Love is the way!(episode_16)

The episode starts with all of them having their breakfast
Dadi: This salad is really very tasty!
Anuj: Yes Dadi I agree with u
Raman: Suhani is indeed a very good cook
Dadi: Suhani?
Yuvi: Oh yes dadi she has prepared all this
Dadi frowns
Suhani notices this
Dadi: U all eat..I have an important work to do
Suhani feels sad
Ishu: What happened Suhani? Is everything OK?
Suhani: Yes…
Menka(audible to Ishu): Ishu there is something Suhani is hiding from us
Ishu(audible to Menka): We’ll have to find out
All have their breakfast. Suhani goes to her room and gets thinking when Ishu & Menka come inside
Menka: Suhani tell us what’s your problem?
Suhani: Nothing..
Ishu: Arre tell na
Suhani: Ishu I think Dadi does not like me
Ishu: But why? No Suhani you must have mistaken her
Menka: Yes..and if she doesn’t why did she agree for your relationship?
Suhani: Don’t know Menka…
Yuvi hears all this.He comes to the room
Ishu: Yuvraj?
Suhani gets shocked and turns
Yuvi: Suhani there is nothing like that.. Dadi likes you
Suhani: But Yuvi she…
Yuvi: Yes I know she gives importance to appearance but she likes u
Suhani: Yes I hope so….
After one week college reopens

It’s break time
Ishu: Have u completed your project ?
Suhani: Yes
Menka: No! Little more to be done
Ishu: Me too…
Menka: But Arman sir is on leave right so we have time
Ishu: Guess what he came to college today!
Menka: What??
Ishu: What are we waiting for then come we have only sometime left..
Suhani: But guys I’m hungry
Menka: U go sit with your Yuvi and have food
Ishu: Yeah u just go
Suhani: But he is in the other block…
Menka:That doesn’t matter..
Menka and Ishu leave
Suhani: These girls are just irritating!
Suhani is going to the other block when she sees Karthik& Vikram approaching towards her
Suhani starts leaving from there when
Vikram: Suhani! Wait we have to talk to you
Suhani: There is nothing left to talk now..
Karthik: Suhani I know u still love me
Suhani laughs
Suhani: Love? U r not fit to say that word
Karthik: Mind your tongue! And u know I can do anything to u
Suhani: OK..if your lectures are over please let me go
Vikram: Hey u!
Karthik: Cool down Vikky(Vikram) she is such a sweet girl
Suhani is about to slap Karthik when he holds her hand
Karthik: Wow Suhani! Your hands are really soft
Suhani: Leave me otherwise…
Karthik: Otherwise?
Karthik is about to kiss her hand when Yuvi comes there and frees Suhani’s hand
Vikram: Hey who r u? This is our personal matter don’t interfere
Yuvi: Just stay away from her!
Karthik: Wait a minute… U r the same fellow who came to their rescue on that day right? Do u think yourself as a super hero or something?
Yuvi: Yeah I’m her super hero.. What bothers u?
Suhani: For your kind information… I love him and not u
Karthik&Vikky gets shocked
Karthik: Oh! So u left me and trapped somebody else..OK now superhero listen she loved me
Yuvi: I know… And I even know your intentions so just stay away from her
Karthik: Stay away? Never I will always keep troubling her.But for today I guess this is enough. Come on Vikky
They leave

Yuvi: Suhani what r u doing here?
Suhani: This Ishu& Menka had complete a project so they left me alone and went.I thought I could come here and have lunch with u
Yuvi: OK ..But don’t come alone hereafter
Suhani: Why Mr. Sadu got scared?
Yuvi: Don’t call me that way!
Suhani laughs

Precap: Small fight between Ishu and Raman

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