are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| part 19

the episode starts with shagun and ishita talking.

shagun: ishita, we actually need to talk about the marriage.
ishita: yes shagun..actually me and ishaani prefers small marriage..actually her first one was..

shagun gets shocked.

shagun: fi..first one? she was married?
ishita: yes..i trust you shagun, that’s why I say this..
shagun: what happened with him..
ishita: actually, he left him with ishaani and mishti.

shagun gets shocked again.

shagun: who is mishti?
ishita: her daughter..

shagun stands up with shock.

shagun: daughter? married..ishita I’m sorry this marriage can’t happen

ishita gets shocked.

ishita: what shagun? they are in love. both of them will be hurt dear..
shagun: ishu, I understand but please leave..she is divorced..and has a can us tolerate this, and what will the society think?
ishita: shagun.. I understand, but ishaani for once.
shagun: I don’t know ishita, my son is very delicate, does he even know the responsible of handling a kid?

ishita gets tears.

ishita: shagun I’m sorry..but he’ll learn, supporting ishaani all the way..
shagun: I need time ishita, but this marriage won’t happen for long..

she sees ranveer.

shagun: ranveeer?
ranveer: this marriage will happen Soon..I know about mishti, I just went to meet them..
shagun: but..
ranveer: No buts..this will happen, if you want we can give you time to think maa.

shagun leaves.

ishita: thank you ranveer. I need to leave.
ranveer smiles. ishita leaves.

the scene shift to the party.

akshara: thank you karthik, we better leave.

aksahra took naira to the car

karthik: no problem aunty. she can have a leave tommorow from work.
akshara: thank you so much.

they leave.

karthik also leaves.


in naira’s house.

she wakes up by the sunlight fallen on her bed.

akshara: naira- you woke up dear?
naira: what..happened dear?

naira holds her head.

akshara: don’t bother, have water.
naira: thanks.

she coughs.

akshara: wait, i will bring you some medicine for the pain.

she leaves.

naira (thinks): what happened to me? and karthik sir? oh dear, i only remembers the drink.. or was it..Alcohol?

she gets shocked.

akshara comes with the medicine.

akshara: here you go dear, drink..
naira: maa, i got work.
akshara: no dear, your sir..karthik, gave you a rest..

naira rest her head on the bed. akshara leaves.

naira: let me call karthik and thank him

she calls him.

karthik: hello is it naira?
naira: y-yeah
karthik: oh my how are you? i was really worried, i really was..
naira: i’m fine..i guess..please what happened to me tell me..

karthik laughs.

karthik: actually–
naira: please stop the laughing and tell me.
karthik: you got drunk, and got crazy..

he keeps on laughing. naira gets embarassed.

naira: what di-d i do?
karthik: he was awesome..but soon you got ill, and I had to take care of you! oh god know how jard it was.

he laughs.

naira: um..thank you..i mean for the leave.

naira goes to ends the call dying of embarassment.

karthik: Wait..
naira: huh?
karthik: did you get hurt? I’m sorry…
naira: oh no..i didn’t thank you sir.
karthik: oh please you are not in office..I AM KARTHIK
naira: okay okay karthik.. i will come to work tommorow.

kaira smile.

The scene shift to ishaani’s house.

she is chatting with ranveer.

ranveer: mum called pandit.
ishaani: for the wedding?
ranveer:’s next month.
ishaani: next month?
ranveer: yes..

they smile.

ranveer: i miss you ishaani
ishaani: me too..
ranveer: but I can’t come today. ruhi came home.
ishaani: having fun.
ranveer: yes! not without you.

ishaani smiles.

ishaani: go and enjoy yourself..
ranveer: anyway she’s calling me bye.
ishaani: hmmm
ranveer: love you!
ishaani: i love you more.

they smile.

ishaani goes to ishita. she sees ishita talking with somone.

ishaani: maa?

ishita turns. IT’S RAMAN

ishaani: papa?

ishaani goes and hug him.

they smile.

raman: how are you ishaani?
ishaani: good..papa you are staying here right. but where’s the bag?

raman shakes his head.

raman: no..
ishaani: what? please stay papa…please…

ishita comes with the bag.

ishra: happy now?

ishaani nods happily.

precap: ishveer meeting, some romance.. naira going to office and karthik making fun of him.


HELLO GUYS! I’m SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT PUTTING ISHVEER SCENES..please forgive me.. next episode will be full of ishveer!!
also guys in the precap I said, that ishaani and naira talking..i’m sorry it wil come in the next episode or so..

as Jasmine wanted Raman is back. Please do give me suggestion so I can put it in the story!!

NANDANA: have you watched yrkkh?

thank you for your support, don’t be angry on me for the ‘ishveer’ parts

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    1. Tvfan1

      Thx for commenting first dear. He he

  1. Nandana

    Nice one dear i really liked it . Kaira part was been nice and their precap is interesting . Coming to ishveer I really liked ranveer supporting ishani in front of sagun . And is really shagun called pandit for marriage or ranveer just said in order to make her happy . Can u plz say that who is ruhi to ranveer ?actually i didn’t remember . And the precap too is nice about ishveer . And about the question the truth is that i ever watched that serial but I like them through ur writing . But i used to watch YHMH.

    1. Tvfan1

      Thanks nanadana. Ruhi is ranveers sister. Ranveer said that to make her happy yes..
      Oh thank you. Glad u like Yrkkh. Yhm was nice but no charm on the show now.

      Thx again

  2. Jasminerahul

    as i expected shagun opposed ishveer marr knowing ishani’s past.but what is mani’s reaction?Poor ishita.i rly felt her emotions.but loved ranveer saying that he’ll marry ishani.Kartik telling naira about her drunk act was cute.ishveer saying ILU was sweet.loved ishani raman ishani scene.happy that raman has come to stay with was rly weird that raman stayed in a separate is ruhi related to Ranveer?i did’nt know that ruhi was here.if u can plz show kartik’s scene with his parents

    1. Tvfan1

      Yes will soon add karthik family scenes with avni and all.
      Ruhi is ranveers sister
      Mani will be…..wait and see
      Glad u enjoyed it!

  3. Vrushy

    Nice one 🙂
    Great writting. Please add more kaira moments !!

    1. Tvfan1

      I will try dear..glad u enjoyed atleast a little..he he he

  4. Superb dear keep it up ?

    1. Tvfan1

      thx dear!

  5. Maya-Shelly

    Niz Epi dr
    Keep rocking

  6. Sethidisha002

    i love it

  7. Harisha39

    Good episode…Ranveer was lieing to Ishaani saying his parents fixed the date for marriage…Totally it was just Fabulous…And ya can u reveal the truth why Ishaani’s husband left her and when he left please???Its bit confusing…

    1. Tvfan1

      Actually I have already showed that in a previous episode
      He left because he had another affair!

      Thanks dear!

      1. Harisha39

        Oh sorry then!!! And ya will he return or not??? Sorry for questioning u and ya what’s your name…And your age…Can we be friends???

    2. Tvfan1

      u can call me riya!
      sure we can be friends!
      it’s okay, any doubts..happy to solve them!

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