My only love: an ishveer ff (intro and chapter 1)

Heyyy guys.This is my fist ff and since ishveer is my fav couple so I am decided to write on them.
I am going to start from the beginning and this may bear some resemblence to the original show and I may add some characters of my own.
so guys lets start and please forgive me for any mistake.

This story tells the tale of 2 eternal lovers Ishaani and Ranveer, both of them are made for each other but still face numerous problems in their life and always get saperated.
Ishaani is the step-daughter of a big buisnessman Harshad Parekh and Ranveer is a servent in her house.They are friends from childhood and Ranveer secretly loves Ishaani who is unaware of his love.

Falguni(Ishaani’s mom)- Ishaani….Ishaani….where are you
Gauri(Ishaani;s sis)- what happened maa why are you shouting
Falguni- look naa Ishaani has disappeared again.I have searched the whole house but she is nowhere to be found
Gauri- ohh hoo maa why are you getting so worried (smiles)
Falguni- If you know where she is then take me naa
Gauri- come
Gauri takes falguni towards the garden where a girl with her back towards them is tending the flowers and birds around her.

Falguni- Ishaaniii…..

The girl turns towards them with a smile.She is a beautiful girl with long dark hair and pretty smile.

Ishaani- maa… what happened
Falguni- What happened!! I have been searching for for the past whole hour and here you are!!
Ishaani- sorry maa. actually Ranveer was working in the garden so I just came to help him.
Unknown voice- help him or trouble him

They all turn and see a handsome boy coming towards them.

Ishaani- Ranveer (chiding him)
Falguni-what ranveer? I know you very well now come with me and ket ranveer do his work

She pulls Ishaani with her in the house and is taking her towards her room when harshad (ishaani’ dad) comes there

Harshad- are are where are mon and daughter going so early
Ishaani- look na papa maa is not letting me go out
Harshad- why?
Falguni- dont come in her sweet talks whole day she troubles everyone abd then acts innocent
Ishaani- but maa…..
Falguni- don’t say anything and come with me
Falguni takes Ishaani to her room and closes the door

Ishaani- maa what are you doing?
Falguni- shhhhh… lower your voice

She goes towards Ishaani.

Falguni- don’t you remember you have to go with Gauri to the cafe today
Ishaani-ohhhhh.. yeah I completely forgot about that
Falguni- its fine now get ready and remember no one should know the reason for your going to the cafe understand.
Ishaani- yes maa but are you sure gauri will listen to me and wont freak out there
Falguni- yes even I am doubtful about that.I myself would have come but if we both go then baa will be suspicious
Ishaani- so maa can I take Ranveer if I take him then no one will suspect
Falguni- hmmm you are right okey take him and now get ready

Falguni goes out.After 15 min Ishaani comes out and goes somewhere with gauri and ranveer

PRECAP- Ishaani and Gauri come inside the cafe and go towards a table when they come to the table Gauri looks at Ishaani with confusion. Ishaani and Ranveer are hiding from a girl and are standing close,Ranveer gets memerised by her beauty

so guys how was it if you like it plzz tel me in the comments so that I can continue it if you don’t comment then I may not continue

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  1. Nice episode plzz continue

    1. Ishaani..

      thank u. Yes I will continue

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    Superb epi

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      thank u 🙂

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    Nice one dear u rocked it dear .

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      thankyou 🙂 🙂

  5. ishveer always

    Wow fantastic episode ishu. But pls don’t do it like the show. I mean both ranveer & ishaani will understand their love in this moment. Overall a lovely episode

    1. Ishaani..

      thanku and ya I will make them realise their love early

  6. Very nice dear it was awesome continue your writing ?

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  7. Its awsome….plzz continue

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