My only love: an ishveer ff (chapter 3)

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Disha stares at Ishaani and Ranveer in shock and slowly moves towards them. She looks at Ishaani and without bothering to help her starts bombarding her with questions

Disha:” what are you doing here and that too with ranveer, Ishaani whats going on. Comeon tell me?’
Ishaani: Disha its nothing like what you are thinking.
Disha: Ohh please Ishaani don’t tell me whats right and whats wrong
Ranveer: Disha atleast let Ishaani getup..
Disha: why are you so concerned weather she gets up or not, you just stay in your limits. I know people like always looking for rich girls to trap them and then use them for your benefit.You cheap minded people……..
Ishaani: DISHA….

Disha gets surprised and looks towards Ishaani. Ishaani gets up and walks towards Disha and pulls her by her hand outside, Ranveer also follows them outside

Disha: how dare you leave my hand
Ishaani: Disha you have no right to put such allegations at Ranveer without knowing anything so its better you keep your mouth shut.

Saying this Ishaani turns toward Ranveer and says “come lets go”, then she stroms off. Ranveer looks at her and then looks at Disha who is angrily staring at Ishaani and goes behind Ishaani.

Disha (smirking) : Go Ishaani go. Go and meet the strom waithing for you at home

Ishaani dosen’t speak on the ride home, she sits on the back seat and just looks out of the window silently remembering the days events.After a while they reach home and Ishaani goes inside without saying anything to Ranveer. She is going towards her room when she is stopped by a voice.

Baa: Welcome welcome. Ishaaniji welcome, should we prepare thal for your welcome afterall you are coming after doing such a great work.
she claps.
Ishaani: W What do you mean baa.
Baa: Ohhh hoo just look at this innocent girl. Don’t you know what I mean?

Just then Ranveer enters from behind and Baa looks at him smiles.

Baa: Aaahh look our hero has also arrived. Please welcome

Ranveer is puzzled and looks towards Ishaani who just stands there looks down.Baa goes towards Ishaani and says-

Baa: Did’nt you feel shameful while putting a black spot on our name. Girls are considered a family’s pride and here you are roaming around with the house servents. Do you even have an idea how this effects our name in the society, today to disha was there so she handeled the situation but what if someone else might have seen you two? Tell me what were you both doing in the cafe? TELL ME?

Falguni: I’ll tell you Baa!!!

All turn to see Falguni rushing towards them. She goes in front of Baa and says-

Falguni: Actually Baa a friend of mine is going out of the country for some years so she wanted to give me an important thing for safekeeping as I was not free so Ishaani went instead and I did’nt find it safe for Ishaani to go by herself so I sent Ranveer with her. Its nothing like what you are thinking you know that Ishaani would never do such a thing.
Baa: hmmm ok this time I am leaving but from nexttime there is no need to send Ranveer with her send disha or gauri.
Falguni: ok baa

Baa goes from there. Falguni goes towards Ishaani to talk but she runs from there, Ranveer also tries to run after her but Falguni stops him and shakes her head. Ranveer stops and sadly goes outside.

Ishaani goes to her room and locks it from inside. She goes and sits on her bed, she just could’nt believe what just happened how could her family members be so insensitive? Her papa always said that a person should listen to heart and always believe in love but what happened today was totally unexpected.How could they judge Ranveer just on the basis of status had there been anyone else instead of him no one would have said anything bur they all were angry just because she was with Ranveer. How could she follow her papa’s advise of believing in love when her family controls whom she loves? The whole day she just sits there and dose’nt go outside the room.
Next day someone knocks on the door.
Gauri: Ishaani….Ishaani…..
Ishaani: di please go I don’t want to talk to anyone
Gauri: Ishaani please open the door look if you dont then I will sit here all day.

Ishaani goes and opens the door

Ishaani: what do you want
gauri: Ishaani!!! Ishaani!!! YAAAAY
Ishaani: what happened why are you so excited
Gauri: yesterday Roumil’s parents came with marriage and Baa has accepted it
Ishaani: REALLY???!!!!!
Gauri: YESSS
Ishaani: ohh di I am so happy for you
Gauri:Ya and now stop this lazypan and prepare today is roka
Ishaani: wow

Ishaani rushes outside and sees everybody busy in making the arrangements. She sees Ranveer moving around helping in the arrangements and smiles, just then he sees her asks what. She just moves her head saying nothing and goes back remembering ishveer moments of the previous days. Then she runs into Ranveer and is about to fall down but he holds her from her waist and prevents her from falling. They both look into each others eyes and meri ashiqui tum hi ho plays in background. Then she stands and Ranveer leaves her and goes back to do work and she turns to look at him smiling.

PRECAP- Gauri and Roumils roka ceremony is going on. Ishaani’s bangle gets stuck to Ranveer’s kurta.

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  1. Hey dear…..I don’t know exactly who r u but I’m commenting or reading ishveer ff after a lot of time…..and yah yours is the first one…..really a nice piece of episode…..and yah what is this Baa in meg role actually after the show ended I always saw baa in pos character but yah Hansaben Parekh in her own way……Falguni supporting…..and Ishveer can’t say just CUTE….I didn’t know what is the plot but I just read today’s epi….it was nice liked it !!!!

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  2. Maya-Shelly

    Hy dr.
    The update is interesting. Herethe story looks like Ishani is loving ranveer though he is poor. But what about ranveer.. keep updating and smiling dr. Take care


    Oww great episode sissy…..ur all three updates r really spellbounding…’s episode is also no less…..jst wanna c ISHVEER’S love, romance & fun…..looking forward for the next update…. Be safe & stay healthy

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      nice episode dera i really loved it the precap also seems to be nice . And happy birthday dear . THANK U SO MUCH DEAR FOR GIVING THE NOTE…

  8. Nice episode update the next soon

  9. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Superbb epi dear ur story is really very interesting ,i liked it very much nd loved all ishveer moments.

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