Love Ishq Mohabbat (part 2)


A boy’s back is shown who has worn a sherwani. Then his half face is shown where he was wearing sehra but his eyes were red.


Life! Why this life is so weird . Today is that day which i have dreamed of my whole life. Yes its my marriage and that too with the love of my life but i am not excited at all.whenever i was told to wish something i wished her but now when I have got her I am thinking why i made a wish like this. we were going to be called Husband and wife but in our room we will be strangers. The friendship which kept me alive i have doubt that it will remain like be4 . I had grown up with her. We both went to same school, same college.How can i forget the day we met I was just 7 . It was first day of my school i saw other kids crying they didnt wanted to leave their parents, i dont know why i didnt cried that day. May be bcoz i lived with my father. I was little fat at that time and as i entered my classroom other students teased. To go to school didnt made me cry but the way the other kids were teasing but then

A girl came in front of me and she said to those kids : kya tum usse motu motu kar ke bol rahe ho tumhe koi kahega toh”

While she was talking to them. i tilted my head here and there just to see her as those kids stopped teasing me she turned back and with her wind started blowing up.i finally saw her . i cant explain her how cute she was looking uff that turn i was mesmerized but at the age of 7 i cant tell that i was fallen for her at first sight o common doesnt happen in real these type of things are just made in tv shows and movies anyways returning back to our first convo.

She looked at me and said : hello I hope u didnt feel bad

I was still staring at her but her wors brought me in my senses back and then i said : no its okay

She just came closer to me and started pulling my cheeks and said : you are so cute and from now i will call u cutiepie

i rubbed my cheeks bcoz she pulled my cheeks damn hard and then i said to her : i have a name and thats

She didnt let me complete my snetence and said : i know you have a name but i will call you cutiepie

By saying this she went from there and i was just staring at her and rubbing my cheeks. Soon we became close frds and it took no time for us to became bst frds. The whole school was jealous of our friendship but wait a minute it was never friendship from my side it was always my love for her. At our teenage she came to know i have a serious crush on a girl but i never let her know that she was that girl. I love her but i cant deny the fact that she was rich spoilt brat but was also alone since her parents never paid attention to her. They not even cared that how many marks she get or how many remarks she have and I became some what support system to her. Her parents just knew to scold her when they were called by our principal . When I was 16 they were called and I could feel that they the trio were shouting on her very badly I could see this bcoz I was peeping inside by hiding behind the pillar which was closest to ma’ams cabin. I could see her that her head was down which was just listening to their scolds. I knew she was in gr8 trouble but I couldn’t go inside. It was really my bad. Their lec was over after an hour. My legs were painting very badly by that time but it wasn’t much important then her to me. As soon as they came out I ran into my room and sat on my bed. Ops I didn’t told abt my school. We were made to live in hostel from our fifth standard bcoz they wanted us to become a self dependent. Coming back to that wonderful day. She came in my room and was sobbing and sat next to me. I have a fake smile bcoz I was hiding my tears which automatically comes when I see her in pain and said to her : did they said alot

She nodded but she was still crying a like a baby and then I put my hand slowly on her shoulder and said : it’s okay it happens with everyone

She said a little angrily : what dyu know how much they scolded me. Uff that 1 hr lec it was like 1 day staying without seeing you cutiepie.

I was amaze to hear that but I guess I was just her ‘best friend’ and so to make her relax I turned towards her and put my one leg on my other legs lap and said : shona I will never let that day come. I said that to her but that day came.

Her tears were not stopping so I just wiped them with my shivering hands and she started staring at me. After 2 sec I don’t know what came in her mind and she kissed me. My hands were on my bed at that time. But as she kissed me harder I reciprocated it and my hands from bed to her neck and she was brushing my hair. I came more closer to her and our kissed long for 5 min. As we both part out lips, we both started breathing heavily and she went oyt of my room. I was just looking at her. We both didn’t talked for a was like seven years for me. But that kiss was heavenly for me and it was definately our both first kiss but it was last for me till now . She had 3-4 relationships in our college days but she wasn’t serious with them. It was just that she got attracted to them. And in a country like London how it is possible that you are in relationship and you didn’t kiss that person. And that stupid girl use to tell me everything what she used to do the whole day even if she had a kiss with her boyfriend. Trust me I use to become that jealous that I would kill that guy just now but I never did it bcoz I use to change my path whenever I see her with her bfs. I guess I told too much about the past so we should come back to present. Ya I was marrying her but I was hating the fact that she is isn’t doing this marriage I wth her will. Even I didn’t thought that I would get her after losing her. I had lost swara but when I am getting her back. I am not happy bcoz this marriage is just a compromise. A compromise which we both made to handle my family. I don’t know when things will get better but I hope I get that girl back who called me cutiepie and not by name and I can call her shona back.

Hi guys there is no role of tejaswi aka ragini here. I am really sorry for ragini fans

Credit to: Jhanvi

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