Love Ishq Mohabbat (part 3)


Swara’s Pov,

Today I am getting married to that guy whom I loved the most in this world. I just thought he is my best buddy. No doubt he was the ‘best’ best friend one can ever have , but I always wished us to be more than that. At first I wasn’t aware of my feeling but when I came to know abt it. I couldn’t even stay one min away from him. The day when I came to know I love him was a the most beautiful day of my life. It was my first kiss which made me realize it. Oh God!!! that day at starting was so bad. Uff! I had to bear 1 hr lec from my parents and our principal but that wasn’t much bad bcoz I knew he was peeping inside and checking that i was alright or not and this made me smile even though I was in gr8 trouble and that white shirt with red pants and tie made him look so hot. Sometimes I used to think I should have named mr. Hottie not cutiepie but it’s okay bcoz now I was use to calll him cutiepie. He always cared for me alot. That day when I went in his room sobbing he just gave a smile and said ” did they said too much”. He was trying to hide that he didn’t peeped but I knew it bcoz I saw him. His words always affected me but this time it got too emotional for me too handle and I just kept staring at him. I dont know what happened to me that i kiss him. It become difficult for me to seperate my lips from him and when he reciprocated it become more dificult. We both finally seperated our lips I didn’t knew how to react so I just ran out with a blush on my face. I ran in my room and lied on the bed with a smile and started thinking abt it.

But after that day we both didnt talked with each other for a week and this made me realize that I didn’t only loved him but he was a part of mine. But then one day I came to know that he was damn crazy abt a girl. I was shattered at that moment. My heart was broken into pieces and that stupid hasnt told me abt it till now. I guess that girl was sanaya which always ran behind him. I hated her alot. She was a chipku and I was damn possessive girl . So the day she came close to him was the day when she gets some type of hurt. Trust me the fun I had while hurting her was so awesome. I sometimes felt that I was that girl so tried to make him jealous by hiring some guys and telling them to behave my bfs. This was the only single advantage of being rich which i felt. I always lied him that i had this ..
i had that but he never gave any response so it was clear that he didnt liked me.

How this life takes turns na I had to leave him 6 months ago and now I am back in his life but the things have changed so much in this 6 months and now will be forever with him,but not as his friend or the girl who loved him but as his wife. i dont think i will ever be able to call him cutiepie again. I was called to America by my parents 6 months be4. I remember it. I was in my big house alone I was seeing his pics which were near 2000 in my phone. It was a big album. But he never got to knew about it bcoz I never let him knew it. He knew all my passwords except gallery’s. He might have asked about this 1000 times but I never told him. Coming back to that day I was seeing his pics suddenly my phone ranged. It was my mom’s phone. I picked it up unwillingly bcoz I thought this would again going to be a lecture but it wasn’t that. Infact she called me bcoz she wanted me to come to America. My mom and dad went there one month be4 for some business deal. It was there order that I have to go there but I didn’t wanted to go bcoz cutiepie wasn’t there. I started crying as my mom cut the call without even listening to me. After few minutes my door bell rang. I went to open the door wiping my tears. As I opened I saw him there with a smile and saying “hi shona what’s up” I without even wasting a second hugged him and started crying.

After sometime he hugged me too and asked “what happened shona did aunt and uncle said something?”. I broke the hug and nodded no. He made me look up and said “then”.I answered “they want me to go America”.I hugged him again. He didn’t said something for while but then he caressed my hair and said ” and you don’t want to go right, but you should go “.I said while hugging him “I don’t want to go without you”. He replied “shona I can’t be always with you na you should learn to stay without me”. I got furious and broke the hug and said “you hate me na, you never want me to remain happy that’s why you are saying this, fine I will go and I took my phone which was very close and informed my mom about my arrival in America and pushed him out of my house. He was continuously saying sorry but I didn’t listened him even once. I banged the door in front of him. And started crying badly. He was continuously knocking but I didn’t opened the door. After sometime it stopped.. It was clear that he wasn’t there. After two days at airport. I was waiting for him to come bcoz how much angry I was I wanted to see him once. Bcoz I had the instinct that we were going to meet like best friends for the last time an I was correct. I waited for him alot I told my friend to inform him. He didn’t came. I was about to depart to the plane when he came running and shouted” shonaaa wait “. Finally the smile came on my face. He stood for a second. And said” shona you were going without saying me bye”. I had tears and nodded no. He too got tears. We both gave each other a tight hug and as we both broke hug. He said”okay as u are leaving to America. I don’t know why I am having a feeling that if we will meet again we are not going to meet each other like be4 so one small gift from me”. He gave me a gift I took it but didn’t opened it. He said” arre open it na fast” I replied” later”. He said” no now just open it”. I opened it was painting of a kids. One girl and one boy. The girl pulling the boy cheeks. It was clear that it was both of us. Our first meeting. And below it was written ‘Shona and Cutiepie
Best Friends Forever’.

The painting was too touching for me. I had a huge smile. He smiled and asked” did you liked it” I said” I loved it”. He replied” chalo is baat pe ek selfie toh banta hai”. We both took a selfie and he send me that there and then. I finally left for boarding by saying bye to him. My plain left the London and I was still waving him bye. When we reached the sky I took out my phone and that painting and cried alot. I hugged that painting and kissed my phone. That painting was too beautiful but the words are no more like that. We are no more ‘best friends’. Neither we both our ‘shona and cutiepie’

Hey guys that was my part 1, I think due to some issues it came up as part 2, sorry for that and the hero will be revealed in part 4

Credit to: Jhanvi

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