Love is the way!(episode-14)

The episode starts with dadi entering Birla house
Yuvi: Now how do I tell this to her?
Raman: The same way how u told it to Ma
Ishu: Yuvi I think I will explain her because I only told this to Ma
Raman: No need Yuvi will tell it himself
Yuvi: No yaar I can’t…OK then I will just start telling and u guys handle the rest
Suhani: Shhhh….dadi is coming
Dadi sees all of them.Dadi hugs Yuvi and Anuj
Dadi :Yuvraj are they your friends?
Yuvi: Yes dadi they had come here for a few days to stay
All greet Dadi

Dadi: I really had a tiring journey…
Anuj: Dadi how is badi dadi now?
Dadi: She is much better…OK now let me rest for sometime
Menka: That’s good…we will get time to think
Dadi: What are u talking about?
Anuj: Nothing Dadi u go rest
Dadi goes to her room
Suhani: Menka have u lost your senses?
Menka: I’m really sorry for that
Bhavna: OK now listen when Dadi comes Yuvraj u have to tell her everything
Yuvi: OK I don’t have any another option…

After sometime….Dadi comes and sits in the hall
All see her and rushes towards her…. They all surround Dadi and stand.Yuvi is standing at the middle
Dadi: What is it? Do u people want to tell something to me?
Raman: Yes Dadi actually…. Tell it Yuvi
Yuvi: Dadi I wanted to tell u that…..that….. I am in love with a girl in this group she is Suhani
Dadi stands up.All get tensed .Dadi moves towards Ishu
Dadi: Is this Suhani? She is a pretty girl indeed
Raman comes in front of Ishu
Raman: No Dadi this is Ishu I mean Ishita.. That is Suhani
Dadi looks at Suhani and is a bit unhappy
Yuvi: Yes Dadi this is Suhani and I love her
Dadi: Yuvraj since this is your decision I agree to it but don’t take any serious steps like Saurab
Yuvi: Thank You dadi!
Yuvi hugs Dadi. Suhani understands that Dadi is not happy with her appearance
Dadi goes
Yuvi: It’s good that everything went smoothly
Raman: Arre yaar it’s too boring.Did u forget it’s Suhani’s b’day today?
Menka: We should buy a cake
Ishu: I’ll go & buy
Raman: That’s not needed she likes my choice isn’t it Suhani?
Suhani: Oh stop it u two..Both of u will go and get the cake
Ishu: Suhani u r sending me with this Ravan?
Raman fumes

Suhani: This is my order now u just go
Ishu and Raman leaves in a car

On the way
Ishu: Can’t u drive slowly?
Raman: If u don’t like my way of driving u can get down
Ishu: Idiot!
Raman& Ishu reach the cake shop
Raman: Suhani likes chocolate flavored cake
Raman& Ishu points at the same cake
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays
They buy the cake and are about to get inside the car when Ishita suddenly faints ,Raman holds her
Raman: Ishu! Ishu! Open your eyes..OMG what happened to her
Raman makes her sit in the car and sprinkles some water on her.Ishu slowly regains her consciousness
Raman gives her water.Ishu opens her eyes and sees Raman tensed
Ishu: What happened to me now?
Raman hugs her and is relieved
Ishu: What Raman?
Raman: Ishu u had fainted…I got so scared…if something happened to you then..
Ishu hugs Raman
Ishu: Relax Relax….I’m alright.This happens to me very often because I have a low B.P( Blood pressure)
Raman: Are u not taking any medicines?
Ishu: Actually I had to eat one today morning but I just forgot so this happened…
Raman: Paagal! Tomorrow onwards it’s my duty to give u medicines did u get that?
Ishu nods
Ishu(Thinking): Why does he care for me so much?

Precap: Yuvani and Ishra moments

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