are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| part 22

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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| part 21

Karthik: Naira?
Naira: yes..?

Karthik looks at her.

Naira: Yes..?
Karthik: Nothing..

Naira laughs.

Naira: Karthik..can we go there…Look there’s a fortune teller..
Karthik: Sure.

They Go. Karthik gets a call.

Karthik: One second Naira.

He answers a call. Naira looks around and walks. Suddenly she falls into a pit.

Naira(Shouts): Karthik!!!!!!!!

Karthik sees her.

Karthik: Naira!!

He ends the call and peeps into the pit. Naira looks at him in tears. He lends his hand. Naira grabs his hand and tries to come up.

Karthik: Just One step more!!!!!
Naira: Oh no..

Karthik too falls into the pit.

Karthik: What Now??
Naira: I’m sorry….
Karthik: It was my fault..I should have looked after you..But that call…
Naira: It’s so dark in here..

She cries. Karthik looks at her.

Karthik: Don’t be scared Naira..Come on!!
Naira: How will we get out?
Karthik: Look I will try to climb up..and after you come up.

Naira nods. Karthik pushes him selft up at last.

Naira: Get me out Karthik.

Karthik gives his hand and Naira comes up successfully.

Karthik: Good gir-

He gets cut off by Naira’s hug. Karthik gets shocked.

Naira: Thank you.

She cries. Karthik too hugs her.


Ishaani and Ranveer leaves the fair and gets into the car.

Ishaani: Oh Ranveer..It was so much fun.
Ranveer: Yes..Ishaani..What did Mishti say about this?
Ishaani: She was a bit sad..but she agreed..she is my daughter..
Ranveer: that why I’m scared.

They laugh.

Ranveer looks at her.

Ishaani: what?
Ranveer: I can’t believe we are getting married soon!
Ishaani: Yes..

She worriedly recalls Raman.

Ranveer: Why?
Ishaani: Nothing..I can’t wait as well.

Ranveer recalls Shagun.

Ishaani: Shall we go?
Ranveer: Let’s..

He drives.


Ishita: Finally Misht’s asleep..

Raman is watching the TV.

Ishita goes and sits next to him.

Ishita: Raman..?
Raman: yes?
Ishita: please agree..
Raman: oh ishita..Please don’t bring that up!
Ishita: Ishaani has finally received her love..Ranveer truly loves her..I have met him..
Raman: Ishita..we thought the same before as well..
Ishita: But Raman..Do you know who his parents are..? Mani and shagun!

Raman gets shocked.

Raman: What?
Ishita: Yes..He is well mannered.
Raman: Did you meet them.
Ishita: I did..Mani’s fine with it..But Shagun doesn’t like Ishaani with a kid..and she’s divorced.
Raman: See.

Ishita sighs.

Karthik drops Naira home.

Karthik: See you tommorow then?
Naira: Yes..Thanks Karthik.
Karthik: No problem.

Naira smiles.

Naira moves closer to him.

Naira: You are not bad as I thought.

Karthik looks at her and laughs. Naira blushes.

Karthik: Oh..I love-

He suddenly remembers and shuts his mouth. Naira looks at him.

Naira: What?
Karthik: Oh…Nothing..

He laughs. Naira laughs as well.

Naira: I need to go.
Karthik: Bye.

He blows a kiss. Naira sees it.

Naira: Huh?
Karthik: friends?
Naira: friends..
Karthik: So do accept it..

Naira smiles and blows a kiss back at him.

Precap: Ishveer & Kaira romance

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