My only love: an ishveer ff (chapter 2)

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So lets start……….


Ishaani,Gauri and Ranveer are going somewhere in a car. Ishaani and Gauri are sitting in the backseat and Ranveer is driving.

Gauri- comeon Ishaani now tell me where are you taking me you know naa I dont like surprises.
Ishaani- Please di just a little wait more and you will know
Gauri- I just don’t understand what is so important that we have to keep it a secret from everybody
Ishaani- di please have some patience naa..
Gauri- Ranveer atleast you tell me what’s going on
Ranveer- Na na na I dont have a death wish. If I tell you do you think this Jangli billi will leave me. (with fake horror)
Ishaani- Ranveer….. (swats at his arm) Ranveer looks at her in the rearview mirror and smiles
Ranveer- Owwwww…………..
Ishaani- what happened (with concern) did it hurt but I did not hit that hardly

Gauri and Ranveer look at eachother and start laughing

Gauri- ohh just look at her face…
Ishaani- Go away I won’t talk to you both anymore,always picking on me
Ranveer- Ishaani now please don’t get angry naa.I’ll stop driving then
Ishaani- No no. Ok fine I am not angry happy?Now focus on driving

Ranveer smiles to himself and remembers her concern for him, her laughing at his jokes, her touch like those are only memories he has. After some time they reach the cafe.

Gauri- What do want to do at this cafe are we here to meet someone?
Ishaani- You’ll know once we go inside
Ranveer- OK fine you both go in I go park the car

Gauri and Ishaani go in the cafe and Gauri is about to sit on one of the tables when Ishaani stops her.

Ishaani- no we wont sit on this table
Gauri- why what’s wrong with this table
Ishaani- nothing but we won’t sit here we’ll sit there….

She points towards a table that is at the back of the cafe. A man is sitting on the table with his back towards them.

Gauri- but Ishaani someone is already sitting there….

Before she can even complete her sentence Ishaani pulls her towards the table. The man still has his back towards them and as Ishaani stops near him Gauri looks at her with confusion.

Gauri- Ishaani who is ….

Hearing her voice the man turns towards them and Gauri is shocked to silence as he is her boyfriend Roumil (Mohsin khan) she alarmingly looks at Ishaani

Ishaani- di I know you must be shocked but I bought you here to meet jiju.DI please dont be angry at him and settle your argument its better you do that early so that jiju can convince his family to come with marriage proposal to our home else you know that baa will fix your marriage with someone else.
Gauri- Ishaani ishaani stop.dont speak so fast.breath.. hahahahaahahah
Ishaani- haii???? Here I am trying to mend your and jiju’s relationship and you are laughing…
Roumil- That is because we have already pached up ( smiles)
Ishaani- WHAAT????!!!!!!
Gauri- yes ishaani you took all this trouble for nothing hahahahahahahah
Ishaani- ohhh god and me and maa were taking tension for nothing couldn’t you just tell us
Gauri- How would I know that you were planing this secret meeting

Ishaani angrily looks at Gauri while she laughes and turns away to go outside.
Ranveer had just parkrd the car and was going inside when he sees Disha (Ishaani’s step sis) going towards the cafe with a friend and then he sees Ishaani coming outside. He runs towards Ishaani and pulls her with her inside.

Ishaani- Ranveer what happened….
Ranveer-where is Gauri di
Ishaani- she is talking to jiju but….
Ranveer- runs towards them
Ranveer- Gauri di disha is coming plz go
Gauri- oh no but where do I go

Ranveer takes her and Roumil towards the door and then notices Ishaani missing

Ranveer- di you and jiu please go I will bring Ishaani
Gauri- ok

Ranveer runs back and sees Ishaani holding a phone

Ranveer- why did’nt you come
Ishaani- I saw that di forgot her phone on the table in a hurry so went tp bring it back
Ranveer- now come…….

Just then he sees Disha get in with her friend and pulls Ishaani with him behind a wall near the table they were sitting on. the space is narrow so stand close and quiet. Ishaani has her back towards Ranveer and tightly holds his hand. Ranveer looks at her hand and then back at her.Ishaani peeks from behind the wall and sees Disha and her friend sitting at the other end lokking at some papars on the table. Ishaani while turning her face towards Ranveer says

Ishaani- Ranveer how much longer……..

She suddenly stops as she realises how close she is to him. Their noses almost touching and both of them breathing in the same air. She just looks at him and does not complete her sentence. She knows she should move away now but somehow she just can’t move herself.

“Ishaani” Ranveer says softly.
Ishaani- huh?
Ranveer- Disha is sitting far from here and seems to be busy in some work so we will quitely go out from the back door
Ishaani- haa
Ranveer- you understood right?
Ishaani- haa
Ranveer- so leave my hand
Ishaani- what? ohh ya sure

Ishaani leaves his hand blushes as she looks away. She silently follows him as she thinks what happened to her why was her mind suddenly blank. She does’nt notice as a chair comes in her way and she falls down.

Ishaani- owwwwwww…
Ranveer- Ishaani are you all right?.Are you hurt?

Disha looks up because of the noise and sees Ishaani and Ranveer.

Disha- Ishaani!! Ranveer!! what are you both doing here!!!

PRECAP- Baa asking Ishaani and Ranveer about what they were doing in the cafe. Ishaani smiles as she sees Ranveer moving around the house helping in the decorations he looks at her and asks what she just moves her head saying nothing

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  1. Amazing but show ishveer romance n plz make them marry soon

    1. Ishaani..

      yes ofcourse thankyou

  2. Ishveer forever

    Amazing but show ishveer romance n plz make them marry soon

  3. ishveer always

    Woow so great episode dearie. Really awesome. Loved the moment when both ishaani & ranveer were so close to each other & their care for each other. Precap will be fantastic????

    1. Ishaani..

      thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome epi.. ?

  5. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really loved the scenes of ishveer and update the next soon dear.

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      thank you di πŸ™‚

  6. Nice one and small request. Dont create chirag charector. Only want ishveer

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      ya I’ll think about it and thanks

  7. Nice episode update the next soon

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  8. Sandali lasathmee (SLR)

    Nice ep di….

  9. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    The chapter was so amazing and lovely just loved it dear..happy that u r writing from 1st epi of the show so that we can relive those magical and memorable moments again..cant wait for next and thank u for this ff, its really supeerb..

    1. Ishaani..

      thank you πŸ™‚

  10. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    If u r not busy can u do me a favour, actually 2morow will be 1 year since matsh went offair(19 feb) and i really miss it ,as u know most of all are not posting any ffs also nowadays so will u pls post any articles regarding ishveer their friendship, unconditional love Β§ care, os, anything regarding the show, how u started loving it, u can ask us questions too so that we can cherish those beautiful memories. Pls if u have time.

    1. Ishaani..

      sorry I could’nt do as you wanted cause I was busy πŸ™‚

  11. luvbirds ishveer

    Nice update pls do continue… I cant believe it have been 1year since matsh ended yest, last year this day was the saddest day for all ishveer fans. But 2day see no one is here. Guys why youll are not posting anything, i dont want this forum to be so silent.

    1. Ishaani..

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  12. Superb dear it was just fantastic it has been 1 year of matsh being ended I miss this show very badly it was my favourite show seriously you nailed it really I can’t wait for the next episode pls update the next episode soooo soon ?

    1. Ishaani..

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  13. Maya-Shelly

    Fabulous update dr.
    Continue writing
    Keep smiling and and take care

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