruhi
ishaani- vivaan

karthik- avni, aisha (twins)
naira- naksh

[the evil]

1. mohit- ishaani’s ex husband.

(some will enter later)

vivaan- ragini
chakor- imli


ishaani and ranveer are already in love, and ranveer has proposed her. but a thing that ranveer don’t know is that ishaani has already married and has a daughter. ishaani is hiding the fact that she is divorced, because she is scared that she will lose ranveer.

karthik is ranveer’s assistant in his office and naira is ishaani’s best friend.

vivaan and chakor are married, they enter the show later..

hope you will enjoy 🙂
see you on monday

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  1. Nandana

    Nice intro I really liked it and waiting for the next update

  2. Duva

    Loved the intro keep it up keep rocking waiting for for the episode

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Niz dr
    Waiting for the chapter
    Update soon. Eagerly waiting
    Keep smiling

  4. Nice starting keep it up ?

  5. Jasminerahul

    very interesting concept of ishveer.Surprised 2 c Ishra n Mani shagun as their parents.Adarsh swadeenta too parents.

  6. pls make sukor love story

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