Love Is The Sweetest Poison Ever chp 13

Next day, everyone are gathered around the soft board wondering what’s it and a camcorder was attached to wall which played Navya and Cabir’s video in which they say its a matter of 40 days. Everyone looks on. Navya looks down. Nandini comes to her and takes her from there to some lonely place.
Nandini: I have been asking u this question since yesterday, now everyone knows it, what did u say that its a matter of 40 days?

Navya: I and Cabir were sitting together and we both didnt had a partner so we thought to become a couple till 40 days, nothing else.

Nandini: what is this all about? U want to experience true love? Then it won’t be like this Navya, love has no ending.

Navya: but its just…

Nandini: it will lead nowhere…let’s cancel this deal

They go.

Manik and the rest were really confused on this matter, who recorded it? What did it meant? What was Cabir’s motive? This was all fab5 thought.
Manik: what is your motive? Why r u doing this?

Manik finally asked after a long silence.
Cabir: just to feel true love.
Manik: so she herself said that its just a matter of 40 days. After that u both will leave each other.

Cabir: yes…

Before he could complete, Nandini comes there with Navya.
Nandini: Cabir n Navya, end this right now in front of everyone

Navya: but..
Nandini: no buts just end it
Navya: OK

Nandini (raising her voice to gain attention): hello everybody, my friend Navya wants to say something to u all

Navya: I and Cabir didn’t do any deal of 40 days, it’s just that we were talking about something else and don’t know who recorded it, I and Cabir don’t love each other.

Everyone sighs and NavNi leaves from there.
Cabir: (in his mind) why did I feel bad?

He too leaves. Later Fab5 were jamming together singing the song “parinday”, on Cabir’s turn, he doesn’t sings, everyone looks on confusingly.

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  1. Nice dear pls update long update keep going

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      Right guess

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    Nice…… U updated this ff after a long time. If possible try to give long updates plz. Take care. 🙂

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      Hi Mahi, whenever Iget an idea iI write ASAP so yes ideas r really important

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      Giving two chapters combined the next time…promise ?

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